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Teach you how to be a good PHP player?

PHP is an efficient network programming language, because it has the advantages of flexible writing, fast running and so on, quickly become the preferred language of web programmers.   So how do you become a good PHP developer? To become a master of PHP programming is not easy, not as many people imagine, as long as the ability to write a few simple code to solve a complex problem is the Master of PHP programming, the real PHP master still need to consider more other issues.   The following three guidelines are guidelines that a mature PHP programmer should follow first in programming. ..

Eight procedures to teach you how to become a webmaster

Do you want to have a world of your own outside the net? Do you want to get a decent amount of revenue from the Internet? Do you imagine poet Secretarial network like to realize their webmaster dream? If you want to, but do not understand the specific process and steps of the station, please read this article patiently,   I believe you will have a detailed understanding of the construction station, and decide whether they have the ability to build a station. The first step: the application domain name is the name of an enterprise or organization on the Internet, and it is the address of the interconnected enterprises on the Internet. Just like our number. The form of the domain name is ...

The five prerequisites for earning dollars from foreign stations in actual combat experience

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host Technology Hall recently, my website has been successfully changed hands out, is a small profit, Several English stations are also basically stable in 1200-1500 knives per month, many brothers to ask me how to do a good English station, how to earn dollars, and so on, because to be honest, my English station traffic is not high, but the click Rate is higher (absolutely not ...)

These grassroots webmaster must have knowledge you have?

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall see recent news that the current employment of university graduates grim, Many college students want to be a grassroots webmaster, the internet as a way out. Are you really ready to be a webmaster? Although the construction station capital cost is not high, but the skill cost is not low, I have built the station for several months, has accumulated some experience in the work, here with ...

How to become a cool web developer

In the last two years of school, I began to develop in the direction of a web development, basically a self-taught full stack of web development engineers, from the front-end to the back end of all do, but not a proficient, see here is not very disappointed? Indeed, if it is true, I am not free to write articles here. I've been working for more than four years now and I've just got a little bit of a knack for becoming a web developer. Dare not from Jane. A little view, share with the gentlemen. I feel that programming, the whole is an abstract process, the world to create an abstract model, and then let them work. Make a series of ...

My ten years, the things beyond the interaction

This is the tenth year of my work, today is also my birthday, if the way to review, there should be a lot of stories, if you want to say, I always habitually from the 5th year of my work began, on the one hand 5 years ago the work experience is mediocre, unknown, lack of drama, basic in small companies, Traditional IT companies are hanging out and 5 years of work resumes will be more concerned about, because it is in TX, because there is a chance to do the experience of the product design, is exposed to a star position, on the other hand, because I was also called marking, in the design of the river, the word generation show that also ...

It's the best website to make money.

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest stationmaster buy cloud host Technology Hall this point of view, everybody don't laugh I too money doctrine, in fact this is reality." I started to build the site in 03, when the Internet's personal site is not so much, of course,...

Ten problems to be paid attention to in the construction of enterprise website

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Lobby Enterprise website has become a corporate Internet strategy Foundation, some people say, after 10, the internet industry will disappear. Not that the Internet does not exist, but that the Internet has been integrated into all aspects of economic life. Any enterprise has its own website, through its own website for brand promotion, customer service, product ordering and even production activities control. Like a business phone book, there is no web site will become one of the conditions for people to judge whether a business is formal. Just like office need to do ...

The successful way of Internet Entrepreneurship (IX.): compulsory advertising is unpopular

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall in the process of learning to build stations, often because there is no experience, made a lot of primary mistakes. Although these errors can play a role in a short time, they often lead to many problems in the subsequent development.   In this chapter, we will introduce and analyze the error practices that often occur in the station, and explain the correct method of building the station for reference. One, doctrine build station can not take two, the loss of the website propaganda Law three, compulsory promotion website can not take four ...

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