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Le Bee network announced door-to-door pick-up and replacement city reached 45 cover Lok Bee net users more than 55%

& ">nbsp; Le Bee Network announced recently, its national door-to-door replacement city from 27 to 45, covering the Lok Bee net users more than 55%.   Prior to this, consumers must pay courier fees to return to the merchant, now users can use the network Platform or service hotline direct application, access to free door-to-door replacement services. It is understood that ...

The Lok Bee net expands wildly, the door-to-door pick-up city increases from 27 to 45

September 10 News, Lok Bee Network announced the national door-to-door replacement city from 27 to 45, including Shandong Yantai, Weifang, Zhejiang, Ningbo, Wenzhou and other 8 provinces 18 cities, covering Lok bee net users more than 55%. Usually the customer returns the goods must pay the courier fee to send back the merchant, again by the merchant returns the goods, now, the user may apply directly through the network platform or the service hotline of the Lok Bee Network, obtains the free door-to-door to receive the replacement service. In addition, the Lok Bee Net POS card city also increased to 40, including 20 cities in 12 provinces. Compared with previous, door-to-door replacement and POS card service ...

Days show full and other group buy net Beijing low price day trip was accused of keeping a fishy

The daily [Weibo] Beijing March 21 (reporter Zhang) "Only pay 5 yuan online!" To pay 24 yuan, you can enjoy the original price of 180 yuan Badaling (the cost of Beijing local air conditioning coaches free door-to-door pick-up + lunch + badaling, tombs, Royal Courtyard, Wildlife park tickets, the bird's Nest Water Cube location), along the way to see the new landmark in Beijing, the bird's Nest, Water Cube, free ", a group buying site Day Show network launched so tempting on the internet, the deadline press when the Web page shows that there have been 270 people to buy this group, such a cheap day trip really so ...

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