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Fuller U79 Energy Saving Edition set

& ">nbsp; Bubble Set Channel May 1 Fuller U79 Energy-saving version of the mouse set still has a large number of loyal fans, it inlaid the G power core, a battery can be used for two years, energy-saving effect is very obvious, and this product since the listing has won a lot of consumers, can be said to be highly recommended. At present, this U79 energy-saving version of the price of 10 ...

From mechanical loss to oil-free 0 friction Haier maglev air-conditioning leading industry double durability

All along, mechanical friction loss is the biggest obstacle to the energy-saving effect and service life of central air-conditioning, and in the country and industry are actively pursuing the trend of energy-saving and emission reduction projects, how to reduce mechanical friction loss, improve energy-saving effect, it becomes the central air-conditioning industry needs to solve the problem. Haier, as the industry leader, pioneered the innovative research and development of the magnetic levitation central air conditioner not only solves the bearing friction, realizes the zero friction, the energy saving electricity 50% effect, also subverts the foreign brand in the domestic market technology monopoly, causes the Haier central air-conditioning to become the user energy-saving preferred brand. Innovative Maglev technology, ...

U.S. air conditioners and other manufacturers claim that 1-night 1-degree electricity is accused of misleading exaggerated

Air conditioning "One Night once Electricity": Only the laboratory data industry: manufacturers have exaggerated propaganda suspicion with the advent of summer, the temperature rises, and entered the traditional air conditioning sales season. But many air-conditioning manufacturers "one night once" propaganda but let consumers feel puzzled. Professionals said that the air-conditioning manufacturers "one-night-electric" propaganda, most of the reference is laboratory data, is set a good ideal state, in reality, most of the situation can not be achieved. and the industry and legal people think, "One night once" propaganda is too exaggerated, the relevant manufacturers exaggerated propaganda suspicion. Air conditioner manufacturer Hot push "one night ...

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