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2 days to build a Web site million dream factory Nuggets domestic construction station market

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall "China's Web site only accounted for 10% of the number of small and medium-sized Enterprises, enterprise construction station Market also has huge growth potential." The recent million Net dream Factory director External said, next year will be full force website construction Market, work together excellent website construction service provider, in the national construction Hundred "   Million Network Dream Factory "authorized service Center, deep excavation construction station market gold mine." "2 days to complete a personalized website," This is the speed of the million-net dream factory nuggets. But for the service providers of traditional custom-built stations, it seems ...

Dream Factory Chairman Qiu: Copy Jinshan mode is not workable

Recently, Chengdu Dream Factory Chairman Qiu recently received an interview with Tencent Science and Technology, said, is the spirit of innovation to support the dream factory from a residential building to do the development of the small studio to 200 people, operating over billion medium-sized games enterprises. Chengdu Dream Factory Chairman Qiu (Tencent Technology map) Qiu talked about seven years in Jinshan work on his future business impact.  Qiu says the seven years have laid the groundwork for his entrepreneurial career, making it unlikely to make many of his first-time startups. However, Qiu also points out that startups must build unique business models based on their own resources. Talking about the dream that just started ...

Dream Factory Qiu: Time fee makes sword Net 3 injured

July 28 News, Chengdu Dream Factory general manager Qiu yesterday in an interview with reporters, said the time charge mode will make the game in charge of the number of days of sudden drop, leading to product operation is fatal injury, Jinshan under the "sword Net 3" should not be charged in time. It is understood that "jian net 3" by the Jinshan West House Studio time-consuming 5 years of research and development. Jinshan Chairman and CEO for Baijun personally in command of the project, before and after the Golden Hill research and development staff of hundreds of, is the effort of Jinshan. Baijun has said that I hope it will become the first line of Jinshan history of the number of online can break through 500,000 of the masterpiece, but eventually ...

A ten-year estate for a factory owner: five years of factory profits

"It feels the hardest this year. "In the 2008, manufacturing was not really difficult, like having a heart attack and a shock," said He Hui, who joined the manufacturing industry 20 years ago and is now a well-known figure in the Shenzhen real estate investment Circle. But it's a chronic disease and it's hard to recover for a short time. "Statistics released by the National Bureau of Statistics show that although 2013 first half of the national scale industrial enterprises to achieve total profit of 2,583,660,000,000 yuan, an increase of 11.1%, but the growth rate than 1-May down 1.2%, of which, main activity profit growth rate than 1-May Fall 4.2 ...

Dream Factory animation adaptation: "Dream Factory dash N Drop"

DreamWorks Animation SKG Company and mobile game publisher Pikpok Joint for Iphone,ipad,ipodtouch and Android, "Dashndrop (Rapid descent)", the game is based on the film will be released on November 21, the Dream factory animated movie "Guardian Alliance" The game is now on the shelf, priced at 0.99 dollars. Game Name: "Dream factory dash N Drop" Price: 6 CNY Date: November 8, 2012 size: 36.0 MB "Dream Factory da ..."

New venture Company: 5126 "Dream Factory"

At the beginning of 2014, this is born in the military family of the Taurus Girl and 8 years of partnership Zengfang fly together again venture, the company based on Online Entertainment this from the Gray came, the controversial industry. They call this online entertainment community 5126, meaning "I want Philharmonic" and become the fastest and most promising online entertainment community in less than 1 years. Compared to the previously listed in the United States YY and the Hong Kong listing 9158,5126 Alternative mode to make it in a short period of time to become the focus of industry and investment circle. For this 90% ...

Electronic Commerce Industrial Park on the rise of old copper material factory

Yangtze River Business News December 5, in the Qiaokou National Industrial Museum in the first floor exhibition hall, a painting of the 80 's Wuhan Copper Factory "Checklist", attracted 7 of the old man's eyes. They are reluctant to leave, about copper factory was brilliant.   These 7 old people, are the first generation of Wuhan copper factory workers, for this brief party, they planned for six months. Mention Qiaokou District Gutian Road 28th, Hankou Gutian people all know, this is Wuhan copper material factory territory. Today, the renovation of a new copper factory plant, became the Qiaokou National Industrial Museum. The former copper factory ...

Chengdu Dream Factory Gamebryo engine 3D new tour "Magic World" announced

Chengdu Dream Factory released its first large-scale 3D network game "Magic World", which is also following the "Chivalrous Road", "Saint of Ol" and other series of Chengdu Dream Factory open a new series of online products.  It is reported that this product will be involved in a variety of games at home and abroad play a veteran of the production, the current product is still in the primary research and development phase, the first quarter of 2011 is expected to meet with players. DreamWorks said that "Magic world" as a new online game, regardless of the theme and characteristics of the game and dream factory before the product has a big difference. First of all, "magic World" adopted abroad first ...

Brand Dream Factory: The opportunity of growing up brand

Millet used three years to transform the domestic mobile phone industry, and Apple is different, in product innovation millet no matter how much effort, always can not get rid of the core of Android, always in a very strong competition in the environment. But millet with 2013 years of 18.7 million units of 31.6 billion yuan sales to prove themselves. Today, the Internet thinking has become a traditional industry constantly reflect on, and constantly self-revolutionary attitude. A brand, an image if the supply chain can keep up, if the dog, consumers will be, because the biggest difference between the internet and the traditional is that the internet as long as ...

Bo Rui spread the top 481 million yuan to buy all the shares of Chengdu Dream Factory

Bo Rui Spread (600880) announced today that the maximum of not more than 481 million yuan to buy Chengdu Dream Factory Network Information Co., Ltd. 100% stake, this means that the company will officially enter the online gaming industry. It is reported that Chengdu Dream Factory Network Information Co., Ltd. at the end of 2003 by the departure from Jinshan Qiu founder, mainly engaged in large-scale network game development and operation of the business.   2008 year "Dream Factory" achieved sales revenue of about 95 million yuan, net profit of about 58 million yuan. Bo Rui Communications Chairman Sun Xujun said, the acquisition is the spread of Bo Rui by the plane ...

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