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Rails v3.0.4 Publish a more efficient web development framework

The rails framework was first proposed in July 2004, and its developers were 26-year-old Danish ">david Heinemeier Hansson. Unlike existing complex web development frameworks, rails is a more realistic and efficient web development framework. Rails combines the benefits of the PHP system (rapid development) with the benefits of the Java system ...

RubyMine v3.1 publishes a new IDE for Ruby and rails developers

RubyMine is a brand new IDE for ">ruby and rails developers (not open source and fee-based), rubymine by JetBrains Development (JetBrains one of the most famous products is the Java IDE:INTELLJ idea!) )。 RubyMine is built on the INTELLJ ID ...

LinkedIn replaces rails with node: Reduces 27 server speeds by 20 times times

Ryan ">paul wrote an in-depth look at the design of the mobile side of LinkedIn, where we saw: 23% of mobile users; focus on simplicity , ease of use and reliability; 30% native code, 70% uses HTML, embedded lightweight HTTP service, single client application link cloud server, back-end service from rails to node.js. Once ...

Microsoft Azure starts supporting Python and Ruby on Rails

How should Microsoft Windows Azure be defined? This is not an easy question to answer, and now it seems more so, and recently Microsoft has added new online services to Azure. Compared to other cloud platforms, the previous Azure short board is embodied in the service of online building applications. But this week Microsoft has made up for the lack of azure, and Microsoft has released a series of cloud services. Microsoft is also integrating more and more development tools into its own platform ...

Flexmock v0.9.0.beta.0 publishes mock tools for rails unit tests

Flexmock is a more popular mock tool for ">rails unit Tests, installation method: $ gem Install Flexmock code example: Require ' test/unit ' Require ' Flexmock/test_unit ' class Temperaturesa ...

Flexmock 0.8.0 publishes mock tools for rails unit tests

Flexmock is a more popular mock tool for ">rails unit tests. A Python mock/stub/spy library. Its API 17885.html "> inspiration comes from the same name as the Ruby Library. However, it is not a Python flexmock, the goal is not to clone Ruby version ...

Learn how to be a good web programmer with Facebook and Twitter

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao Guest Cloud mainframe technology hall in my old programmer's opinion, nothing is more interesting and simple than coding. Because I love programming, love the idea of the mind with software implementation. My story site is an experimental plot of my inspiration. What you think, can be expressed through the website, this is the greatest benefit of programmers. In layman's view, programming is mysterious and perhaps a bit advanced. This is the same idea I had before humanely. But once you find the sense of programming, it's natural to be confident. This confidence will give you the courage to overcome all ...

Fast, low-cost completion of the development of innovative companies how to do

As a software engineer, the past few years have been dedicated to web development. In innovative companies, speed saves time, money, and money to ask more engineers to make the whole development faster. The school does not teach many "software engineering" methods, or how to be a good programmer. These things do not exist in the Taiwan industry, we are doing side touch, learn from experience. I've learned a lot from books and the internet about ways to make the team more productive, because I believe that I have to do this in the new team, with the industry's recognition that it's fast ...

Structural design analysis of anatomical twitter:twitter system

With the explosion of information, micro-blogging website Twitter was born. It is no exaggeration to describe Twitter's growth with the word "born". Twitter has grown from 0 to 66,000 since May 2006, when the number of Twitter users rose to 1.5 in December 2007. Another year, December 2008, Twitter's number of users reached 5 million. [1] The success of Twitter is a prerequisite for the ability to provide services to tens of millions of users at the same time and to deliver services faster. [2,3,4 ...

Web Development Ultimate Toolkit 120 Web development tools

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall This is the latest Web Development toolkit that Mashable collects, including drag-and-drop Web application creation tools, code libraries, project management, test programs, and frameworks that support a variety of programming languages, from Ajax to Ruby to Pytho N。   This is the second part.   Reference and Data Cofundos-a platform to discuss open source software for investment. Mac Yenta-...

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