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Interests Guide Fortune: Reveal the way the domain name customers get rich

In recent years, sought after by business users, the common domain name resale market is very hot. On the morning of April 22, Lei Jun announced in his mouth ", the most expensive domain name in the history of the Internet in China." This is the new domain name for millet launched for internationalization. Li Wanqiang, vice president of millet, disclosed that the transaction price was 3.6 million U.S. dollars. This price domain name suddenly set off a wave of waves on the Internet. A month later, Luo Yonghao released a hammer cell phone, at the conference he introduced a new domain name, it is learned that the domain name transaction price of about one million yuan. This message came out behind the domain name ...

Why China makes the domain name transaction follows the foreign thought

& ">nbsp; At present, in China to do domain name transactions, almost all are followed by foreign ideas, experience and models, this point, and the Chinese Fry is particularly similar.      Considering that the Internet originated from abroad and the level of foreign countries is much higher than that of China, so it seems to be perfectly natural to study abroad.   ...

Domain name investors have registered a large number of domain names

At present, the domain name registration Hurie, many domain names investors have registered a large number of domain names, but due to the immature domain name trading market, resulting in a large number of domain names can not be shot.   Although some sites have launched the Domain name Transaction transfer service, but most of the sellers are trading with each other, and the transaction amount is very low, the number of transactions is very small. Data show that the current domestic due to the domain name registration caused by more than million of the domain name, really want to use these domain names of people do not use, and have these domain name of the registrant is unable to sell the domain name. From a lot of domain name investors to the survey talk ...

14 million dollar sky-high domain name will be auctioned

February 21, according to foreign media reports, the value of 14 million U.S. dollars of sky-high domain will be auctioned next month, starting at 1 million U.S. dollars. Two years ago, Boston, a escom company that engaged in adult entertainment, bought the domain name for 14 million dollars, setting the highest price for a domain name transaction. But now it looks like the company has a huge debt burden on its domain. In the advertisement for the assignment of, Escom said that he had applied the domain name as collateral for the loan because he was unable to return the DOM.

Jinshan has been low-key acquisition cheetah CN domain Name

Abstract: It is reported that Jinshan has been a low-key acquisition of the cheetah CN domain name, domain name transactions and domain names for specific purposes has not been disclosed, the current domain name has been in the Jinshan subsidiary Shell Security name. whois information (webmaster's home map) Why will the acquisition of the cheetah is known, Jinshan has been low-key acquisition of "Cheetah" CN domain name, domain name transaction amount and domain name specific use has not been disclosed, the current domain name has been in the Jinshan subsidiary Shell Security name. L ...

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