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50 valuable recommendations for E-commerce retailers

1. Provide free shipping. Free shipping allows you to dump competitors a few blocks. Try adding to the price of your product and see if it stimulates sales to increase the conversion, and you'll be amazed to see the rise even if the price doesn't change. adds a free shipping threshold to their online shop (order full $ free shipping, 90% order next day receipts), and prominently advertised on all pages. [PS Free shipping is not uncommon, next day ibuyspy more difficult ...

Christmas season, with mobile phone interactive light sales

Another Christmas, I believe many people have begun to think about where to eat Christmas dinner, how to spend. At this time of year, consumers busy, excited, choose a large number of cinemas, restaurants, large and small shopping malls, concerts, electric dealers are also trying to woo consumers, promotional discounts are pulling off the prelude to the annual hot season. This winter is slightly different from previous years, there are 300 million mobile internet users all over China (digital source "CNNIC 28th Network Development Status Statistics Report"), of which 100 million people with 3G (Ministry of Industry as of this year September data), mobile phone shopping user size estimates reach 140 million (IR ...

17 new business models inspired you

In the United States now, there are 23 million small businesses, and every month there will be 543,000 new small businesses. So if you want your company to stand out from it and want to be successful, you need not only a unique value proposition, but also a diversified income stream, coupled with sufficient and powerful creative power. In order to inspire your entrepreneurial inspiration, we surveyed 17 unique companies, and their business model has been validated by the market, and these companies are in fact a wide range of products, from the Retail app application, to the nouveau riche, of course, now ...

Valentine's Day 10 marketing cases: who more touched your heart?

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall this year Valentine's Day and Lantern Festival's "encounter" particularly eye-catching. Valentine's Day is a time to "tie" emotions.   For example, flowers, jewelry, and even electronic products, will be the demand for emotional consumption to attract the attention of the male YUANNV, has always been the business of the battle malls special season, marketing practices are endless. Before being bombarded by netizens of the lily Nets "forced advertising" is a negative example, marriage site to the old man's wishes deliberately rendered, extreme embodiment, resulting in netizens on Weibo launched ...

30 Blog Marketing Golden

Maintaining personal blogs is simple, but business blogs are more complex. It is a challenge for most experts to make your blog interesting and to penetrate the product into a post to achieve the desired effect of marketing. These worries will be a stumbling block for writers. Here are 30 online blog marketing ideas You may never have considered. 1, send a post related to the subject of your website. If you sell children's products, send a post that your child likes; If you sell your handbag, make a bag-shaped cake. Include pictures! 2, advance sales information. Provide a blog read ...

Zoo Mingyan: 36 Strategies of Blog Marketing Promotion

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Lobby blog marketing is through the blog site or blog forum contact blog Authors and visitors, using the blog author's personal knowledge, interests and life experience, such as the dissemination of commodity information marketing activities. Now many enterprises and individuals are starting to do blog Network marketing, enthusiasm is very high, but adhere to very little, small left often hear enterprises and their employees complain about the long-term maintenance of blog too difficult. Enterprise Blog Marketing How difficult? Why is it difficult? Small left think that maintenance blog is actually very simple, of course, business Blog to complicate a ...

Airbnb's dark growth history: How to get early blowout growth with substituting hack

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall Editor Note: This article from Xdash, the former Grand Innovation Institute product manager, the Science and Technology blog synchronization control author, Pingwest guest author. This article is a section of the chapter probation the new book that the author is writing. If you are interested in this topic after reading, please pay attention to the author's microblog: @XDash or micro-letter: ifanbing.   On the progress of this book, you can pay attention to id:growthhackerbook public number. The following is the text of the article: ...

Reverse O2O Case Analysis: Return offline can bring the gospel under the line

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall Offline to online, can bring the gospel for the offline company? It is always said that O2O (Online to Offline) is a concept of pit dad, but all doubts can not block our continued discussion of it. Taobao, Tencent Micro-letter, the public comments are in the planning of their own territory, in addition, many start-up companies began to make a fuss from this end. Their base area is the restaurant, the store and the shopping mall, wants to solve is originally O2O in the dead End question ...

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