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EMC: Redefining data protection in the big data age

"Software definition" has become the IT Hot word, software definition network, software definition data center, software definition storage, in short, software can define everything. In the large data age, the importance of data is not much to say, and the protection of data will be gradually upgraded.   EMC says that data backup will evolve in the direction of data protection, and over time data protection needs to move toward data management! In the April 9 communication meeting, EMC Dpad Division Greater China Director Chen and senior product manager Li Junpeng and we share the current EMC data ...

EMC officially publishes cloud storage infrastructure solutions

EMC Corporation recently released its long advertised cloud storage infrastructure solution, an already-known system that incorporates common hardware on the market, and EMC says the Atmos platform for automated configuration and self-healing can be scaled to petabytes,   Incorporating service providers and IT departments to provide different levels of storage services. Now, using the Internet or "cloud" to store is a very attractive thing, he can eliminate all kinds of unnecessary trouble, such as purchasing management software and hardware systems to ensure that the ability to meet the growing storage ...

EMC publishes industry's first cloud storage infrastructure Atmos

November 12, 2008, Global Information Infrastructure Solutions Leader EMC (NYSE: EMC) announces its first launch today of the cloud storage infrastructure (cloud infrastructure) emc®atmos™, also known as Maui. EMC Atmos is the first information management solution with a capacity of up to thousands of megabytes (Petabyte, Pb). Atmos is able to assist customers with large amounts of unstructured data through the global cloud storage (cloud storage) environment.

Hold Big Data! Resolving EMC Isilon cluster storage

With Intel's drive, IT system communications bandwidth and computing power follow Molfa to record highs, maintaining a doubling of growth rates every 12-18 months. At the same time, IDC's latest "Digital Universe" study predicts that data will grow faster than Moore's law, reaching 1.8ZB in 2011, and that the company will manage 50 times times the current amount of data over the next 10 years, and file volumes will increase 75 times times.   Under the background of the rapid expansion of the digital universe, the concept of "big data" came into being. Detailed explanation big ...

Accelerate shift to hybrid cloud "new changes" in EMC Enterprise storage

Today, industry users are applying to the hybrid cloud model, which provides flexibility and choices for cloud storage, and is informed by EMC World 2012 that EMC's "new changes" in enterprise storage portend accelerated applications on mixed clouds. EMC launches the new VMAX series Enterprise Storage Array, which consists of VMAX 10K, VMAX 20K, and the newest members VMAX 40K. The new EMC Vmax series is a comprehensive enterprise storage array product line based on a virtual matrix architecture that delivers powerful intelligent storage solutions ...

EMC Forum Top ten topics reveal storage trends

"IT168 Review" EMC convened an annual forum meeting in California State Long I. earlier this month. Cloud computing is certainly the hottest topic of the Forum this year. But there are a lot of other topics that are also very topical. Here are 10 important topics for the EMC Forum this year: 1, cloud ubiquitous a year ago, EMC was still aggressively promoting the cloud.   Now, the clouds are everywhere. Frank Zappia, EMC Regional vice president, said: "Whatever Franchzapia.

EMC launches breakthrough Vplex Virtual storage technology

At the http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/14451.html ">EMC World 2010 Conference, EMC launched the Vplex virtual storage technology." Vplex is a groundbreaking new technology that optimizes data access and data movement in a new way. This technology will ultimately enable enterprises to move thousands of virtual machines and petabytes of information across thousands of of kilometres, and to arrange batch tasks in different locations to achieve lower ...

EMC VIPR First update adds support for Hadoop and SRMs

EMC Corporation recently released its first update to the software definition storage application EMCVIPR, which added support for Hadoop and EMC's storage Resource Management suite.   EMC also updates its storage Resource Management Suite (srms) for managing storage hardware platforms. EMC disclosed last May that it will use its VIPR to enter the software definition store, September 2013 VIPR officially listed ...

Dark cloud storage: EMC and NetApp replace each other

Investment bank Merrill Lynch expects the global cloud computing market to reach $160 billion trillion by 2011. Gartner also has a similar forecast that the cloud computing market is expected to reach $150 billion trillion by 2013.   Whatever the exact numbers, it is clear that the tide of cloud computing is unstoppable. The notion of a unified definition is not necessary to date, the concept of cloud storage remains controversial. Some people think that only the concept of cloud computing, there is no concept of cloud storage. The definition of cloud storage given by the Global Network Storage Industry Association (SNIA) is ...

Industry Watch: EMC groping for future direction of cloud storage

"Now that we are in a period of significant change, the entire IT community is moving from device/application centric to information-centric, and this shift will also trigger a series of changes that affect two levels of technology and business models." "At EMC China Research and Development Center's first" Innovation day, "said Ningshangyu, the EMC China Research and Development Center's chief architect. Ningshangyu that the biggest feature of cloud storage is mass, high performance/high traffic and low cost, and the biggest change is that providers are moving from selling tools to charging for actual use of tools, from selling products to ...

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