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Consumer evaluation is regarded as the most direct and effective way for consumers to defend their rights

Taobao issued a notice: Following the weakening of the praise rate in the search, Taobao category activities, a good deal, Amoy gold coins, daily specials, trial Center and other business in the cancellation of Praise Rate Association. Consumer evaluation has long been regarded as the most direct and effective way for consumers to defend themselves, but it has also spawned such phenomena as "professional difference assessment".   The cancellation of the praise rate and related business linked to the good? Lin, who operates a clothing store on the internet, said: "Our energies will not need to be put on how to solve those differences in the future, how to avoid the peer framed above." We can put more time on the service ...

Ctera puts forward the new concept of "cloud direct-attached storage"

NAS, SAN, grid storage, and even cloud storage are not enough for you? Ctera NX A "cloud direct storage" technology at the recent electronic consumer show, a storage device that can be backed up to a service provider.   Many products are now targeted at consumer users or Soho, and this "direct-attached" storage is also applicable to small and medium enterprise users and remote affiliates. Ctera Flagship Products Cloudplug because of innovative packaging technology and the absence of active parts, the CES conference attracted people's attention. Clo ...

Where are you going? NET Direct Hotel return cash accumulated has reached 100 million yuan

Absrtact: Yesterday, I learned where to go to the net Direct Hotel cash accumulated has reached 100 million yuan. This not only means to where to go net of the return of the average strength to overtake rivals, to bring benefits to consumers; it also implies that the hotel industry pattern is quietly changing, Ctrip and went to yesterday, I learned where to go to the net Direct Hotel return cash accumulated has reached 100 million yuan.   This not only means to where to go net of the return of the average strength to overtake rivals, to bring benefits to consumers; it also implies that the hotel industry pattern is quietly changing, Ctrip and where to go to the double strong pattern of the network. Past Online tour ...

Point "jujube" into gold surgery: "I miss You" learn the Monkey King "72 Change"

Absrtact: From the date tablet of chewing gum, known as "Oriental Coffee" jujube powder, to the soup of jujube dry, crispy meat fresh red jujube, and then to JuJube tea, red jujube tonic wine ... Around a small red jujube, I miss you. JuJube Industry Development Co., Ltd. (formerly Henan Xinzheng Austrian Star Industrial Co., Ltd.) the head of Shi Zubin obstinately will "good want You" to build "red JuJube Empire", holding Red Xinzheng jujube. Illustrations: Ugly from the challenge of chewing gum jujube, known as "Oriental Coffee" jujube powder, to the soup of the jujube dry, crispy meat fresh red jujube, and then to Red JuJube tea, red jujube tonic wine ... Around a small red jujube, I miss your date industry hair ...

Russell to escape Sony lure to direct "mystery sea" film

(Compiler/Sky White) recently Sony announced that the David O. Russell (David O. Russell) signed an agreement to direct an adaptation of the game "mysterious Waters: Captain Drake's Treasure". "Mysterious Waters: Captain Drake's Treasure" has been widely welcomed and praised since its launch, with sales of millions in the first 10 weeks. Its continued "Mysterious sea Area 2: Vertical and horizontal" (Uncharted 2:among Thieves) is more successful, in the global sales breakthrough 3.8 million sets ...

Daphne Direct Shop sinking conflict: Stores have been blocked by franchisees

Daphne joined the rights of the event and new progress, according to the daily economic news reporter understand, Hubei Xiaogan area Daphne all straight shop has been blocked by the franchisee nearly 6th. Daphne Xiaogan franchisee was broken off from September 12, as of yesterday, the Hubei area franchisee has been Daphne in the Xiaogan 4 direct shop with a lock for 6 days. By the latest news last night, the 4 Duff of the company have ceased to operate. A Hubei franchisee, Mr. Xu told reporters that this is only a beginning, if the problem is still unresolved, we will be their respective areas of the direct store to close ...

