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DotA games Blood clan hero launches new hero--astronomer Trailer

November 15 The latest news, Blood Clan hero, a stunlock developed by the Swedish, Funcom operated by the new DotA mode online game. Recently launched a new addition to the hero-astronomer trailer.  The biggest selling point of this big action cyber role-playing game is its gruesome battles and rich combat strategies. In the game, the player can choose 16 heroes with different skills and enjoy the fun of the game from two hostile camps. Players need to use unique and dazzling skills to defeat their enemies to protect their base from ...

E-athletics courses in the Philippines: 2 stars and DotA

Mineski Gaming, the Philippines ' first gaming agency, opened a local gaming school.  In order to match the local e-sports leagues in the Philippines, Mineski Gaming provides the StarCraft 2 and DotA course training, which is mainly used to improve the player's ability, tactical strategy and leadership in the battle team. The photo shows a tap for the DotA project to explain the foreign media commentary: The plan shows the Philippines ' ambitions this year. Mineski Gaming will open a project to train the best players in the tournament. This one...

Heritage DotA Classic "League of Heroes" May open not censored test

by DotA original group of "heroic Alliance" national Service will be formally opened in May this year not to delete the test, the current "League of Heroes" do not delete the file test work is in tense preparation, and strive to bring the best service to the player. "League of Heroes" is led by Dota-allstars founder Sheep Knife, the United States Riotgames Company development, Tencent game operation of the large heroes against online games. In addition to inheriting the quick rhythm of DotA, real-time strategy, team fighting and other advantages, the game has a simplified game operation, a large amount of unique personality heroes, automatic matching battle network platform, such as abundant ...

class DotA Games "Blood Heroes" released public test propaganda video

Funcom and Stunlock UBM recently officially launched a class of DotA games "Blood Heroes" (English formerly known as Bloodline Champions), the official also released a high-definition promotional film, to the public test of the game propaganda.  "Blood Clan Hero" by Stunlock development, play and "Warcraft 3" RPG map dota similar to the arena PvP as the theme, players can now choose 20 kinds of career to fight. The occupation of the game has no mana value, the map also has no wild creature, the normal battle ...

Who spilled full of blood, blood boys play DOTA

With the rise of mobile games, a large number of boutique tours featuring "DOTA" are constantly emerging such as "My Tribe", "The Goddess of the Turret" and "The Legend of the Turret." Classic hero style, changing skill sets, fierce camp confrontation ... ... When the base rumble sounded, full of passionate man hero, you have to prepare for the fight? Next, Xiao Bian is tens of thousands of passionate men Introduce several classic "DOTA theme" mobile games. The strongest "Heroes Tower Defense" - "My Tribe" "My Tribe" is by the "My Name MT" Developer Excellence Games in 2014 the first agent ...

Blizzard: Valve should not change the DotA logo will be issued blizzard version

Just valve want to rename DotA DOTA2, Blizzard VP Rod Pardo Don't care about this matter. "Valve is usually a very fashionable team," Pardo in a conversation with blizzcon European players. But such a corporate team seems very strange to us ... To tell you the truth, I really don't understand why they're doing this. "DotA trademark Valve for the first time in DotA as a trademark was earlier this summer." October, Valve announced the release of Dot ...

Welcome to the Kingdom of Giants creative DotA game next year sealed test

Are you ready to meet another creative DotA game? Aera Games hope to get the answer is yes.  The advocates of this free game today acknowledge that there will be a game made by Ningbo Sg-ty called "The Kingdom of Giants". This game has more than 50 battles, you can control the giant monster in battle on the battlefield. The details of the game are still unknown, and many features are similar to DotA.  The game will begin to be closed in 2011. Giant Kingdom Please play more information, please visit more Games Network (digging the shell net)

Single adaptation DotA games "The Rise of the Gods," April 5 public test

Petroglyph recently announced that the free fantasy online games "The Rise of the Gods" is scheduled to start on April 5 on the public test.  The survey will be more than tens of thousands of players, before all the players involved in the test will be exclusive to receive a "Metal God" skin. "The Rise of the Gods," "The Rise of the Gods," the screenshot of the game, based on the "Gracia Guardian," The game has 12 different heroes, and each hero has its own unique skills and skills tree. Games for multiplayer online athletics dota category, the main multiplayer line of PvP combat experience. ...

Valve want to register DotA trademark Blizzard Big God said very angry

October 26 Latest news, DotA only by Blizzard Entertainment company officially recognized Warcraft RPG map. Now, valve Company intends to register this trademark.  But it seems to have angered the 3-person developer of Warcraft, Blizzard.  "It doesn't seem right to us that this means really getting dota out of Blizzard and Warcraft III," said Blizzard's Rob Pardo. "By heart, we feel a little puzzled." DotA is based on the Blizzard of Warcraft III appears, before it has been free for us and all players service, ...

