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Webmatic 3.1.0 publishes open source PHP5 scripts

Webmatic 3.1.0 This version of the menu section has been improved: Now you can create level two menus, drop down menus, and n-times energy levels and submenus. The skin is improved with a support Pull-down menu. You can now pass parameters to an extension. A field has been added to the Panel section to differentiate between members or visitors. Now you can insert something else in the header. An option has been added that allows you to select the printed identity and the user registration form type. The superuser can now reset the database. Support for the Greek language has been added. 4 other small errors were amended. Less ...

LEDGERSMB 1.3.9-rc1 issued financial master Ledger management software

LEDGERSMB 1.3.9-RC1 This release fixes the misc and 1099-int printing problems, fixes the annual/monthly drop down processing of payment reports, some enhancements to records, and localized fixes. This is a candidate version of the release. LEDGERSMB is a good financial management software Sql-ledger Branch---General Ledger management software, to control better security and data integrity, better social support, open source documents, and so on. Mainly written and maintained by Dieter Simader ...

CAD Background Color Modification method

When CAD is turned on, we place the mouse pointer over a blank space and right-click to find the option. After opening the option profile, select the display file to find the Color button inside the window element. Click on the Color button, there is a color attribute on the right, there is a drop down menu, right here you can change the background color of the place. Click the Drop-down menu, we found that the color is not much, is some common color, choose their favorite color. If you feel dissatisfied, you can also customize the color, in the Drop-down menu at the bottom of the selection color, which is the custom color can be. Choose ...

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