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Global domain name service provider domain name increment TOP10: China occupies three seats

According to the latest data released by DailyChanges, on July 28, the top 10 global domain name resolution service provider domain names rankings, China A total of three service providers selected for the DNSPod, China Wanwang, 51DNS, they ranked No. 4,5,7 respectively. Global ...

In the history of the 25 most expensive domain name if you have long been registered

According to DN Journal, a foreign domain name service site, more than 500 domain names have been purchased and sold for more than $ 1 million. The reason is that pornography and gambling domain names have always been the most expensive domain name field. In response, the well-known US technology media "commercial insider" recently sorted out the "top 25 domain names in transaction history" according to DN Journal data. In the history of the 25 most expensive domain name if you have long been registered ...

GoDaddy promotion continue to advance, COM domain name unaffected

Guide: VeriSign raised the relevant again at the beginning of the year. com and. NET domain name registration fee, the market is expected that most domain name Service provider's domain name registration price will be affected by a substantial price increase, and the largest domain name Service provider godaddy. com domain name promotion continues to advance, is not subject to the impact of the rise in domain name registration fees. In January this year, VeriSign again made some adjustments to the wholesale price of. com and. NET, and the registration fee for the COM domain was raised from USD 7.34 to 7.85, and the registration fee rose 6.

CN domain name how to restore rationality

cn domain name price 50 times, CN domain name how to restore the rational end of 31, next year will be implemented by the market adjusted price policy. From March 2007 onwards, the implementation of the "CN domain name 1 yuan registration experience activities" has finally ended. A domain name service provider commented that the CN domain name price finally returned to a rational state. Because "now CN domain name has become the largest state domain name, the effect of the event has been achieved, so now start by the registrar agreed price.But $ 1 registration price, domain name registrar is losing money .100 yuan price, we are profitable....

China million network strong introduction of second-hand domain Name service

According to reports, recently, China's largest domain name registration service provider of Chinese million network strong introduction of second-hand domain name services, through a wide range of domestic and foreign second-hand domain name resources, so that just into the second-hand domain name market million sit 3 million of the price of second-hand domain name resources, in the forefront of China's first class domain name market after years,   Once again become a leading enterprise in the second-hand domain name market. A simple and easy to remember the domain name of the corporate brand promotion and popularity can play a huge role, and the inappropriate domain name will seriously hampered corporate brand in the later promotion. But at present, the mainstream domain name market resource exhaustion already is not ...

CNNIC Domain Name Service work is affirmed

Murray in recent days, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) deputy director Xiaodong received by the Communist Youth League Central, the National Federation of Youth awarded the 13th session of the Chinese Young Wusi medal.  "China Youth Wusi Medal" is the highest honor of league and National Youth. Dr. Xiaodong is the only young technical expert in the field of Internet technology in the list of all the 13 "China Youth Wusi Medals" that have been released. Xiaodong won the "China Youth Wusi Medal" is not only its contribution to the technical research and development and infrastructure construction, but also to ...

Text: China's first domain name Conference site

Photo: China's first domain name conference site. (Hu Shu/Sina) 2009 China's first domain name conference was held in Beijing on June 4, this Congress will release the first "Domain name Industry report." The Conference by China Internet Network Information Center will be jointly hosted by the domestic domain Name service agencies.  Sina Science and technology to the Conference for the full broadcast. The above picture is the meeting scene.

52PK Game network domain name expired not renewed access failure

Sina Science and technology news October 8 morning, the game site 52PK ( due to the expiration of the domain name did not renew the fee, today, access failure: All the pages are to the domain Name Service provider's docking page.  52PK official Weibo revealed that the issue had been resolved and that a number of users responded to 52PK of access to the recovery. Today morning to visit 52PK users found that all the pages of the game network, are turning to the domain Name service provider new Network Parking page, and in the upper right corner of the page prompts "your domain name has expired, please contact your service provider renewals." Query results show ...

