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Entertainment is not King Han wants to host a book show

Han to host the Reading program Chengdu News (reporter Jiangqing) no doubt, Han is the host of domestic entertainment program "one elder brother", but Chengdu newspaper reporter during the national Day learned that Han although not put down entertainment program host, but he is already in the beginning to prepare a file his favorite program. Hunan TV chief editor Li to Chengdu Business newspaper reporter confirmed this rumor, he said Taiwan to Han plan very support, is currently waiting for Han to submit to read the production program. If smooth, in next year's Hunan TV, the audience will see another Han, as the scholar on the screen with ...

Chen signing Wei thought Entertainment revisited Cecilia Cheung was a misunderstanding (figure)

Video: Chen signing Wei-Si Entertainment exclusive dialogue Sina Entertainment Sina Entertainment News October 22 afternoon, Chen in Beijing Competition Park held a press conference, formally signed Wei thought Entertainment. Boss Li Ying, Li Weixian appeared for Chen Cheer, the same singer Atom Fei sent red scarf as a gift, friends nan more through VCR sent to bless. and was asked him recently in the program mentioned with Cecilia Cheung's feelings of old provoked criticism, Chen even said only misunderstanding.  Then he dialogue Sina Entertainment, said don't want to talk about the old, just want to use the works to speak. Chen signing Wei thought Entertainment and Li Weixian cooperation deduction ...

Edison Chen returns to the entertainment circle and admits he wants a family with a son.

Edison Chen comeback music. (1/8) Edison Chen appeared in a mood for good friend Platform show righteousness (map) is not Hong Kong, also not Taipei, not Los Angeles, the long absence of Edison Chen the comeback stage of the first step towards Shanghai-October 23, Hongkou football stadium, the star-studded "East Asia Shanghai Concert", he occasion debut, and Wong, Sammi, the farmer's partner, sang aloud for the first. In the outside world, this is undoubtedly an important signal: "The indefinite exit of the Hong Kong Entertainment Circle" Edison Chen, seems to be ready to "mountain"! The day before yesterday morning, just spent 30 in the United States ...

China Entertainment Network CEO High-burning in an interview with reporters

&http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/37954.html ">nbsp;     September 11, China Entertainment Network CEO Gao Burning in an interview, said,. com domain name and. cn domain name, more accepted, the site is not considered purchased. cn Domain name. Recently, anecdotal rumors of high burning is with the 67.cn domain name holders contact ...

Entertainment Virtues horizontal version of Action RPG "Goblin plan" people set the first exposure

"Legendary" developers, Korea Entertainment and Virtue (Wemade) company under the "Goblin Studio" developed a new network game works "Goblin Plan" for the first time released the image of the game poster. "Goblin Plan" is a horizontal action RPG game based on the Nordic myth of the fantasy story content.  At the same time, the game emphasizes the action of the addictive, a quick sense of shock, with the style of the game screen.  This public role image looks gorgeous and sensual, and each role's dynamic action effect gives players a feeling of intense excitement. Another ...

Small Koffa nu Scold media unscrupulous open entertainment circle of words war (figure)

Small Colimbo Zhangxiaojue and its "the main sense of the Lord" group at present nationwide development to thousands of people above Ke teacher Sina Entertainment news recently, low-profile, has been invited to the Chinese music more than the king, diva-level characters to write songs, and created the "Beijing Welcome You" and many other songs of the Little Miss Ke, nu scold the current part of the media unscrupulous, and a succession of rhetorical questions media "What happened to the singer?" "Against the singer identity as a public good question and irony, a strong comeback."  This word, also by the stars of the strong response, which also opened the entertainment circle of saliva war. Netizens heat up thousands of people's public welfare events ...

