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Cloud architect: cloud dancers

Maybe you've never heard of cloud architects before, but I'm not unfamiliar with cloud computing. Flexible allocation of resources, cost-effective and improve equipment utilization is the cloud computing unique advantages. The industry generally believe that the emergence of cloud computing to a certain extent, will greatly enhance the level of technological development and business innovation model to speed up all sectors of the cloud business transformation, and ultimately gradually change the way people live and work, to achieve universal access. The face of such a new industry, what kind of a group of people in promoting its development? As we give the new information manager title is CIO, whether we can also ...

Cloud era: The most sought-after cloud architect

A survey of cloud-related occupations found that cloud architects were the most sought-after. If you search for "cloud computing" on dice.com, a technology-focused job site, you will see more than 3,800 structures, according to the website's general manager, Alice Hill, which has risen 72% over the past year. Cloud-related job market development speed is irresistible. In the filtered list, the most sought-after position is the cloud architect. The rest of the TOP10 are: cloud computing software engineer Cloud computing Sales Director Cloud computing engineer Cloud Developer ...

Revealing the "new career" of technology industry: cloud Architect

The online edition of Wired magazine, published in a recent article, describes the network built by the Los Angeles cloud services company Http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/29803.html ">dreamhost" and describes " Cloud architect "New species" in this technological world. Here's the full text of this article: "I'm a cloud architect." Carl Perry (Carl Perry) said there was no irony in his tone ...

Chief architect of Dr. Peng: Cloud computing revenue will exceed telecom business

Liujiangtao Sina Science and technology news September 12 afternoon, Peng, chief architect Liujiangtao today, said in an interview with Sina Technology, its cloud computing business annual revenue growth rate of 150% to 200%.  While its telecoms business currently accounts for up to 80% of its revenues, cloud computing is a trend in the future over telecoms. The current business of Dr. Peng is divided into three major parts: Telecom value-added service, building fiber optics and it data center. The telecommunications business to the broadband business as the main body, accounting for 80% of the company's revenue.  Cloud computing belongs to Dr. Peng's new business. Liujiangtao did not disclose the cloud computing industry ...

Tui18 interview: Chen Jianjue on the reverse thinking of product architect

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest cloud host Technology Hall welcome Everybody to come to the TUI18 interview, this column is by pushes one to host, specially faces the network promotion field the interview program. We will do our best to explore latent in the crowd of the promotion of talent, experts, they have the most valuable experience to draw out, dedicated to everyone. First of all, let us review the last issue of the guests, the last issue of the guest is Tan Ming teacher, and you share their experience in doing the station. This issue (17th phase) for everyone invited to the guests are 陈建 min, net name, TMP.WORLDW ...

Gleasy chief architect Shike: Implementing distributed framework and middleware based on open source

Note: This article starts in CSDN, reprint please indicate the source. "Editor's note" in this article for the online Office platform Gleasy co-founder, technical team boss Shike wrote, he gave us to share the gleasy all the way to the technical combat. It is reported that the release of nearly three years of Gleasy, has successfully accumulated more than 50,000 enterprise users, in response to mass storage and high concurrency under the premise of a variety of basic problems in the solution of deep experience. At the same time, March 18, 2015, Gleasy will officially release the 3.0 edition "about", and the introduction of English version, complex ...

Cloud security Architecture from the perspective of cloud consumers

Introduction Cloud application developers and DevOps have successfully developed tens of thousands of applications for IaaS (Amazon AWS, Rackspace, etc.) and PAAs (Azure, Google App Engine, Cloud Foundry, etc.) platforms. These platforms provide basic security mechanisms such as authentication, Dos attack defense, firewall policy Management, logging, basic user and account management, but security concerns remain the primary obstacle to enterprise cloud implementations. Security concerns for the cloud, deploying from a secure configuration ...

Cloud Computing: 7 issues of concern to Chi Enterprise CIO

January 18, 2013, the Itvalue Chi Enterprise CIO Club, in collaboration with the BMC Software company, held a "sit-see-Cloud" forum, with CIOs from 14 Chi companies, Alexander Vul, the BMC chief architect, BMC Asia general manager Steve and Chen Zhentao, manager of the technical Consulting Department of Essen Greater China, have been discussing the application and landing of cloud computing in Chinese enterprises in a pragmatic and heated manner. The 14 companies that attended the CIO had a total turnover of more than 1.7 trillion people in 2012 ...

Enterprise-oriented cloud computing terminals and personal handheld computers will dominate

Freeing terminals in the cloud at the just-concluded 2009 Beijing Science Fair, Wevey, vice president of Lenovo Group and Dean of Lenovo, said that with the gradual maturation of cloud computing products, markets and business models, PCs would be endowed with many innovative applications. In the next 3-5 years, enterprise-oriented cloud computing terminals and personal handheld computers will dominate. The remark was silent. Cloud computing, with its mystical charms, has once again taken its toll. Antivirus fire need cloud, enterprise office is inseparable from the cloud. Many ordinary users can not understand what is the cloud, but still will care about this cloud will bring us what convenience? ...

Layout cloud Computing Enterprise architecture is the king of top design

Cloud computing is bringing the management of the enterprise into a new realm-business is at hand, opportunities are fleeting, the flow is everywhere, the data is within reach, the partners are ubiquitous, orders are on the verge! Such a realm is becoming a reality.   E-commerce, mobile commerce, social commerce is bringing more and more enterprises into the cloud. But many enterprises are still under the cloud management, how the day-to-day management of enterprises into the cloud, into the world of clouds management? This depends on the restructuring of the enterprise structure! Before cloud computing, lean Management, supply chain management, process management, project management and many other management methods and tools.

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