China million network announced the official advance to the second-hand domain name market to launch a price domain name service

Recently, the largest domain name registration service provider in China million network announced the official advance into the second-hand domain name market, the introduction of a price domain name services, determined to create a second-hand domain name of the credit trading platform. This means that the first domain name service into China, and has always occupied the domain name registration market leadership of the million network for the enterprise to solve the problem because the mainstream domain name is exhausted without domain name available. As the authority of the domestic Internet industry, China million network after 16 years of leading the market to vigorously open up the second battlefield, to create a domain name industry one-stop service flagship, push a price domain name. According to the introduction, China million network introduced the global 30 ...

Mao Wei: China's super 50% domain name server is not secure

Author: "Reporter rhododendron Beijing Report" "China's current 740,000 domain name servers, there are more than 50% of the server is not safe, a quasi-child attack."  "China Network company chairman, CNNIC chief scientist Mao Wei recently in Beijing, held a global IPV6 summit in the interview, said. Mao Wei in the publication of the next generation of trusted domain Name system based on IPV6, said the domain name is the network stable operation of the central nervous system, due to the lack of comprehensive professional security services, China's more than 50% of the domain name server is relatively insecure, and our 57% important letter ...

China's domain name industry breakthrough 4.2 billion

Author: Reporter Cuckoo 4th Beijing reported that China's domain name-related industry scale of more than 4.2 billion yuan, the number of practitioners more than 100,000 people.  In today's China's first domain name conference, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) issued the "China Domain name Industry Report" shows that after more than 10 years of development, China's domain name industry has begun to take shape, in the field of the Internet has become a high-profile. The report shows that up to the end of 2008, China's total domain name reached 1680多万个, up from 2007 41%, of which the number of CN domain registration up to 13.57 million, ...

XI: China's domain name registration and management level needs to be improved

June 4 Morning News, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Deputy Minister Xi today in the "2009 China's first domain name conference", said that the rapid development of Internet domain names in China, but the industry at present to register the Internet domain name reflects very large, domain name registration and management level to be further improved. Xi said at the scene that since last year, despite the spread of the financial crisis, China's internet industry still maintain a good pace of development.  Internet users in the first quarter of this year increased by 18 million, the penetration rate reached 23.9%, has surpassed 23.6% world average level, "This is quite remarkable". ...

The security risk of domain Name System in China's network with wide-range fault exposure

China News agency, Beijing, May 22 (Xinhua Liu Yuying) Due to the Storm audio and video site domain name resolution problems, the number of provinces in the province of 19th, a large range of network failures.  Experts from China's national domain name Registry have pointed out that this exposes the potential security risks in the links of China's domain name management system.  19th, Jiangsu, Anhui, Guangxi, Hainan, Gansu, Zhejiang and other provinces have netizens reflect not open the Web page, QQ, MSN and other Instant Messaging tools drop line and so on. China Telecom ruled out the trouble that night after explaining that the storm audio and video site's own domain name resolution failure caused the Chinese telecom DNS service ...

ICANN policy changes, domain Whois data hiding service no longer free

According to DNS admin blast: Due to ICANN policy changes, starting from May, no longer provide free domain whois data hiding services, all free use of whois hidden at the end of April automatically restored to real data. After using the Whois hidden service, you will be paid. The ICANN adjustment policy, since May 2015, the domain Name Service provider no longer provides the user with the free Domain WHOIS protection Service, the user must pay for it. Announced the current part of the domain name registrar whois hidden services prices are as follows: GoDaddy Oper ...

WAN Network is adjusting its service strategy for domain name users

Absrtact: Recently, the reporter in the website of the official web site found that only the top right corner of the page to query the search box has been magnified several times and placed in the middle of the upper left corner, in the user to query the domain name, at a glance. According to the million-net domain name phase recently, the reporter in the Landing million net official website found that the original page in the top right corner of the search box has been magnified a few times and placed in the middle left corner, in the user to query the domain name, at a glance. According to the million-net domain name related to the responsible person: "This is only the initial experience of the visual, users in the open million net website ..."

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