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Sweet Princess Pei called off the lights one hour to support low carbon support for environmental protection

March 26 8:30, and ushered in the "global turn off the lights one hour." has always wanted to do low-carbon environmental protection volunteers box-m (box music) of the artist's sweet Princess Pei Ziki, also through micro-blog appeal to the public, together to complete the one-hour obligations. Princess Pei said she has been involved in this activity since last year, although one hours, the lights turned off, but these one hours is to cultivate our awareness of environmental protection and mentality. The sweet Princess Pei, who has bought candles at the mall, says that candlelight can calm people down and think, just by "turning off the lights for an hour" ...

China-electricity environmental protection and other five new shares announced the rate

Nanjing China Electric Union Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. Online pricing issue and application and check rate notice this online pricing issue effective purchase number of households for 153,186 households, the effective number of units for the purchase of 1,964,703,500 shares, the number of numbers for 3,929,407, starting number 000000000001, The cut-off number is 000003929407.  The online pricing of the issuance of the rate of 1.0179653062%, oversubscribed multiple subscription is 98 times times. The main underwriter Huatai Securities Co., Ltd. and the issuer of Nanjing China Electric Union Environmental protection shares limited ...

Environmental industry 900 billion market ready to target: annual increase of 15%

Gao that reporter from the Chinese Environmental Protection Industry Association learned that the National Development and Reform Commission led the drafting of the "Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection industry Planning (draft)" (hereinafter referred to as "plan") the current rounds of consultation procedures have all ended, the year is expected to be introduced.  As one of the emerging strategic industries, "Twelve-Five" during the period, the country will be in accordance with the new growth point of national economy and pillar industries to support the environmental protection industry, including the traditional environmental protection industry three key support: urban sewage, waste treatment facilities construction project, the key source of pollution control project and clean production demonstration project. According to the plan ...

International Day for the protection of the ozone layer, 33 high school women's Union to carry out environmental education activities

Tian Shan Network news (correspondent Peng Tao) in order to improve students ' love for the Earth environment, protect environmental awareness, to help students establish a green concept of life, September 16 afternoon, the 33 group of High School Women's Federation launched a "International Ozone Layer Protection Day" environmental education activities. The school organizes students through the Internet access data, household carbon Emission survey, and make full use of wall, blackboard, propaganda bar, red Scarf radio station and other ways to all teachers and students on the "damage to the ozone layer and how to protect the ozone layer" knowledge, the origin of international ozone Layer Protection day and historical background, The world's approach to the protection of the ozone layer ...

Le coated liquid membrane unite to create a new era of environmental protection

Recently, a reporter found that a film called Le coated liquid membrane of the new environmental protection materials, successfully used in construction, medical, entertainment centers, shopping malls, supermarkets and many other fields. Because of widespread, environmental protection and energy conservation, the product quickly triggered the industry effect, and extended to the country.       Many people who are not in the market can see the future social value and business opportunities of this product, so there have been door-to-door requirements and LE coated liquid film headquarters scene, exactly how many secrets have not been announced, a new type of environmental protection products will cause such a sensation, reporters also follow an investor together, to the music painting headquarters to find out. ...

Robin Li confirmed by the United Nations invited to become the World Environment Day environmental charity ambassador

Baidu founder Robin Li at the invitation of the United Nations Development Program, officially served as the United Nations World Environment Day environmental charity ambassador. This is the first time that the United Nations has invited celebrities to serve as public welfare ambassadors worldwide in 43 years. On the same day, Robin Li, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Helen Clarke, director of the United Nations Development Program, and Nobel Peace Prize laureate at the first online public service short video "Green" published by the United Nations Development Program. The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Chairman of the Commission Ludvinder Pachauri, United Nations Messenger of Peace Lang Lang, United Nations Development Program China Goodwill Ambassador Zhou Xun, table ...

