Double Eleven

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Double 11 Singles' Day: 9 hours transaction amount 100 billion

According to the increase in the amount of transactions during the Taobao Double 11 Singles Day period, I believe that in the days to come, friends at home and abroad will be surrounded by express parcels.

The Cainiao double 11 "billion package" battle

Every year, the Double 11 is refreshing the world wonder of logistics, but due to big data and collaboration, the task that seems impossible to complete is accelerated every time. Taking a set of data from 2013 to 2016 as an example, from the time of signing, it took 9 days for the double 11 parcel to sign 100 million in 2013, 6 days for 2014, and 4 days for 2015, and 2016 for 2016. The speed increase is only 3.5 days.

Easily respond to double 11 zero DNS traffic peaks

In the double eleven zero peak scenario, the traffic of recursive DNS is many times as usual. The increase in authoritative DNS traffic is not as obvious as recursive DNS. Because in the double eleven, the large number of requests is a duplicate domain name.

Alibaba self-developed real time computing platform supports double eleven singles day

Alibaba self-developed real time computing platform supports double eleven Alibaba announced on November 7 that its big data team self-developed real-time data computing platform Galaxy, currently can calculate more than 5 million data per second, expected double eleven real time calculation.

Weex dynamic program and double eleven practice

This article first introduced Weex's overall architecture, and then focused on sharing. Weex's practice at the Double Eleven conference, and finally talked about Weex's business support, including AliWeex.

US "Black Friday" sales in a single day is less than double eleven

US "Black Friday" sales in a single day is less than double eleven singles day, there is no heavy snow, no biting cold wind, no high unemployment rate and pessimistic economic prospects in the 2008 financial crisis, for Americans, this year's gratitude Consumption seems to have a good time and a good location.

Demystifying vivo double eleven ultimate battle report

The double eleven singles day perfected the curtain. According to the data given by Tmall official, the 11.11 all-day cat trading volume reached 168.2 billion, a significant increase from last year.

Guild Wars "Double Eleven", e-commerce, manufacturers have their own tricks

The “Double Eleven” step is approaching. This “Double Eleven” large-scale promotion campaign originally initiated by Taobao has evolved into a big meal that all e-commerce and manufacturers are not willing to miss.

Double 11 behind the scenes superhero: the value of the new generation of operation and maintenance

"Double Eleven" has just ended. In fact, the most nervous thing is not the shop tally, nor the netizens are keeping a close eye on the big goods to prepare for the spike, but the operation and maintenance personnel behind the net purchase.

Where is the technical cow defending the "Double Eleven"?

Actually, security has a guarantee attribute, which is similar to operation and maintenance, so it is often impossible to do well. Just like the previous protection of the G20 summit, the “Double Eleven” guarantees of the past few years have been smooth in terms of safety. The challenge of “Double Eleven” comes from massive access requests, which makes many solutions challenging in such scenarios.

Distributed technology behind the double eleven

A total of seven years of "double eleven singles day" down, no big problems. In the past two years, the entire technical system has some precipitation. From 2009 to 2010, there was still a ignorant process, and there was basically no problem. Engineers did not have any special perception.

Alibaba Cloud Redis Helps the Technology Behind the Double Eleven Singles Day

The double eleven singles day is in full swing, and Alibaba Cloud Redis (ApsaraDB for Redis original KVStore) has successfully completed the protection of the double eleven singles day Redis. At present, Alibaba Cloud Redis provides a stand-alone version and a cluster version of Redis.

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