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Registering international and domestic domain names

& ">nbsp; This site can be scheduled to rush the international and domestic domain name contact QQ 470666 email/msn phone 0516 83821968 DJ ...

In the 3rd week of March, the total number of domestic domain name quotient is ten strong, China million net champion

March 27 News, according to the latest data released by, in the 3rd week of March, the domestic domain name quotient total domain name Ten strong competition, China million nets, Dnspod and 51DNS won the third runner-up. Among them, the champion China Net net increase 32,747, the rise ranked top ten, and 51DNS net minus 13,243, the biggest drop.       Below, please with IDC Review Network with the 3rd week of March domestic top Ten domain name Business domain name total increase or decrease. Through Figure 1, you can learn about ...

Students earn their first pot of gold by investing in their domain name

Whether it is the age of reading began to contact the domain name industry, or graduated a few years after graduating from investing in the domain name, as the trend of information technology investment behavior, the domestic domain name trading is still in its infancy, the future will be more and more people Influx of the field. Tough (Yang Zhitao) graduating from college this year, was originally in the process of building a website in the field of domain names, he started from the living expenses saved money, register a bunch of junk domain name, and finally lost a lot. As with other college students, the most urgent is the time, the most lack of money and experience, and actively to the captain, ...

Bubble CEO Li wanted to successfully acquire the top-level domain name

January exclusive news, CEO of bubble network ( Li has been successfully acquired in December 2007 the top level domain name lixiang At present, Li Xiang has directed this domain name to their personal blog after investigation, the reporter learned that was formerly a domestic domain name investor Hao Peng registered in 2000 ... was bought by a mysterious buyer in millions

The wireless internet industry is bursting with news! The author yesterday from a well-known domestic domain name trading Forum learned that this domain name in recent days by a mysterious buyer to millions of dollars bought!     I have contacted the original owner of this domain name Guangdong x, to try to understand the relevant situation of domain name transactions, but Mr. X in addition to confirm that there are millions of huge sums of money to sell the domain name, always with the buyer signed the relevant confidentiality agreement, refused to answer any of the author's other questions. This is not to let the author feel mysterious. Throughout the rise of the wireless internet industry, in ...

Text: China's first domain name Conference site

Photo: China's first domain name conference site. (Hu Shu/Sina) 2009 China's first domain name conference was held in Beijing on June 4, this Congress will release the first "Domain name Industry report." The Conference by China Internet Network Information Center will be jointly hosted by the domestic domain Name service agencies.  Sina Science and technology to the Conference for the full broadcast. The above picture is the meeting scene.

From the point of view of SEO is your domain selection right?

We all know, do SEO before need to have a website first, and do the site before you have to pick a space and domain name, space first, many people pick the domain name is very casual, simple and easy to remember as the only selection principle, but according to the principle of the selection will often ignore some of the SEO-friendly domain name.   So how should we choose the right domain name from the SEO angle? Domain names are divided into domestic and international domain names, first of all the domestic domain name, that is. CN domain name. We all know that the first two years of a money activity led to. The proliferation of CN Domain name, a large number of garbage stations came into being, but also the use of low prices ...

Biography China Unicom has acquired the international top-level domain name

January 9, according to Nintendo users rumors, China Unicom (China Unicom) has acquired the international top-level domain name "10010" as China Unicom's customer service hotline number is widely known to the public , Before for a domestic domain name investors all. It is understood that China Unicom is the official website of the domain name China Unicom is also acquired through the early years. After press inquiries, at present, www.100 ...

IDC business or increase. Cn registration price

Domain name as the site logo, the name, has been more and more people attach importance to a good domain name will bring no small benefit to the site.But the domain name is also a limited resource, when it reaches a certain degree will be saturated too much Of domain name cybersquatters crazy grab, leading to the Internet now will find a lot of good rice is parked. However, netizens who need to register a short and good domain name have no way to start, the results of inquiries are "unable to register." Especially in our country .cn One dollar promotion started, .cn domain name because of the brief subject to unanimous welcome. However, over time, ...

Million nets throw "heavy weapons". Company and. network domain name online

By the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) operations management of the new top-level domain name ". Company" and ". Network" in the Million network officially online, ". Company" and ". Network" to become the million network currently the only choice of the new top-level domain name. Million network is currently China's most well-known domain name registration service provider, for domain name products on the line has strict management norms. Domain name as the key for enterprises to enter the Internet door, its security, stability and availability of the enterprise's development has a vital role, ...

How to prevent domain name hijacking and pan-resolution How to check whether domain name hijacking and pan-parsing

Intermediary trading"> SEO Diagnostic Taobao Guest Hosting Technology Hall for a few years, although I have been listening to friends say their domain name pan-analytic but because they have not Encountered had never mind, but in the 28th I actually found myself in DNSPOD in the domain were all pan-analytical. Now my ...

New network "Domain name end of the rally burst the price of the" hot curtain

Absrtact: As the leading top-level domain service provider, the latest market activity of the new network is a bright spot. Recently, with the help of double 11 and double 12 Network shopping carnival brought by the gradual increase in E-commerce promotion hot, the new network launched the webmaster and domain name as the leading provider of top-level domain names, the latest market activities of the new network is a bright spot frequency. Recently, with the help of "double 11" and "double 12" network shopping carnival brought about by the gradual increase in E-commerce "promotional hot", the new network launched the webmaster and domain name Investors extremely look forward to the "Domain name year-end rally" activities. Many users are pleased to hear ...

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