Shanghai Suning held voluntary tree-planting activities, engaged in environmental protection to highlight corporate social responsibility

With energy conservation and environmental protection, low-carbon emission reduction and other topics more and more people, the media and other sectors of concern. Popularization of Low-carbon environmental protection knowledge, low-carbon, greener life of energy saving and environmental protection, has become an important social subject of deep thinking. Recently, Shanghai Suning continued the previous two-year Arbor Day tradition, the third year to open the public welfare tree planting activities. It is understood that Su ning this Arbor Day activities will be on March 21 in Chongming Dongtan Wetland Park. Reporter from the activities of the relevant responsible person learned that the activities selected in Dongtan Wetland Park, on the one hand to be able to further deepen the green promotion, the other side is also as a return to consumers ...

World Maritime Day, North Korea to commemorate the event, will make efforts to sea and marine environmental pollution

North Korea held the 2014 "World Maritime Day" commemoration, North Korea's Maritime Supervision Bureau cadres, diplomats stationed in the DPRK and embassy members attended the event.     BEIJING, September 26, according to KCNA 25th reported that the International Maritime Organization in the "World Maritime Day" requirements of all Member States to effectively comply with the laws and regulations to promote maritime development, North Korea will make efforts to prevent the occurrence of shipwreck and marine environmental pollution. North Korea also held a 2014-year "World Maritime Day" commemoration, North Korea ...

3.12 Arbor Day arrived, want to go to environmental protection but no time? 3 K Assistant to help you solve the problem

3.12 Arbor Day arrived, want to go to environmental protection but no time? Want to plant trees but the road is far away? Don't worry! "3K Assistant" tells you, as the mobile application market competition is becoming more and more white-hot, environment-friendly app constantly new, perfect function, we only need to move the finger can pay attention to the environment, care about health! Today, "3K Assistant" for you to recommend a few environmentally friendly and healthy app, let you live a different green Arbor day! 3 K Assistant recommend one: Dara let you not be the head of the family Dara is a can help you get rid of mobile phone dependence, the whole heart into the work at hand ...

Fuchun Environmental protection to 10 to 10, 5 yuan today counter market trading

NetEase Financial January 20, Chun-fu environmental Protection today announced the announcement, 2010, the company realized operating income of 910 million yuan, an increase of 29.33% per cent, the net profit of the listed company shareholders 138 million yuan, the growth of 50.67%, the basic earnings of 0.7971 yuan, the year-on-year increase of 38.94%. During the reporting period, the business income of Fuchun environmental protection realized 909,562,409.95 yuan, which grew 29.33% from the same period a year earlier, and realized the total profit of 155 million yuan, increased 70.98% from the same period, and belonged to the net profit of the shareholders of the listed company.

Zhongshan City launched the 2015 World Environment Day Environmental Protection Photo Contest

In order to commemorate the "June 5" World Environment Day in 2015, raise people's awareness of environmental protection, encourage enthusiasm to participate in environmental protection and establish a conscious environmental protection concept, and create a city of ecological civilization, the Municipal Civilization Office, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, Zhongshan Daily News Industry Group jointly organized "ecological civilization Cup" environmental protection photography solicitation contest. First, the activities of the contents of Photographs with the performance of "environmental protection" theme, the content of the city's water environment, the status quo, the rural ecological landscape or environmental pollution, law enforcement scenes as the theme, vivid ...

Yili announces green industry chain to promote environmental protection and win

As the leading enterprise in the domestic dairy industry, Yili Group has long been committed to the "green industry chain" business model, with scientific innovation and sustainable development of the concept of driving the industry to upgrade. The green industry chain is to promote the green development of every link in the whole industrial value chain, to realize the benign interaction with nature, with all related groups, to achieve the unification of short-term benefit and long-term development, and to realize the sustainable development of industry. Yili's green industry chain mainly contains 2 dimensions, one is environmental protection, the other is the supply aspect of the whole industry chain. In environmental protection, Yili for the development of the enterprise itself ...

Step Yi class Shoes Green environmental protection I first

With the improvement of people's quality of life, environmental protection has become the most hot topic at present. Many people wear shoes like this, such as the soles of the broken, uppers rub off the skin, feet smelly sweating and so on. It is so, step Yi class Shoes faith in good faith management, environmental protection and energy saving concept launched the environmental protection shoes.   And his specific beauty, the reporter came to step yi class shoes (Web site: www.byb818.com) Headquarters interviewed the relevant responsible person Mr. Zhang. Journalist: Hello, Mr. Zhang! As far as we know, backgammon class is a stylish and environmentally friendly shoes, but your company is how ...

