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"Learning and thinking," pay attention to the brand focus on domain name evaluation

In recent years, the well-known educational group "Learning and thinking," emphasis on brand-name domain name evaluation has been widely circulated in the domestic Internet community, "Learning and thinking," the successful acquisition of the domain name full 3.8 million yuan price, full Demonstrated its determination to develop industry websites. It is understood that the domain name by the original domain name investor Yang Yi registered in 2002, seven years have used this domain name has done "college entrance examination" sites have not improved. Until the end of 2008 and "learn and think" reached a consensus, with 3.8 million high price success ...

Domain name security new tactics

As a domain name investor, in addition to the domain name price, domain name security is also one of the most important indicators for choosing a domain name registrar. For domain name investors, domain names are their property, because the domain name is equivalent to a certain amount of currency. Registrar must provide safe and reliable technical means and process to ensure the security of domain name. At present, the common means of protection are the following: 1, providing domain name lock, transfer domain name password. 2, set the account password protection issues (or similar means of protection), in the implementation of some important operations (for example: check the password), request ...

Bubble CEO Li wanted to successfully acquire the top-level domain name

January exclusive news, CEO of bubble network ( Li has been successfully acquired in December 2007 the top level domain name lixiang At present, Li Xiang has directed this domain name to their personal blog after investigation, the reporter learned that was formerly a domestic domain name investor Hao Peng registered in 2000 ...

The difference between a sky-high domain name and a common domain is often just a gleam.

After Google, Microsoft and other companies have to spend huge sums to buy Ultra short domain name, recently,'s network domain name and 1.25 million U.S. dollars deal; and porn (adult pornography). com is the price that once created 9.5 million dollars. The business opportunity of the network domain name gradually highlights.   But domain name investment experts remind, sky-high domain name and ordinary domain name difference is often only in the first line, no professional standard of ordinary people are not suitable for investment. According to Taiwan's joint report, the Taiwanese domain name investor Frank, four years ago in the global domain name trading website Sedo ...

News says Cai has acquired Xingping's 4399 online gaming Network

The famous Internet domain name investor, founder Cai has acquired 4399 online gaming nets, the latter for the famous navigation website founder Xingping's website. It is understood that xingping in 2004 to sell to Baidu and successfully set up after the investment founded 4399 Online gaming network. The site was once the support of and Baidu, the rapid increase in traffic, become the largest online games in China, one of the Web site. In the Web game market gradually heating up, the site successfully operated a variety of web games ...

A hundred pages of international domain name arbitration notice

Recently, Goodmobi received a hundred pages of international domain name arbitration notice. This notice was sent by the World Intellectual Property Organization and the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center. This is called D2007-1732 complaints and the start of administrative procedures notice, complaint and arbitration domain name ...

Guangzhou related domain name by Asian Games driven by the speculation at least million from

The Asian Games led to the rise of prices at least million from the text/reporter Ouyang with the close of the Asian Games, with Guangzhou, and the 2010 Asian Games related to intellectual property protection topic has become a popular focus. Yesterday, there was a personal international domain name investors to reporters, said that with Guangzhou-related. NET,. com,. org and other international top-level domain names are fried on the internet, prone to ask for more than million yuan. Reporters in the interview found that the "Guangzhou", "gz2010" as the registration code of the international top-level domain name is almost a blank, the network also appears similar to G ...

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