China-Major printing enters entertainment business shares rose 13%

Neway Entertainment, the news stimulated the share price rose to a new high of 0.375 yuan, an increase of 19.05%, the latest reported 0.355 Yuan, 12.7%, turnover of 51.95 million yuan. The large print announced that in cash 65 million yuan, to the company chairman Scherziege family to engage in entertainer management, record production and distribution and film production Neway Entertainment full stake, and suggested that the company renamed Neway Group Holdings 2¥q.

iphone mobile phone a voice control function, can list a number of local entertainment

iphone mobile phone a voice control function, can list a number of local entertainment; The function triggered controversy reporter asked: "Where can prostitutes?" A: Looking for escort ... OK, find the following 15 escort. Along with the slow female voice, a list of entertainment places popped up. Female voice and the answer are from the iphone mobile phone's Siri function, recently this function was discovered by netizens and aroused hot discussion, some people questioned its search information improperly into "recruit prostitutes tool", listed entertainment also big call injustice. Different cities can query Siri is Apple in its products ...

On entertainment star to do VC

July 11, according to the relevant news we can see, through Luo thinking microblogging Li Bingbing, Huang Xiaoming, Ren Quan announced that they will get involved in venture capital, and named "Star VC." Entertainment stars involved in venture capital investment news, for a time entertainment, finance, science and technology are extremely concerned about this area. According to the news released by Star VC, Li Bingbing, Huang Xiaoming and Ren Quan, apart from investing in enterprises, will also enter the enterprises as investors and participate in the development of enterprises, injecting more attractive personality into the brands. They also spend a lot of time in experience and ...

Rainstorm Entertainment CEO Zhu Wilian questioned Tao fired "journey"

Senior game man, Rainstorm Entertainment CEO Zhu Wilian recently in micro-blog questioned Tao opened shelling "Journey" upgrade to send Cash "full of copper odor", said the Tao has always been on the "journey" of various new activities of the "cannon" spared no effort, the irony of its "journey" hype when the child care. There is "China anti-internet addiction first person" Tao opened after the shelling of "World of Warcraft", "Legend", "Jin Dance Group" and other well-known online games, and again the spear point to the representative of the free online games "journey." In its view, "Journey" recently launched the upgrade to send cash activities stained with copper odor, especially activities ...

The new original painting of "Heaven 2" by the Korean Entertainment and virtue public

Recently, the Korean Entertainment and Virtue Company disclosed its development in the MMORPG "Heaven 2" of the new original painting.  The role of the original painting in the public is divided into four occupations, such as samurai, Taoist priest, Warlock, assassin, etc., and can see the characteristics of each occupation. "Heaven 2" is the Korean entertainment and Virtue company developed a fantasy 3D Action Network game. Game description and the heroes of the Three Kingdoms to save the world from the demon hand story. "Heaven 2" has been in the g★2009 public video and demo version, attracted the attention of players. (Digging the shell net)

Game Oscar nomination black action with Angry Birds finalists

The American Society for Interactive Arts and Sciences (AIAS) today unveiled the award nominations for the 14th Annual Interactive Arts Achievement Award (Interactive achievement won), according to overseas media reports.  The game "Wilderness Great Gunsmoke" was nominated the most, with a total of nine nominations including the best game of the year. The ipad game, Angry Bird HD, is the first iOS platform game to be nominated for the best game of the year, and is nominated for the best innovative games and best casual gaming awards. iphone "Angry Birds" hair ...

Korea Entertainment Weekly star: Bang Victory Welcome to my World

Victory released the first solo album Editor's note: In the old and new speed of the entertainment industry, the popularity of the shelf life is very short. Today's entertainment headlines may be replaced tomorrow.   But no matter where their star direction, the most shining moment should be remembered, Sina Korean Entertainment Weekly one star is to lead you to follow their path of success to find moving. Sina Entertainment News this week's weekly star is the January 20 issue of a personal debut album of Bang Members victory. This album presents a completely different victory, from a teenager who is eager to grow up ...

PwC Road: 2013 China Entertainment media market will be more than billions of dollars

Every journalist Ma? Global entertainment and media markets will grow at an average annual growth rate of 2.7% per cent in the next 5 years, to $1.6 trillion trillion by 2013, the global entertainment and Media Industry Outlook report, released yesterday, is forecast by PwC.  China's entertainment and media sectors will grow at a combined annual rate of 9.5% per cent to $110 billion trillion, much more than the global average. PwC predicts that the global entertainment media industry will grow at 3.9% this year, with a growth rate of just 0.4% to 20 next year, affected by the recession.

