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Big S mom came to Beijing with the girls to the full details of the wedding exposure

Sweet and loving Pair (1/8) a few days ago media reports, Big S and Wang March 22 will be in Sanya, Hainan Island to do wedding banquet.  Big S maiden relatives and the number of bridesmaids, she will be a large chartered aircraft, summoned Taiwan relatives and friends on March 21 together to fly to the local, March 24 back to Taiwan. Big s in Sanya wedding banquet, location remote, Taiwan family relatives such as grandma, aunts and entertainers such as Aya, Wu and so on at least 50 people, the last big s take charter way, will be a large number of relatives and friends sent to Sanya. At present, Taiwan Non-stop Sanya Airlines, only Cathay is a family, according to the relevant ...

Shangtian successfully lost 22 pounds radiating Sunday Bride

Shangtian is waiting for Sunday to wear wedding clothes (1/6) Beijing time October 1 news, according to Hong Kong media reports, wireless play "Ding Yi Clan" Yesterday in the mall to hold promotional activities, attended by entertainers have Shangtian, Tang poems chant, Xuchauchon, Auganine, Chen Manna, yangming, Huang Zhixian and so on.  Shangtian, who successfully lost 22 pounds, will be married in Sunday, laughing that she is full of thank-you words.  People meet the Shangtian appear in good spirits, talk about to marry mood, Shangtian Smile said Jinyuan are thank words, and busy send wedding invitations. In order to make the bride in the best condition, Shangtian not only succeed in reducing ...

TVB 43 Anniversary Taiwan Qing Hundred-Year-old Shaw appeared

October 18, 2010 Hong Kong News, Run Run, Liza, Yuling, Wayne, Feng, Sheren and so on more than dozens of entertainers and the candidate Miss China to attend the "TVB43 year happy power to greet Taiwan" video.  [Page]  [Page]  [Page]  [Page]  [Page]  [Page]  [Page]  [Page]  [Page]  [Page]  [Page]  [Page]  [Page]  [Page]  [Page] [P ...

The film "Cool Horse" premiere Lan Zhengrong May to attend (PHOTOS)

Sina Entertainment News by Wang, Lan Zhengrong participate in the performance of the film "Cool Horse" will be released on September 17, September 15 in the Lutheran Hall in the Atrium held the "24 Hours in situ Marathon" premiere event.  Nearly 100 celebrities, entertainers and volunteers enthusiastically participated in the initiative to support Taiwan's original films with actual running operations. "Cool Horse" the theme of the film is to convey vital information, the premiere event "24 Hours in situ marathon" gathered many artists, Elva, Big Mouth, May days, warm Rise hao, Yang Guimei, Kojia, Ke Huan such as, Wang Renfu, Xu Mengzhe, small eight ...

Zhao Benshan thin three or four Jin Sigh Spring Festival gala backstage Sing "disturbed" decompression

Cui wanted to give the mountain to pull white hair, but not to start. Wang Xiao Li in backstage grab a mirror.   The master and the pupil rehearse in the backstage, seven above. CCTV Rabbit Spring Festival gala last night has met with hundreds of millions of viewers, those beautiful songs, wonderful pictures for everyone to leave a lot of good memories. The so-called: The stage One minute, the Taiwan ten years work. What the audience appreciates is that the entertainers, after revising and rehearsing, have made the fine, after the laughter, full of their efforts and sweat. Some programs may even be taken away temporarily at the front of the podium. So, even "sketch king" Zhao Benshan said the pressure is too big ...

Taiwan stars pay attention to anti-trafficking cause qi called "Save the Children"

"Save the Children" activity poster Sina Entertainment news in early 2011, a letter of help from a mother who lost his son gave birth to the idea of a lot of social celebrities trying to save the abducted children. The driving force of this love spread through the network, until today, more and more entrepreneurs, Taiwan entertainers want to use their own practical action, to express the heart of the common grief and cry, and called on the whole society to contribute to the cause of "anti-trafficking".  So, a song composed by Hu, Mao Hui lyrics of the public Welfare song "Save the Children" from this. The Stars play together ...

Hong Kong entertainment record vote the most difficult to get along with artists Siayanqi side Field List

Siayanqi was accused of complaining about Wang Liobi's list Li Site The latest issue of a Hong Kong entertainment magazine visited nearly 50 entertainment journalists and picked out 10 of the most difficult entertainers in their 2010-year exposure to Hong Kong artists.  Although the results will inevitably be biased, but the world "no reason to Hate", shortlisted 10 artists should review their words and deeds, mistakes, Wuzegamin, for 2011 can take off this hat. No.1 Siayanqi complain about a lot of entertainment remember said Siayanqi debut when also polite, ask what all willing to answer, but since with a ...

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