DotA Author will release new game further from Warcraft 3

October 14 DotA developer Ice Frog in his blog revealed that Valve will be released on 13th through the Game Informer release of the new game.  DOTA Andy Mcnmara,game Informer's editor also said that 14th will be a major news. Riot games and Valve are registered trademarks for DotA, further push DotA out of Warcraft 3. Riot's "League of Heroes" is also based on the DotA platform made. (Digging the shell net)

Creative DotA Game "Giant Kingdom" next year to seal the test

Are you ready to meet another creative DotA game? Aera Games hope to get the answer is yes.  The advocates of this free game today acknowledge that there will be a game made by Ningbo Sg-ty called "The Kingdom of Giants". This game has more than 50 battles, you can control the giant monster in battle on the battlefield. The details of the game are still unknown, and many features are similar to DotA.  The game will begin to be closed in 2011. Giant Kingdom Please play more information, please visit more Games Network (digging the shell net)

DotA Games "Supernatural heroes" public New hero Beauty Aluna

February 28 Latest news, DotA category "Supernatural Heroes" Add New Heroes: Aluna. This Friday is a time for new patches to be released for Heroes of the supernatural. This week a new hero will land, a smart bad guy named Aluna.  The archetype of the role was derived from actress Paula Garces and her comic book role, Aluna. "I think Aluna's role is perfect for superheroes," Garces said, "and the heroes are very welcome to join the hero." "Aluna ...

Razer join hands with LGD team compose DotA new legend

October 22, 2011, China Shanghai--razer® (Lei Snake), the world's leading high-end, high-precision game brand, will join hands with China's well-known DotA team LGD, together to write a new legend invincible. LGD was founded in 2009, the same year in the SMM Championship (Sgndt), Lectra Kingsurf and Ehome won the title of Fame, this is their first time to participate in major international events. In addition, after the glorious record, they consolidated their position in the DotA world. In the DotA Jiangjian ...

DotA games "Blood Heroes" demo electronic games dedicated online game

August 5, the latest news, "Blood Heroes" is a stunlock studio development of a war game, in the game you have to do the only thing is to eliminate opponents.  The game is designed specifically for the "e-sports Game", which is a bit like "World of Warcraft". Game screenshot game has several "blood clan" role for players to choose, have their own different abilities. The Blood clan role becomes very efficient when it is formed into a team. Whenever I was killed in the game by opponents, will consciously more closely unite around the other teammates. After two or three games of war, I found ...

Riotgames: "League of Heroes" August 12 closed test

To say that the most popular competitive games are dota-allstars. DotA upsurge also caused a group of DotA for the model of the development of the game, and one of the most notable is the "League of Heroes" (League of Legends).  "League of Heroes" by Dota-allstars in situ map of the author of Steve Guinsoo and former War 3 master planning Tom Cadwell elaborate, the intention will be DotA this classic game from the platform to extend to the real network world. And in the Just past ch ...

"StarCraft 2" three official custom map online

Blizzard announced last year's "StarCraft 2" official custom map, three of which are now on the line.  Blizzard announced last year's "StarCraft 2" official custom map, three of which are now on the line. The release of the map includes "Al God", "star Bejeweled" and "No way to survive" three, are beta version. Just renamed "Blizzard All Stars" DotA map is not online, Blizzard also did not release the relevant news. (Digging the shell net)

"Dota 2" tour on the front page of the New York Times

Absrtact: "The New York Times" is not the first big media focus on electronic sports, ESPN has also reported the event Beijing time of September 1 morning news, if anyone doubts the future of electronic competition, then hurriedly open the Sunday New York Times to see. The New York Times was not the first big-picture media to focus on electronic athletics, and ESPN has also reported on the September 1 morning News of the event, and if anyone questions the future of electronic competition, open the Sunday New York Times. This prestigious newspaper on the front page, on ...

IEM5 first station Lyn, Fnatic, ehome together to reach the summit

Intel Limit Masters Cup fifth season, the first leg of the--chinajoy Global challenge from July 29 to August 1 in the Shanghai New International Convention and Exhibition Center, from WAR3, DotA and CS three projects near the hundreds of world's top electronic athletes will gather in Shanghai for 57000 dollars in the total bonuses.  One of the Lyn won the Warcraft Project champion, fnatic win counter-Strike CS Project champion, EHOMEDOTA Project champion Champion. (Edition fire Fire)

DOTA2 game The most should not choose to go out of equipment

DOTA2 game is now more and more popular, join the game more and more players, 300,000 of online people are no longer a dream, but with the crazy influx of players, in the game will also encounter a lot of players who have not played DotA game, meet such teammates, Also can only cramming teach them a little basic common sense, if and small weave like met 7 level full ejection not point moonlight also desperately send moon, also can only helpless sigh breath. As a DOTA2, I made up my mind to sort out the following strategies, simply listed in the DOTA2 game when the door ...

The player of the legend of the tower has a chance to prove his strength.

"Legend of the Sword" join hands with Baidu mobile game launched the "Baidu star player-Knife Tower legendary Hall of Fame," the first season of activity. From May 23, 2014 to May 26, Baidu mobile game "knife Tower legend" All the players recruit 7 players, become the first "Baidu star player." Immediately up to May 26 23:59, including DotA, dota2 Trade, World of Warcraft, LOL, 2009, DNF, Warcraft players, such as the post bar full open recruitment, regardless of gender, whether you are electric competition users, or the hands of users, to show their combat effectiveness, participate in the return ...

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