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China's economic stimulus era or complete end of monetary policy began to exit

Monetary policy has begun to withdraw from China's economic stimulus era or complete end of the news tip according to the report, the CBRC has asked commercial banks to resolutely implement the loan "three checks" on the project loans of the local government financing platform, and to stop the new credit for the projects with no capital and only financial guarantee.  This could herald a considerable amount of local finance-backed investment projects that are difficult to mount on schedule, showing signs of "exit" from fiscal stimulus. When monetary policy begins to withdraw, the fiscal stimulus will also face the end of the year. At present, the role of the budget in stimulating the economy ...

Standard Chartered Bank: Four key sectors in China stimulus policies are fading

Economic Watch network reporter Kornhill "at present China's four key areas of economic stimulus measures have been phased out of varying degrees."  Standard Chartered made the judgment in its latest research report on April 27. On the current fundamentals of China's macro economy, the report argues that China's current economic growth is strong and that there are some obvious signs of overheating in some areas. The key is whether policymakers can steer China's economy towards a more sustainable path of growth, otherwise a wide range of inflation and/or asset bubbles will trigger an overheating economy. If the policy measures are not appropriate, it may lead to macro-economic operation in the second half of this year or next year ...

Stimulate the economy relay run new 36 draw private investment

Xiao "Editor's note" "non-public economy 36" implementation for 5 years, folk capital has been generally felt is still the threshold of public investment in the monopoly area is too high, financing bottlenecks have not seen widening.  And the global financial crisis since the end of 2008 triggered a series of rescue measures and industrial restructuring has aroused the "new country into the people back" debate. There is no doubt that private investment is an important indicator of the endogenous dynamics of China's economic growth. In China's economy gradually out of the trough of the gateway, the economic structure of the optimization adjustment, short-term economic stimulus policies fade also to the key node. The State Council is out at this time ...

China's massive investment construction will open a new wave of urbanization

Xinhua Beijing, June 15 (Xinhua Wang) The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences announced 15th in Beijing, the Urban Blue Book: China Urban Development Report (No.2).  The Blue Book thinks, 2009, large-scale investment construction and industry revitalization plan will open China's new wave of urbanization. The Blue book shows that in the face of the fierce international financial crisis, the Government once again restarted a positive fiscal policy, proposed in the next two years to invest 4 trillion yuan to implement the economic stimulus plan, which is a considerable part of the urbanization construction, investment scale and investment intensity unprecedented. At the same time, 10.

Li Yizhong: Next year's industrial growth rate continues to be 11%

BEIJING, December 21 (Xinhua) in today's national Industrial and Information Conference, Ministry of Industry Minister Li Yizhong speculated that this year's annual industrial growth is expected to reach about 11%, with the industry's growth rate of 11% years GDP growth is not a problem.  On this basis, the Ministry of Industry will continue to determine the next year's industrial growth rate of 11%.  Li said that with the support of the national "package" of economic stimulus policies, industrial growth has achieved a "V" font of the rally, to stabilize the good. But in the opinion of Li Yizhong, next year is the key year to deal with the international financial crisis. Li Yizhong said ...

China's policy on buying Chinese goods

China's nine ministries have issued a clear "buy Chinese" policy as part of an economic stimulus package, according to the FT's June 17 signed article. The policy stipulates that, in addition to the statutory circumstances in which the procurement of works, goods or services is not to be taken in China or where reasonable commercial conditions are not available, government procurement should be limited to domestic products or services.  The Chinese government's move will exacerbate tensions with its trading partners and increase the likelihood of a rise in protectionism around the world, the article said. The article also quotes some of the world's leading economists on the matter ...

HSBC: China's manufacturing index hits nearly 6-year highs in 4 quarter

China's manufacturing output rose sharply in December, with an average expansion of 4 in the 2004-year 2-quarter record, the southern Daily News HSBC reported yesterday in a survey of China's manufacturing PMI index. Data showed that in December, 56.1 per cent was higher than last month's 55.7, with a growth rate of 2nd place in the survey, compared with the 4 quarterly PMI average.  The HSBC report points to a marked improvement in Chinese manufacturing operations. "As we expected, the second round of economic stimulus measures ..." said Qu Hongbin, HSBC's China chief economist.