Weibo became the protagonist of the annual inventory event of the entertainment circle

Summary: Tencent fifth annual Starlight ceremony Curtain, in addition to Gigi, Donnie Yen, Feng Xiaogang and other stars of the collective debut, Micro-Bo also become the entertainment circle of the year of the protagonist. It is reported that this starlight and Tencent Micro-blog full integration, just 5 hours, Tencent fifth Starlight ceremony Curtain, in addition to Gigi, Donnie Yen, Feng Xiaogang and other stars of the collective debut, micro-Bo has become the Entertainment Circle annual inventory ceremony of the protagonist. It is reported that this starlight and Tencent Micro-blog full integration, just 5 hours, with the star ceremony related to the live micro-blog on the wall topic, cumulative ...

The perfect world of entertainment announced today, will aggressively expand mobile gaming business

Summary: Check the latest quotes Beijing time September 10 Evening News, The Perfect World (NASDAQ:PWRD) United States subsidiary of the Perfect World Entertainment (entertainment) announced today, will aggressively expand mobile gaming business. In the PC-oriented online gaming market, the perfect world view of the latest quotes Beijing time September 10 Evening News, The Perfect World (NASDAQ:PWRD) United States subsidiary of the Perfect Worldwide Entertainment (P ...)

Tao Lok Interactive Introduction program to launch interactive entertainment business Online mall, to fill the domestic composite electric dealer vacancies

December 7 News, Amoy Music interactive technology revealed to Tencent, the site is scheduled to launch in late December Interactive entertainment online shopping mall-"together to Amoy le Bar" 1.0 beta, at the same time, for social users to carry out small-scale open testing, open function is limited to game hardware E-commerce. Amoy Music Interactive expected the official launch of the Mall for 2010 years, by then, the mall introduced into the community and a variety of innovative consumption patterns, will fill the gap has been a long time in the complex E-commerce market vacancy. It is reported that Amoy Music Interactive focus on the field of play, the future or involved in the game E-commerce, games ...

Xiaowei or transforming the entertainment circle

Xiaowei or will be the CEO of Orange Day Entertainment (Speed network map) according to the speed of network news, in this year Xiaowei and the nine city contract expires, the two sides will no longer renew their contracts, Xiaowei future whereabouts has been the attention of all parties. Xiaowei previously secretly visited the Shanghai joint-travel network, rumored or will become president. Recently, the news that Xiaowei will join the Orange days entertainment and as CEO, leaving the game into the entertainment circle development.   In an interview with reporters, Xiaowei did not deny, said to wait for official news to announce. Xiaowei and Grand Game Original CEO ...

Three start-up companies have fun entertainment products to attract customers

It's a hard thing to start and run a company, but no matter how busy you are, you need to relax and entertain. The idea of entertainment was well presented at a number of tech start-ups on display at the CES consumer Electronics Show last week. Here are some of the products that are mainly for entertainment, not for their actual use. 1. Laser shooting game a leap! The goal of the start-up Lyteshot is to develop a real-world game that is more authentic than a laser-shooter game and more interactive than shooting a toy gun. The game is essentially a ...

"Silk Road legend" developer Joymax will be the Korean entertainment and Virtue Company acquired

Korea Entertainment and Virtue Company will acquire "Silk Road legend" developer Joy Max shares and management, strengthen the company's competitiveness.  June 4, the Korean Entertainment and Virtue company signed the acquisition of Joy Max shareholder CEO Quanzanchon and other 3 people holding shares of 25.8%, access to Joy Max management agreement. Joy Max, which was listed in the Gausdak market last June, has entered a game development company in more than 180 countries through its "Silk Road Legend", which last year sold 24.6 billion won (an equivalent of about 1.4 RMB).

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