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Internal rating agent Price of a top-level domain registrar in China

This is the domestic one of the top domain registrars internal rating agent price, I am in the trial of their proxy platform in the background to get out, absolute real price.   There should be a higher level of the VIP agent, the price may be lower, I did not study, but these also can help you understand the current market. Product Name Market price Diamond Agent Gold Deputy Silver Agent Base agent China-national level domain name. CN 78 (First annual price: 9) 43 (first year Price: 1) 43 ...

New network in August launched the "China's Domain name festival" large-scale marketing activities

In order to help domestic small and medium-sized enterprises to establish their own network marketing channels, reduce entry threshold, and let more individuals have their own unique network label, China's largest domain registrar new network in August launched the "Chinese Domain Name Festival" large-scale market activities. It is reported that the Domain name section will continue from August 2 to August 20, during the international mainstream top-level domain name. Com/.net straight down to 55 yuan,. Personalized CN name Domain name is 6 yuan to the freezing point of the hot summer bring a hint of refreshing. Fig. 1 During the festival, the new network will be launched more ...

Million network enabled domain name, million nets and. Wang and the two sides entered a new stage of cooperation

Domain Name City ( January 19 News, the latest news, the country's largest domain registrar million network plan to enable the new domain name, million network enabled domain name marks. Wang suffix once again won the favor of registrars. Industry insiders pointed out that is very suitable for the million nets as their own enterprise domain name, whether from the brand and domain name fit or from the current phonetic domain name trend has reached a highly perfect unity. Million network enabled also marked million nets and. Wang's cooperation will enter a new stage ...

Alibaba Group held 2016 Yunqi Conference in Yunqi Town

The Yunqi Conference (Yunqi roughly translates to ‘Living in the Cloud’) is Alibaba’s annual opportunity for all the group’s business units to meet with many Alibaba partner companies.

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