Domain Name Transactions

Discover domain name transactions, include the articles, news, trends, analysis and practical advice about domain name transactions on was bought by a mysterious buyer in millions

The wireless internet industry is bursting with news! The author yesterday from a well-known domestic domain name trading Forum learned that this domain name in recent days by a mysterious buyer to millions of dollars bought!     I have contacted the original owner of this domain name Guangdong x, to try to understand the relevant situation of domain name transactions, but Mr. X in addition to confirm that there are millions of huge sums of money to sell the domain name, always with the buyer signed the relevant confidentiality agreement, refused to answer any of the author's other questions. This is not to let the author feel mysterious. Throughout the rise of the wireless internet industry, in ...

Why China makes the domain name transaction follows the foreign thought

& ">nbsp; At present, in China to do domain name transactions, almost all are followed by foreign ideas, experience and models, this point, and the Chinese Fry is particularly similar.      Considering that the Internet originated from abroad and the level of foreign countries is much higher than that of China, so it seems to be perfectly natural to study abroad.   ...

Recent Domain name transactions active IDC industry is unusually cold

Recently concerned about the industry news webmaster Friends will find that a lot of good domain names are in the near future, like rain forest Wind acquisition, high-priced transactions, a domestic it enterprise to 300,000 U.S. dollars high price to buy  Once in 2006, with a high price of 14 million U.S. dollars will also be in the recent auction, the recent series of cases to tell us that the domain name industry in the recent heyday, unusually hot. But with the domain name industry has an inseparable link to the IDC industry is not very similar recently, because the recent policy is not clear ...

Domain name information is not real losing rate up to 70%

Chu, PhD supervisor of Intellectual property Law at China University of Political Science and political science, said that more and more well-known enterprises have seized the "domain name dispute cases quickly, the high rate of false domain information," the characteristics of the tendency to obtain domain names through arbitration, rather than the use of domain name transactions, can be said, Domain name information has become the original owner of the domain name rights loss of the biggest curse.  Domain name registration information is not true, not only the arbitral organization can be heard in absentia, domain name holders are most likely to be ruled "domain name transfer." Experts cautioned that if the domain name holder for various reasons before the submission of false information, should be timely with the Registrar to take ...

How to pay attention to domain name investment

The said domain name trading in our country is still in its infancy, but the media continue to disclose those by the transfer of the domain name rich overnight examples give people a wrong impression. Seems to invest in a domain name Wanli, sitting at home will be able to generate money. So far, however, the few that have been able to successfully sell a domain name are few, and the sale of the dollar to a big company is even rarer. In the end how to face the rational domain name investment, what kind of domain name investment value, the reporter learned from the experts, received some suggestions. China Internet Network Information Center is China's domain name registration authority, all of the Chinese domain names by them ...

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