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Android Developer Ecology: Difficult to develop users are unwilling to pay

The Android platform has finally created its first million wealth story, sadly the protagonist is still the aesthetic fatigue of the "Angry Bird" (Angry Birds). At the end of October 2010, Rovio, the Finnish company that developed the game, expanded to Android with a hugely successful Apple iOS platform (including the iphone, ipod Touch, IPad), which earned 1 million dollars in the first month. It's been two years since the first Android phone was released. The first month of iOS on the million-dollar application is not ...

Win on the mobile End Forum: Business opportunities in related areas of beauty games

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest owners buy cloud host technology Hall "win in the mobile and cloud" round table (Tencent technology photo) Tencent Science and technology news, April 7, today, the seventh annual Chinese Internet webmaster in Beijing International Conference Center held in 2012. In the afternoon, the Petal net CEO Liu Pingyang, Microsoft China Platform Division technical Director Zhaoliwei, the Flash gathers the network CEO Liu Xingliang, the Qing Ke Ventures the Director general Manager Yes, the application CEO Rochuan, the cool plate chairman Huangmingming, positive benefits wireless APPCA ...

Android apps Growth Fast mobile game development is the focus

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao Guest Cloud mainframe technology Hall now the market share of smartphone operating systems in mainland China is largely occupied by the Android system, Symbian system and the three mobile phone systems of iOS. Of course, there are other systems used by smartphones, such as BlackBerry, which the company uses to develop its own BlackBerry system. In so many systems now the limelight should be said to be an Android system. Both Android manufacturers and software developers have a relentless innovation spirit, and Android systems for "future application ..."

Mobile game development is the most important in Android application

Currently, for the Chinese mainland smartphone operating system market, the majority of the share of the Android system, Symbian system, as well as the iOS system three major mobile phone systems. Of course, there are other systems used by smartphones, such as the BlackBerry system, which the company itself has developed. But it has to be admitted that in so many systems the system is the most powerful one. Both Android manufacturers and software developers have a relentless innovation spirit, and the Android system for "future for all types of linked devices" positioning also allows more development ...

Round table: Moving towards mobile PC Internet how to transform mobile Internet

Moving to the PC Internet how to smooth transformation of mobile Internet and news technology 2013 China Internet Entrepreneur Conference May 11 held in Beijing. The theme of this session, "embracing the mobile internet in a comprehensive way", includes nearly 50 high-end guest speeches and round-table forums.   News and science and technology to the General Assembly of the whole report. The following is the theme "Moving toward mobile PC Internet how to smooth the transformation of mobile Internet?" "Round Table Forum: South Lixin: The first special pressure is relatively large, this conference music Most modern forum, just the beauty also let everyone in front of a ...

How do mobile internet entrepreneurs make money?

"Editor's note" This article author Tingchenling, angel investor, Pi Capital partner. Why do mobile internet companies not make money? @ Zeng Airlines summed up the problem: mobile Internet traffic is difficult to become. ① pour traffic to advertising? The phone screen is too small. ② pour traffic to the game? The conversion efficiency of the page jump is too low. ③ pour flow to the electric dealer? Big electric dealers have their own shopping clients. ④ Another payment link is not convenient, payment trouble. This has created a situation where mobile internet developers can't make money. The conclusion is that the permeability of 3G is greatly increased, HTML5 ...

The spring and autumn pattern of mobile Internet 5 trend integration of 3G social

The current pattern of China Mobile Internet is as famous as the history of the spring and autumn period, compared with desktop internet, the market pattern is more complex, and even some confusing, but all kinds of players do not want to miss two or three years after the impending outbreak point, have layout. The mobile Internet, the fifth technology development cycle following mainframes, small machines, personal computers and desktop Internet, is running into this new era, and it also represents the convergence of 5 trends (3G, social, video, internet telephony and ever-changing mobile devices). A recent analyst report from Morgan Stanley, a well-known investment bank, predicts that ...

Microsoft Android platform pushes the source Office 365 SDK

According to Foreign Science and technology blog ZDNet reported that Microsoft on March 11, the official launch of the Android platform for the open source Office 365 SDK, supported by the Android version: 4.0.3, 4.1.2, 4.2.2 and 4.3. Developers can use the SDK to create applications and access related data and information on Office 365, including SharePoint lists, folders, or Exchange calendars, contacts, and messages. In addition, the developer is able to

Mobile Internet Breaking the way

"A lot of so-called entrepreneurial instructors cheat everyone mobile internet business threshold low, in fact, in our view, the mobile Internet business threshold is getting higher, is the rich can play the game."   "New marketing" reporter interview Grape social assistant founder Yang Weiquan, he heartily lamented mobile internet entrepreneurship "can't afford to hurt." As one of the legions of mobile internet entrepreneurs, Yang-Wei has no intention of making any profit at present. Grapes as a access to mobile phone contacts and network social tools of the app, not without profit space, various forms of advertising, and operators to collect channel commissions, etc.

SP pioneering help: Mobile Internet Loujiang

Intermediary transaction SEO troubleshooting Taobao guest Cloud Mainframe technology Hall These people in the SP era Amoy to the first bucket of gold, now in the era of the intelligent mobile Internet, the past "fast law" can achieve their "new dream"? Article | Colin Zhang Zhijian Start the second month cash flow began as positive, the 1th year to buy a house. That was 2004, the SP industry's highest rise in the period, his team name registered a number of companies, respectively, to serve the mobile, unicom and telecommunications, each month to do ...

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