Reforming and innovating foreign exchange management policies to promote the development of foreign direct investment

In order to carry out the development strategy of "going out", further support the steady and healthy development of foreign direct investment of domestic institutions, promote investment facilitation, make full use of "two markets, two resources", and steadily and orderly promote the opening-up process of Cross-border Capital transactions, the State administration of foreign exchange released the Regulations on foreign exchange administration of overseas direct investment by domestic institutions (hereinafter referred to as "Regulations").  The provisions have been implemented since August 1, 2009. The regulation is based on the integration of foreign Exchange management policy measures of foreign direct investment in recent years, combined with the direct investment in foreign exchange management information system of safe.

US retailer develops direct mail to China

Summary: Amazon's entry into the Shanghai free Trade zone to release U.S. direct mail China's impact is continuing. At present, many well-known U.S. retailers will reach the Chinese market. Penney, Macy's and Niman Markus, a well-known department store retailer, have opened direct mail to the Shanghai free Trade zone to release U.S. direct mail. The impact of China continues. At present, many well-known U.S. retailers will reach the Chinese market. Famous department store retailer Penney, Macy's, Nieman Marcus have already opened direct mail China service, electric Business enterprise Iherb, Shopbo ...

"China Eastern Origin Direct network" officially on-line, China Eastern Airlines shout out the profit slogan

BCC Beijing August 16 News According to the Sound of economic "world Company" report, recently, Oriental Airlines planning for a long long online shopping mall "Eastern Origin direct network" officially online. Eastern Logistics General Manager Zongwei introduced, the company's electric platform to fresh as the main category, and emphasized its origin of direct service characteristics. Zongwei said: "We do some fresh food, fresh meat, seafood, fruits and vegetables, milk and so on." These things will have a rigid demand for air transport, our main is to hit these things. Because the domestic food safety is not very good, people have to eat some shelf-quality 、...

Is PPG in the end a network direct, or catalog sale?

PPG, DHC, Dell, Ctrip, Red Kids, Macaulay, "> seven-star Shopping, Oak international etc What exactly is the sales model, sold yesterday through the Direct Mail catalogue,   Started on TV today, the day after tomorrow to open a store, TV shopping company, later issued a directory, and then do the website ... Some call the net direct, some call the catalogue direct, some call mail order, some call the television shopping, some simply call "The Dell Mold ..."

China's absorption of foreign investment has declined for eight consecutive months

The turnover of foreign contracted projects continues to rise. BEIJING, June 15 (Xiangwen, Chen Yun) according to the Ministry of Commerce statistics, January-May, the national actual use of foreign direct investment of 34.05 billion U.S. dollars, the new batch set up 7,890 foreign investment enterprises, the year-on-year decline of 20.4% and 33.8%.  In the same period, the actual use of foreign capital in the Midwest fell more than the national average, the central decline 35.7%, West 30.2%. The month of May, China's actual use of foreign capital of 6.379 billion U.S. dollars, down 17.8%, the national new batch set up foreign investment enterprises 1649 ...

Han Chong a visit to the guest point an hour, to foreign brands direct mail China impact without pressure

"Billion Power Network News" November 3, November 1, the Internet Apparel brand Clothing House CEO Chong visit billion Bang Power network "electric quotient One Hour" column, Chong for the electric business platform, brand activities and Amoy brand development status and other issues on the user's questions were answered. Chong said there was no pressure on China's apparel brands to be affected by foreign brands ' direct mail to China. Chong bluntly, from the Han are in terms of clothing, style, cost-effective than foreign brands a lot better. The speed of logistics and return of goods and other processes.

Good news! The application of GC game with USB Soft direct reading software in Wii

Hard disk users good news, the Wii used on the USB hard disk to achieve GC game soft straight read the homemade software finally formed, the current name "Dios-mios" software is currently in the testing phase, all stable. At present, the program supports the FAT32 format of the hard drive through the USB running part of the GC game, some of the image output signal operation is still defective. GC Memory cards cannot read or write in read-only state (that is, they cannot be archived). Since the software is still in the initial stage of formation, the current developers prohibit reprint, and because the program contains the code of the Nintendo legal Protection, does not provide direct ...