US stimulus plan has created or saved about 150,000 jobs

WASHINGTON, May 27 (Xinhua) The Obama administration's economic stimulus plan has been in place for 100 days, with some 150,000 jobs being created or saved, the White House's top economic official said 27th.  U.S. President Barack Obama February 17 signed a total of 787 billion U.S. dollars in the economic stimulus package. In a conference call on 27th, Vice President Joe Biden's chief economic advisor, Jarid Bernstein, said the employment figures are a comparison of the employment situation that may arise from the assumption that the economic stimulus package is not being implemented.

Kang: Next year fiscal policy focuses on public risks and holds pressure

On the morning of 12th, Kang, director of the Finance Science Institute of China's Ministry of Finance, said in a speech at the 2010 China Iron and Steel Market Meeting held in Shanghai that this year's government monetary and fiscal policy makes China's fiscal deficit and national debt scale expand, fiscal policy next year to pay attention to public risk, so that  Kang introduced that the government's package of economic stimulus program to the national economy from the previous low to high, from the start of the industrial chain upstream, to the current downstream gradually feel the economic recovery, as well as the gradual increase in income, the Government's investment on the effect of economic pull constantly appear. But he is with ...

China Ocean: Index optimistic offshore attack

Cause of the abnormal motion: at present, the dry bulk market can be relatively upbeat: the main reason is that the current gloomy outlook has curbed short-term capacity growth (mainly due to delayed deliveries), while China's recovery may be stronger than market expectations and more imports of basic materials will be strong support for dry bulk markets.  Investment Highlights: 1. Thanks to the Chinese government's active fiscal policy and moderately loose monetary policy, the company's domestic trade routes are still expected to achieve growth. 2. With the continuous introduction and implementation of national economic stimulus plans, as well as the declining inventory of retailers, Europe and the United States economy and trade ...

Wen Jiabao: Financial crisis will continue to implement stimulus policy

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said yesterday that China would continue to implement the economic stimulus policy set by the central government.  The 11th meeting of diplomatic envoys was held in Beijing from 17th to 20th, Xinhua reported yesterday, and Wen made an in-depth analysis of the international and domestic situation.  "Diplomatic envoys meeting" is generally held every 5 years, the attendance of the meeting are: China ambassadors abroad, Consul general, representatives to international organizations, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and related ministries, the head of some central enterprises and the relevant provincial and municipal Foreign Affairs department heads. Wen stressed that the international financial crisis has plunged the world economy into deep ...

IMF to increase Asia-Pacific growth rate does not rule out two bottoming

Xinhua Beijing, October 29, according to Japan's Kyodo news agency, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) 29th released the Asia-Pacific Economic Forecast report. The report argues that "Asia is recovering rapidly from the severe global economic crisis" and has raised its judgment on future Asian economic trends.  The report also said that next year the economic "recovery will be very slow", and warned that "can not completely exclude the possibility of two bottoming", the proposal to continue to implement economic stimulus policy. The report predicts a 2009-year growth rate of 2.8% in the Asia-Pacific region, at 5.8% in 2010. Up to the forecast for May of this year respectively.

Obama: Second half of the stimulus package will emerge

U.S. President Barack Obama said 11th that the $787 billion trillion economic stimulus package passed by Congress this February will take more time to fully show results.  In his pre-recorded weekly radio and online address, Mr. Obama said the results of the economic stimulus package are expected to emerge gradually in the second half of the year as funds are in place.  The US unemployment rate continued to climb in June and has risen to 9.5%, the highest in 26 years, according to the latest figures from the Labor Department. In this respect, Obama said, in any recession, the job market recovery is generally later than the other economic areas of the upturn, ...

