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Energy-saving air-conditioning maximum subsidy of 850 yuan

Subsidies directly through the price of manufacturers to implement (reporter Liu Ying flower) from yesterday, the central government officially launched the air-conditioning energy-saving products, "subsidy campaign", and reporters yesterday to visit the market found that this is to ignite air-conditioning enterprises a new round of "price war."  The Ministry of Finance, the NDRC recently released the "energy-saving products Huimin project" Efficient energy-saving room air-conditioning promotion implementation rules, according to the rules, since June 1 this year, will reach the fixed-frequency air-conditioning efficiency than the standard 1, 2-level air-conditioning implementation of financial subsidy sales, subsidies directly to the production enterprises. Reporter yesterday in suning store saw, the implementation of the rules ...

The way to upgrade the air conditioner industry is becoming clearer

Recently, the relevant departments of the State issued policies, to guide air-conditioning enterprises to produce and sell energy-saving products, such as financial subsidies, the implementation of the expected series of policies, will make the level three and below the level of air-conditioning gradually eliminated from the market, one or two-level air-conditioning to become the mainstream market, the industry is very different from the new energy efficiency level of air-conditioning will also be May 19, the State Council executive meeting decided that in Beijing, Shanghai and other areas of five types of products such as air-conditioning "to replace the old" pilot, the sold subsidy within the scope of old household appliances and buy new home appliances, according to the new home appliances sales price of 10% subsidies. Insiders recognize ...

High efficiency and energy-saving air-conditioning subsidy policy to extend one-year subsidy standard adjustment

BEIJING, May 5, according to the Ministry of Finance website News, in order to further promote the use of efficient energy-saving air-conditioning, expand energy-saving products Huimin project effect, recently, the Ministry of Finance, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the "on the adjustment of efficient energy-saving air-conditioning promotion policy notice" (hereinafter referred to as  The policy of subsidizing and popularizing the high efficiency and energy-saving air-conditioning is adjusted accordingly. "Notice" clear, efficient energy-saving air-conditioning subsidy extension policy from June 1, 2010 onwards, the central government will be based on new energy efficiency standards for energy efficiency level 2 and above products continue to subsidize ...

Subsidies for energy-efficient cars introduced this year

NDRC officials say global warming prefers to believe that the earth is our home and we are all concerned about it. Yesterday afternoon, three government officials gathered in the Golden Hall of the Great Hall to answer questions about energy saving and mitigation and tackling climate change. As for the topic of "global warming", Xie Zhenhua, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission, said he would rather believe it, believe it or not, and make more preparations.  National People's Congress Environment and Resources Protection Committee Chairman Guangtao, Environmental Protection Department Vice Minister Zhang also received an interview on related issues. The reason for global warming is not yet conclusive.

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