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Guild Wars "Double Eleven", e-commerce, manufacturers have their own tricks

The “Double Eleven” step is approaching. This “Double Eleven” large-scale promotion campaign originally initiated by Taobao has evolved into a big meal that all e-commerce and manufacturers are not willing to miss.

Where is the technical cow defending the "Double Eleven"?

Actually, security has a guarantee attribute, which is similar to operation and maintenance, so it is often impossible to do well. Just like the previous protection of the G20 summit, the “Double Eleven” guarantees of the past few years have been smooth in terms of safety. The challenge of “Double Eleven” comes from massive access requests, which makes many solutions challenging in such scenarios.

"Double 12" electric dealer does not spell discount change to play the creative card

Yesterday the Gold Container Station sale is hot. In previous years, December 12 is one of the most important promotional opportunities at the end of the year, but the "double 12" reporter noted that many of the electric dealers are no longer rigidly adhere to the price war, but instead of playing services, creativity and other special cards. Industry Analysis, in addition to the "Double 11" and other previous rounds of price war so many electric dealers "blood loss" too much, consumers on the price war also appeared "aesthetic fatigue", the electric business began to ponder other ways to attract consumers. Yangzi Evening News reporter Xu Xiaofun Siebe Juan Zhou Xining Zhu Yaping Shop does not spell price play creative "good son-in-law ...

Double 12 rush to conquer the Chinese aunt

"Double 11" of the upsurge has just subsided, "double 12" and hurried to attack, it seems that overnight, Alipay fell on the line stores loyal followers, online shopping revolution in the "Royalist", world-renowned-Chinese mothers. "A group of middle-aged aunt, gave up the great charm of square dance, hand a smartphone, in the supermarket anxiously waiting for the last ' sweep '." "December 12, Alipay United National About 20,000 stores jointly launched the use of Alipay purse payment is to enjoy 50 percent discount activities, the scope of coverage of food, dessert, bakery, supermarkets, then ...

Double 11 Singles Day Network Products & Technology Overview

Everyone knows that 2017 double 11 has set a new record, with a total trading volume of 168.2 billion, a peak transaction of 325,000 pens per second, and a peak payment of 25.6 W pens per second.

Double 12 Electric Business

Double 11 all the electric dealers in order to rob traffic, resorted to all methods.   Perhaps we have not recovered from the great vitality, after the baptism of 11, double 12 of the electric business is still relatively quiet. In addition to Taobao out of a lottery blockbuster, the other electric dealer's double 12 activity is hard to double 11 so hot. Count The big giants, Taobao, when, only goods will, Xun, Jingdong, Amazon, store 1th, Poly-Mei excellent products, recently you see a few major movements? Fortunately, we can also pull out a little bit of information, we can know that double 12 does exist ...

Double 12 network to promote the noisy proximity of the appliance dealers launched alternative marketing war

According to the Voice of China "News late peak" report, peat, peat, "double 11" The smoke has not dispersed, "double 12" noise has come. However, after the stunning performance of the "double 11" online shopping carnival, the upcoming "double 12" of the electrical appliances manufacturers do not seem to meet only the "price" gimmick, but the newly-developed frequency. This wave of "> Electric business War and what is different from the past, consumers will not buy ...

Double 11 behind the scenes superhero: the value of the new generation of operation and maintenance

"Double Eleven" has just ended. In fact, the most nervous thing is not the shop tally, nor the netizens are keeping a close eye on the big goods to prepare for the spike, but the operation and maintenance personnel behind the net purchase.

6 years double 11, DataV data visualization

Since 2012, Alibaba's annual Double 11 Singles Day Promotions has launched a large screen that displays transactions in real time in a variety of lively presentations. Real-time data large screen, it is characterized by a variety of large: large screen, large amount of data, display information, can be said to be the holy grail of data visualization.

Double eleven Singles Day hands-on technology used these tricks

From the beginning of the Buy+ concept exposure to the "Creation Festival" in July, everyone's attention to Buy+ and "God of God" has been around for a long time. During the Double 11 singles day period, the VR shopping scenes of the 7 major scenes in 3 countries are more.

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