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ICBC comprehensive management Next step: Insurance Trust Asset Management

China's banking industry is now facing a once-in-a-lifetime strategic opportunity. Looking from the real economy, 2011 will open China's "Twelve-Five" planning, with the continuous implementation and deepening of China's economic structure strategic adjustment policy, China's economy in the demand structure, consumption structure, income distribution structure, urban and rural structure, regional structure and industrial structure will achieve breakthroughs, To make a substantial progress in the transformation of China's economic development pattern, this process must create huge financial service demand. Monetary system, the internationalization of the renminbi process began to speed up the use of foreign renminbi and the flow of channels constantly ...

Global wealth Management market heats up

As the world economy gradually improves, the wealth management market is also beginning to recover on a global scale.  Some analysis points out that in the coming period, the main growth point of wealth management will be transferred from mature markets such as Europe and America to emerging market countries. Wealth management, that is, financial institutions for high net worth customers to provide personalized financial services, in order to achieve the preservation, create wealth and so on. Wealth management includes savings and debt management, investment and risk management, legal and tax advisory services, retirement schemes, and heritage arrangements. This business has prevailed in Europe and America for many years. has also begun to flourish in many emerging markets in recent years ...

The initial manifestation of CIC's investment strategy and entrusted parallel management

A positive and robust diversification investment strategy in the embryonic beginning of the initial display of 200 billion U.S. dollars capital urgently to find the operation of export pressure, and did not change the firm cautious investment of Chinese investment companies, its positive, robust, diversified investment strategy embryonic first. In 2008, CIC will increase investment in offshore financial product portfolios as foreign investment managers bid for the end of their bids. In addition, the investment in Agricultural Bank and other financial institutions such as the bank will become the focus of CIC's domestic capital operation. Positive financial investors in May 2007, CIC spent 3 billion U.S. dollars as a well-known private equity investment in the United States ...

How to occupy the traditional newspaper industry in the big data age?

The data again "big" no useful is equal to zero, to collect "slow data" "Live data" on the internet every moment in the production of data, people's lives everywhere in the various devices, such as computers, mobile phones, smart appliances, sensors and so on, can always leave traces of human behavior, real-time data generation, These increased geometric levels of data deposition on the Web, become large data. These large numbers of data again "big" no useful is equal to zero, to collect "slow data" "Live data ...

Insight - another impetus to business development

Insight is the driving force behind IBM's financial transformation as a 100-year-old company. IBM has undergone changes over and over again with the dual evolution of financial models and business needs. Focus has shifted from previous audits, internal controls, and financial The shifting of accounting transfers to focusing on business operations, controlling business risks and making strategic decisions is also a change for IBM's financial systems and asset management businesses. In this process, IBM business analytics solutions provide a market-driven 'insight' that effectively reduces financial costs and increases efficiency ...

"Ka real Mode" path revealed: Restore the first public offering "Gold control" map

2013 Internet financial turmoil, public offering funds to form the field of Huaxia, Tianhong and the new three-Jia pattern, but also formed an intriguing three kinds of development patterns of contention. The reason why Internet finance has been so sought after by the fund industry is that it provides a path for the fund industry to get out of stagnation. But before the internet financial boom, the fund has been groping the traditional fund industry development path. If Internet finance is still wedded to the changes in the sales side, the typical mixed model of Kerry is the competitiveness of the future or the structure of the financial sector. 21st century economic reporter through multi-channel verification, summed up a number of industries ...

Traffic Bank A-share rights issue online roadshow excellent playback

The splendid World Expo--The Traffic Bank Co., Ltd., a share rights issue online Roadshow highlights guest list Traffic Bank Co., Ltd. Guest Nieusiming, deputy chairman of the Bank of Communications, executive Director, President Chan Wen Communications Bank Limited executive director, Deputy Governor Uyali Bank of Communications Limited shares Deputy President, Chief Financial Officer Dujiangrong Communications Bank Limited board secretary, director of the Board of directors Linzhi Red Traffic Bank Limited, deputy general manager of budget and finance Fan Jianxue Bank of communications ...

What gives the Samsung Republic such a powerful force

According to a 2012 survey, Samsung has more than 420,000 employees, sales of 268.6 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 24% of South Korea's GDP in the same year, according to the Washington Post, its 2012 exports of 156.7 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for South Korea's total export volume of 28.2%. At the end of 2012, Samsung's total assets were $162.9 billion trillion, with a market capitalisation of $227.3 billion, accounting for 18% of the country's total market capitalisation, according to Bloomberg. Samsung undoubtedly has a huge impact on South Korea. Samsung Group has been extensively involved in not ...

Current challenges and future prospects of China's banking industry

The current situation, challenges and future prospects of China's banking industry--a speech by Wang Huaqing, secretary of China's CBRC, at the FT's high-end forum September 16, 2010 Ladies and gentlemen, I am delighted to be present at this high end of the FT forum.  Next, I will talk about the current situation, challenges and future of China's banking industry. First, China's banking reform and development of the "three major achievements" is the overall competitiveness of the banking sector has significantly improved. By the end of June 2010, the total assets of the banking institutions amounted to 87.2 trillion yuan and the total liabilities amounted to 82.3 trillion yuan.

The development of commercial banks in large data age

In the era of "big Data", modern information technology represented by Internet will fundamentally change the mode of modern financial operation. The characteristics of data magnanimity, diversification, rapid transmission and value will bring new challenge to commercial bank market competition. In the face of this "data earthquake", how is the banking industry changing and homeopathy? How to use high-quality data and strong and stable data analysis capabilities to develop a wealth of data applications to provide customers with intelligent and targeted services? How to deepen the application of large scale financial data and transform it into industrial competitiveness from two levels of strategy and implementation? Recently, Beijing ...

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