Direct loss of "5 20" fire accident in stainless steel cold rolling mill of Tisco 1.74 million

August 9 night, too steel stainless (market, interrogation) announced the company's Cold rolling mill "5 20" fire accident identified results. The result of the accident of the fire Department of the public Security is as follows: The cause of the fire is the vibration caused by the operation of the cold rolling production line, the 2# electrolytic nitric acid Trough No. 3rd electrode plate and the cable connection joint loose, the contact bad produce high temperature ignition insulation layer and PPH plate, thus causing fire The fire destroyed about 10% factory roof and two vertical glass fiber reinforced plastic lighting belt, and so on, direct property loss of 1.7411 million yuan. Prior to the company has disclosed that May 20, 2013 4:40 ...

There are still hundreds of distributors in the answer to the opening of a direct shop in Yu Nai Fang

March 22 News, according to billion power network to understand, there are insiders revealed that cosmetics Amoy brand Royal Mud Fang in the last year canceled all distribution cooperation, and began to open a number of direct business in Taobao C shop.   The news has aroused concern in the industry. "We just opened a direct shop for each brand," said Dai, CEO of the Mud Square. At the same time, as far as I know, we still have hundreds of distributors. "Industry insiders said that the royal Mud Square opened about 20 straight camp Taobao C shop." Through numerous activities to promote, these C stores have quickly become ...

Yeepay Payment and Financial fund to launch the online fund direct business

May 29 News, a few days ago, the Third-party payment company easy to pay through its payment tools easy to buy through, and the fund to jointly launch online Fund direct business. Billion power network learned that the line of the two fund products, chalk for the wealth of the momentum of the Mixed Securities Investment Fund and China Certificate of Sustainable Development 100 index enhanced funds. It is understood that the Treasury Fund Management Co., Ltd. was established in June 2011. Online direct sales business, since June 25, 2012, has been trading support Agricultural Bank of Agriculture, ICBC, CCB, BOC, Pudong, Everbright, Ping ' an, industrial ...

Gem Direct exit plan has been reported

Chen Dongzheng, chairman of the National Consultative Committee of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, said recently that the gem market mechanism still needs to be perfected in the development, at present the most fundamental, the most need to perfect is the direct withdrawal of the municipal system, the company's further improvement of the GEM Market Direct delisting scheme has been reported to the SFC.  The direct return of the city is expected to launch this year, Chen Dong Levy said that this year's "two sessions" will be submitted several proposals around the construction of multi-level capital market, which focuses on the gem market system of perfection, especially the GEM market direct withdrawal system. He disclosed that the Shenzhen stock has drafted the establishment of the relevant business ...

October Real foreign direct investment of 7.1 billion U.S. dollars rose 5.7%

November 16 Morning News China's Ministry of Commerce announced in Monday this year, the cumulative actual foreign direct investment (FDI) was 70.8 billion U.S. dollars, down 12.6% year-on-year.  The Ministry of Commerce data shows that in October, real foreign direct investment of 7.1 billion U.S. dollars, up 5.7% year-on-year, for the third consecutive month to achieve growth. Previous data showed that FDI in September was 7.899 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 18.9% per cent, January-September cumulative FDI in 63.76 billion U.S. dollars, a year-on-year decline of 14.2%.

January China Non-financial foreign direct investment 2.36 billion US dollars

Xinhua Beijing, February 20 Xinhua reporter 20th from the Ministry of Commerce learned that in January, China's domestic investors to achieve non-financial category of foreign direct investment of 2.36 billion U.S. dollars.  Statistics show that in January, China's domestic investors in the global 75 countries and regions of the 420 foreign enterprises in the direct investment, including equity investment and other investment of 1.66 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 70%, profits reinvestment 700 million U.S. dollars, accounting for 30%. January China's foreign contracted engineering business completed turnover of 5.06 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 79%, the new contract amount of 14 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 12.2%. ...

News related to it will have a direct impact on the business circle

Just a point, where you can hardly see Tencent, Ali, Baidu, unless the news associated with it will have a direct impact on the entrepreneurial circle. And 36 of Krypton's original purpose, here only focus on entrepreneurship: New companies, new products, models, investment mergers and acquisitions, project termination, the company's transformation, the entrepreneurs can bring benefits to the local entrepreneurial services. The difference is, this time we only look at the domestic business circle. Every 10 o'clock in the evening, I hope you and I together dour: "Today's entrepreneurial circle, I Got it! 1, the government's opposition to bitcoin and internet finance is only temporary. Money to pay ...

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