Photo: Li Bingbing attends the endorsement event to talk about the Environmental protection topic

Sina Entertainment News October 13 afternoon, Li Bingbing appeared in Beijing International Trade Hotel, as a bathroom brand image ambassador. Li Bingbing wears the purple long skirt, the long hair high plate, shows the noble temperament. and activities on the site, committed to environmental protection of the public cause of Li Bingbing also talk about environmental issues, spared no effort to promote environmental protection concept. Sun Hui/Map

Yang B Bamboo Garden major upgrading project through environmental acceptance

Yang B (900935) Wednesday Evening Notice that the Shanghai Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, the company's holding subsidiary Shanghai Friends of the first bamboo garden sewage Treatment Investment Development Co., Ltd. of the major upgrading of the project on February 28 completed environmental protection acceptance. The project was fully started on July 18, 2008, and on December 26, 2009 the main project was completed successfully.

Application of large data technology in environmental information

Application of large data technology in environmental information Li Anzan Wang Wang Zhangquan Chu Yan in the project of "Integrated demonstration of water environment management technology in Liaohe River basin", with the accumulation of time, Environmental monitoring data processing system has been collecting more and more data. However, the data processing system of environmental monitoring in Liaoning Province can not effectively deal with the increasing amount of data. The data center of Environmental monitoring data processing system is improved by using large data technology. Using HDFS powerful data storage and management functions, In response to the increase in data volume, using MapReduce and Hado ...

World Water Day, Wuhan Ink Lake Learning Environmental protection

March 22 This year is the 23rd "World Water Day", in order to enhance the protection of lakes, water conservation awareness, in recent days in Hubei Province held a wide range of promotional activities. Wuhan: Ink Lake to learn environmental protection in Wuhan Ink Lake, Wuhan City Hanyang District Five-li Dun Primary school students are following the Wuhan Hanyang District Environmental Protection Bureau aunts and uncles learn to measure the composition and water quality of the lake. One hours of study, the students learned to take water samples, using a plug plate to measure the transparency of the waters, test the temperature of the lake, ph, dissolved oxygen and other methods to detect the water quality of the lake. Move your hands and move your head. Know the EPA's ...

The United States and the United States Kitchen Integrated environmental protection stoves, cast infinite "money" way!

In the chaotic and complex market situation, in a wide range of investment projects, there is a so-called "beauty kitchen," The Integrated Environmental Focus project, as the brides to marry, has been a market concern, investors favor, consumers love.  Beauty Kitchen Intelligent Integrated Environmental Protection Kitchen Electric (http://metile.com.cn) (Beijing) Operation Center is Beijing Competition delicious Food Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. products, the company set operating food and beverage equipment, science and technology research and development, marketing management, market sales. Since 2000 since its establishment, the company to Tsinghua Science and Technology Park as the backing, set all kinds of ...

Xia Ke Environmental protection rights issue subscription rate 96.61%

Xia Ke Environmental Protection (002015) March 2 announced the issue of the distribution of rights issues, as of February 22 closing,  The total shareholder shareholding of the company is 201 million shares, as of March 1, the allotment of effective subscription volume of 38.8544 million shares, the subscription amount of 228 million yuan, accounting for the total number of shares of 40.2176 million shares of 96.61%, the issue of the rights issues successfully. Prior to this, the company intends to be in accordance with the proportion of 2 shares per 10 shares, allotment price 5.88 yuan/share, the actual allotment ratio of 0.19322. The company's shares have been licensed since March 3.

Application of cloud computing in environmental protection industry

Application of cloud computing in environmental protection industry Hu Hao Zhu Shang Suzy Cloud computing through virtualization technology to integrate resources to provide users with flexible, dynamic information resources services. The basic concept, service mode, characteristics and application of cloud computing are expounded.  This paper analyzes the main problems existing in the information work of the environmental protection industry, puts forward a cloud computing model suitable for the environmental protection industry, and analyzes its application effect. On this basis, the implementation strategy of cloud computing applied in environmental protection industry is given. Application of cloud computing in environmental protection industry

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