Fund manager supports Ren Zhiqiang opinion residents can afford more expensive prices

Shanghai leisurely Investment Management Co., Ltd. Chairman Lu yesterday in Shanghai to attend the "First China Sunshine Private Equity Summit" when the language is astonishing: "The real driving the Chinese economy out of the trough is consumption and real estate, rather than the 4 trillion yuan economic stimulus plan." "The former cast Morgan" away from the Star fund manager said, divided into two years after the 4 trillion yuan investment, the current central issued funds already in place, the local matching funds in place of the rate is uneven, and some only to half, now many places spend a lot of energy in real estate. In Lu view, if there is no real estate prosperity, local supporting funds to the ...

Australia's unemployment rate rose to its highest in nearly 6 years

Australia's unemployment rate rose to 5.8% in June, the highest level since August 2003, according to data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics 9th.  According to the data, the total number of Australian employment declined by 21,400 in the month, while full-time employment fell by 21,900 and part-time employment rose by 400.  Australian Deputy Prime Minister Gillard said that overall, Australia's economic recovery is still bumpy, the Government will continue to implement the economic stimulus package to promote employment. Earlier, economists predicted that Australia's unemployment rate would rise to 5.9 in June ...

China's policy on buying Chinese goods

China's nine ministries have issued a clear "buy Chinese" policy as part of an economic stimulus package, according to the FT's June 17 signed article. The policy stipulates that, in addition to the statutory circumstances in which the procurement of works, goods or services is not to be taken in China or where reasonable commercial conditions are not available, government procurement should be limited to domestic products or services.  The Chinese government's move will exacerbate tensions with its trading partners and increase the likelihood of a rise in protectionism around the world, the article said. The article also quotes some of the world's leading economists on the matter ...

IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn warns the exit mechanism must be cautious

Davos, Switzerland, January 30 (Xinhua Chen Wenxian Liu Guoyuan) International Monetary Fund president Dominique Strauss-Kahn issued a warning here 30th that governments must be cautious in withdrawing economic stimulus measures. "If we quit too late, public-sector debt would be high and if we quit too early, we would be at risk of a double-dip recession," he said at a seminar on the day entitled "The Global Economic outlook".  "He thinks the Double-dip recession is less likely," but there is such a risk. Mr Strauss-Kahn said the global economic recovery and growth momentum was better than expected, but in large part ...

Chen Deming's report: China deeds against protectionism

Xinhua Beijing, July 6, according to the state Ministry of Commerce website News, the Italian Republic of 6th published the business Minister Chen Deming's signature article "China deeds against protectionism" pointed out that some Western media reported that China will be in the economic stimulus plan to implement the so-called "buy Chinese" policy, that China turned to protectionism, This is a misconception. The text reads as follows: China deeds against protectionism China's commerce Minister Chen Deming's open trade and investment system is an important driving force for world economic growth. There are signs of stabilisation in the world economy, but the outlook is still great.

Buffett says it's necessary to launch a second stimulus package

Beijing time this morning, Warren Buffett in a television interview said that the U.S. unemployment rate is likely to rise to 11%, as the economy is still struggling to recover from the recession, it may be necessary to launch a second round of economic stimulus package. Mr Buffett points out that while the U.S. economy is not in the midst of a free fall, it is not recovering. He said the first 787 billion dollar stimulus package passed by the US Congress was not sufficiently stimulating, so it was necessary to launch a second stimulus package, although it would not solve all the problems. Buffett also predicts that ...

CBRC warns of current credit concentration risk

Editor's note International oil prices fell repeatedly, behind the economic fundamentals are still weak, the domestic economy has been a steady rebound in the signal, behind the various economic stimulus policies, especially credit policy has gradually become effective. Perhaps there is no taste in linking these seemingly unrelated economic phenomena. Sometimes economic problems are so subtle.  Credit policy has now been put on the delicate balance beam, left or right, is a micro-pendulum or a big pendulum, all of the people in the market are closely concerned.  More recently, management has warned more than once about the risk of concentrating on lending. China Banking Regulatory Commission secretary ...

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