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Why is it that the internal IT staff is the first element of the enterprise data threat?

The following article mainly describes the internal IT staff into the enterprise data threat The first element, the following is the internal IT staff into the enterprise data threat to the first element of the description, I hope in your future study will help. According to the findings released by Cyber-ark. The proportion of IT staff snooping on their companies is rising, and the in-house IT staff know they are doing some snooping. At the four-year "trust, Security and password" conference, security company Cyber-ark said the problem existed in more than 400 it from the United States and the UK ...

Tape: IT Security vulnerabilities

Many companies have dusty, unwanted backup tapes. At first glance, if someone is willing to pay you and take away your rubbish, you will gladly accept it. But there is a huge difference between an old carton of Reader's Digest and a carton of old backup tapes. Although the buyers are paying the same amount of money for both, there are significant security issues with the number of TB enterprise data stored on old tapes to junkyard. Each data tape holds a large amount of data, sells all the old tapes, and leaves the terabytes of data out of the enterprise to get out of control, in exchange for a small penny for the giant.

2014 large data applications will become mainstream in the enterprise

January 13 News, according to foreign media reports, IDG last week released a 2014-year large Data enterprise survey and forecast. According to the survey, the average expenditure on large data-related projects by large enterprises in 2014 was 8 million dollars. The survey also found that 70% of large companies have deployed or are planning to deploy large data-related projects and plans. The main points of the 2014 IDG Enterprise Data Research Report are provided here. The purpose of the study includes a better understanding of the organization's large data plans, investments and strategies. The main points of this report include: • 70.

The extreme heat dissipation method does not apply to enterprise data centers

For hardware enthusiasts, they often use extreme cooling schemes, including recycled water cooling, and all the hardware immersed in the oil, and even the Peltier cooling (semiconductor cooling film) method. Some DIY players who pursue the overclocking world record also use dry ice or liquid nitrogen to ensure they don't have to worry about the hardware being too hot to stop working when they're at extreme overclocking. In fact, sometimes the processor stops working when the temperature is too low, for example, when the Core 2 Extreme QX9650 at 60 to 90 degrees ...

MapReduce reacts with SQL

Google created a mapreduce,mapreduce cluster in 2004 that could include thousands of parallel-operation computers. At the same time, MapReduce allows programmers to quickly transform data and execute data in such a large cluster. From MapReduce to Hadoop, this has undergone an interesting shift. MapReduce was originally a huge amount of data that helped search engine companies respond to the creation of indexes created by the World Wide Web. Google initially recruited some Silicon Valley elites and hired a large number of engineers to ...

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