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"Yes! Product Manager" tells you: what is the product manager

There are three reasons why Eyoung will strive to succeed in the interview, and thus strive to stay in the company.   First, this is a small scale, strength is not strong, the product is not bad, but, fame or can be the local software companies. In the 1990s, when China's software industry began to develop rapidly, the enterprise in a professional field to obtain a very high visibility, and it is said at that time the company's main product installed rate in the highest was actually reached 95%, of course, 95% 95% ...

How does the brand manager do the network promotion?

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall Internet's development is unstoppable, the traditional enterprise opens up the network channel to be inevitable, but does the traditional channel enterprise to the network promotion to be less, how completes the network promotion to become the development net sale channel the key. Generally speaking, the enterprise network promotion is by the Network Marketing Manager or network promotion Manager is responsible for, marketing Director, network promotion team may also have copywriting and design and programmers, but the traditional enterprises generally do not have a dedicated network marketing team, the task of network promotion will be pressed together in the brand.

Product manager is not easy to encounter from it

In product management, the product manager is the leader, the coordinator, the inspiration, though not necessarily the boss. But it is business goalkeeper, brand builder, it is marketing backbone. What competencies and qualities do you need as a product manager? Project Management Competency A successful product manager should have 35% project management skills. In project management, and 35% of these capabilities include the ability to work in teams. Good product manager is the first successful project manager, project management experience is very important for product managers, product managers can help better ...

Graphic: Leisurely and easy to exchange North China marketing general manager Wang Honglei

Easy to interchange North China marketing general manager Wang Honglei (Sina Science and Technology Han Lian/photo) Adworld2011 Interactive marketing world and micro-time* summit was held in Beijing on January 7, 2011. As China's authoritative wind vane, international professional exchange and cooperation platform, ADWORLD2011 (10th session) will bring together thousands of upper and lower middle and downstream marketing high-level exchanges and cooperation.  Sina Science and Technology live broadcast this meeting.  Easy interchange of North China marketing general manager Wang Honglei. I particularly understand why the qin sum Xu always sweating, because it is really hot. Today...

How to find a good product manager

Find a good product manager "Where can I find an excellent product manager?"   The CEO often asks me this question. I usually answer this: excellent product manager is actually in the company, but he in other positions, there may be user experience designers, software engineers, system engineers, waiting for Bole to explore. Whether you're recruiting a product manager from within the company or outside the company, you have to know what the right person should be.  In this chapter, I will enumerate the qualities I think the product manager should have. ...

Read the "product manager practice" feeling

Before reading Fei Jie's book, I also read a lot about Books about Internet Product Managers, including Apocalypse, Netting, Everyone's Product Manager and so on, as well as about UCD Spark Set "," do not make me think "," user experience elements "and so on, after reading these books have written impulse, but due to various reasons (well, I admit, in fact, the most important thing is that I Lazy, huh, huh) did not write, this time spent two weeks reading fee "product manager practice", suddenly want to write something, plus ...

Product manager, how much time you use to think

Recently I was thinking of making a product when the product manager how much time to think? Combined with its own understanding of other product managers, different stages of the product manager will have different requirements, but really for http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/8439.html "> product thinking in the end How many? Look at the recent popular buy site, the success of the groupon, the successful imitation of the United States, and then to buy sites everywhere, this is the success of product managers or count ...

How does a fresh student become a product manager?

Today, I was surprised to receive an e-mail from a younger brother, major consulting career development issues, first attach the message part: I am the South China Normal University 2009 finance students Rodin, from the South China Sea campus, is currently in the job search period, some professional development (Internet product operations) on the confusion to ask you.   In order to better express my thoughts to you, this letter is written a little long, thank you again for your valuable time.   1. What is my experience? Like many college students, I read a finance major in a daze, in more than three years ...

Website Operations Manager is a god horse job what skills are needed

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnose Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall after the Internet, did 2 years drudgery, 3 years of operation, during the vicissitudes of the network, product planning, Sales Alliance, SEO, Web push, website analysis and other positions.   Since the title became the Operation Manager, I will be daily knocking on the wood ginseng "Zen": The Operation manager is a god horse position! Ambiguous, the final wood has penetrated! But after all, in the Operation Manager this manger, if not pull out point scraps, also difficult to feel comfortable, so throw a brick out, in order to draw out the Jin house in Gillian! Brick one: No games ...

Product manager and interactive designer dialogue: how demand becomes a prototype product

In an Internet company's workflow, product managers (mainly those who deviate from the product design staff) and interaction designers are the starting point and the most ambiguous link in this pipeline. To say that ambiguous, because in many Internet companies, these two areas do have a coincidence, which means that they may also be the most closely the entire process of the two links. In contrast, the product manager is more concerned with the product's internal logic, operational processes, strategies, etc .; and interactive designers are more concerned about the product's ease of use, fluency and operational experience. Overall, like ...

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