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Chinese companies lose on domain name disputes with international companies

In the face of a growing number of Chinese companies losing their domain name disputes with international companies, experts said yesterday at a symposium on Asian domain names and online dispute resolution that Chinese companies need to "retreat" and seek localized protection to secure investments on the Internet. Liuzhijiang, assistant director of China's Internet center, told reporters: "Chinese companies need to keep up with the times in the domain name dispute resolution mechanism." At present, CN domain name legal registrant's rights and interests more protection, and in the. cn Domain name Transnational dispute PK War, China legal ...

Supreme People's Court Rodong: no special laws to regulate the domain name problem

June 4 Afternoon News, the Supreme People's Court deputy director Rodong said today, there is no specific legal norms, rules domain name related issues, mostly in accordance with the rules of civil law, the contract law and other relevant provisions to solve, and whether the need for special legislation need to have legal organs to decide. Rodong said that from the objective situation, most of the current domain name disputes are resolved in the network Center, Real to the court is not a big deal. And from the case of nearly a year, the case is characterized by foreign well-known companies to prosecute the case is larger, infringement of trademarks or unfair competition prosecutions and the name of a well-known trademark to ...

Experts talk about the solution of malicious preemptive domain name: ruled by civil mechanism

June 4 Afternoon News, Cnnic Information Center Deputy Director Liuzhijiang today to the country on the malicious registration domain name solution to make an introduction: has established a civil domain name resolution mechanism, in 40 days to provide dispute determination, there are 1300 domain name disputes have been quickly resolved. Liuzhijiang said that the malicious preemption domain name is one of the hot issues for individual users. According to its introduction, the initial dispute is in the Internet vigorously development, many companies in the Internet to establish a website, found that their name has been registered. "The first is to go to court, but the time is very long, so everyone guard a suitable for the Internet fast ...

Brand protection New GAME rules: Trademarks are no longer the end

"Tenkine Shanghai July 8 News" in the brand to the enterprise benefits play more and more important role today, trademarks as the core of brand equity, has long been the focus of corporate protection and competition. A "Jiutouniao" trademark, can let father and daughter in court, no wonder some people say that trademark has already become the main battlefield of competition between enterprises.  In recent years, however, it seems that the battlefield is shifting to Internet brands such as domain names. The latest statistics show that by the end of 2008, the CN domain name disputes cumulative 1355 pieces, showing a steady upward trend, most of them for the domain name registration, Invasion ...

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