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Excellent project recommendation in Network times

Love Roar network is the use of the latest research and development of hkust speech recognition to evaluate the system, which provides online singing, network karaoke, karaoke, singing evaluation, and can sing real-time rating, as your side of the online network KTV, you can invite friends together K song, or do some other things. Link: http://www.ihou.com/is a social commentary for webmaster to provide plug-ins. Users can log on to seven different social network accounts, and comments are automatically forwarded to social networks. (Via) ...

Know that, friends performance, melon seeds nets and other excellent web application projects recommended

Know that: This is a microblogging based on the SNS live rental services, users can choose to rent or rent, but also to select, price, etc. so that users can filter the information of the rental, but also directly to the exchange of messages.   Link: http://zhibi.me/: This is a performance tool and platform for fans, musicians and performers to better present performance information and provide ticketing and ticket inspection services. Link: http://youyanchu.com/melon seeds Net: ...

Taking stock of excellent micro-movie websites in China

What is a micro-movie (Micro film)? Is the miniature film, also called the Micro-shadow. He refers to the use of a variety of new media platform to play, suitable for mobile and short time to watch the state, "micro (Ultra Short)" (30 seconds-300 seconds) show, "Micro (ultra Short) cycle production (1-7 days or weeks)" and "Micro" (with a complete storyline) supported by a complete planning and system production system ( Super Small size investment (thousands of-thousands of/Wan Yuan per) "Video (" Class "film) short film, the content of the integration of humor, fashion trends, public education, business ...

Taking stock of small and fresh websites in China

What is a small refreshing site? "Small fresh" the word is now very popular use, the word originally refers to a fresh and beautiful, casual creative style of the music type, that is, people often say indie pop, that is, independent popular, and gradually spread to literature, film, photography and other cultural and artistic fields. But now it has gradually formed a subculture phenomenon, many young people are competing for the pursuit. In China, a preference for fresh, beautiful literary works, lifestyle is also deeply affected by the fresh style of a group of young people, are called &quo ...

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