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It's not Gameboy, it's just an iphone.

, left a cross direction key, right two grain control key, this is not Game Boy? Wrong!  This is a counterfeit of red fruit, look at the side of the metal-textured shell, this guy is an iphone. More information please pay attention to play game Network (Edit/Ming)

Brain paralysis Player uses chin to manipulate game accuse EA New not humanized

Hey。 Today, I played "Death Space 2", installed and run, into the game settings, custom mode of operation ... You know what!! I can't put the forward direction key on the mouse ...  It makes me angry that the game company doesn't let people completely customize the way the game operates. Since I can set the firing button on the mouse, why not move it ...  So I can not play the game, wasted 25 pounds ... This post naturally raises questions: What do you do with the arrow keys on the mouse? --You can't play without a mouse? Landlord is too squeamish ...

French website revealed PSP2 detail specification: Memory 512M four core GPU

If the following message is true, then PSP2 is really a very powerful palm machine.  Today, a French gaming website exposes the hardware specifications of the PSP2, and says the data comes from game developers who have acquired PSP2 developers. Dimensions: 170mm long x74mm high x23mm wide weight: Unknown input equipment: direction key, 0-XLR key, double rocker, front and rear touch control board, GPS, gyroscope, microphone, front and rear camera, action induction display equipment: 5-inch OLED, ...

Frogatto a retro-style 2D cross clearance game

Frogatto a retro-style 2D cross clearance game, developed by Battle for Wesnoth team. The protagonist is a small frog, the user will operate the small frog with a variety of monsters fighting. We ' ve added a new tileset to the game, abound are exclusive to the new "arcade Mode". Unlike our full, Story-mode tiles ...

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