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Ali cloud ODPS vision, technology and difficulties

In January 2014, Aliyun opened up its ODPS service to open beta. In April 2014, all contestants of the Alibaba big data contest will commission and test the algorithm on the ODPS platform. In the same month, ODPS will also open more advanced functions into the open beta. InfoQ Chinese Station recently conducted an interview with Xu Changliang, the technical leader of the ODPS platform, and exchanged such topics as the vision, technology implementation and implementation difficulties of ODPS. InfoQ: Let's talk about the current situation of ODPS. What can this product do? Xu Changliang: ODPS is officially in 2011 ...

Where is the outlet of e-commerce specialty

The outlet of the specialty of e-commerce where a senior practitioner to the E-commerce Professional school, teachers, students of a letter this letter Hui Jian wrote almost one weeks, modified a lot of times, because Hui Jian saw a few students majoring in E-commerce to become a porter, is really not see the kind of helpless eyes. The parents worked hard to save money, read four years of university, came out but can only go to chores.   Why?   Here is the reflection of Hui Jian. One, the social demand many and the embarrassment of e-commerce graduates two, society ...

Five years on the path of the Skype architect

As architects and designers, we often focus on what we have at hand and seldom reflect on the past. We should know the new from the warm. I've summed up 6 experiences from my 55-month experience as the Skype architecture group. Some are technical and others are softer views of the architect. First, introduce Skype background information. Skype background Skype is software that allows users to make audio and video calls, and can also make regular calls and send short messages. The company was founded in 2003, since its inception there is an incredible growth song ...

"Exclusive" one-week cloud: cool enough VS sued

In the past, the most common example of cloud computing is Amazon's EC2, S3, which seems to be outdated; the cloud, and what is often said, is Google, Eric Schmidt, who first proposed "Cloud computing" in 2006- This dizzy and cool concept, even today there are many people will be on the "cloud computing" many of the questions are blamed on the name above, too difficult to explain, and anything can be installed inside, will inevitably be treated as a cheat, even now the application has been compared to all ...

"News Morning" West Master breaking: Another venture company's equity tragedy

In the cloud network every day a selection of scientific and technological media headlines! 1. Tencent Science and technology second figure Bai Yongxiang: There is a dispute with Zang but this is a good thing http://tech.qq.com/zt2014/people/14.htm in the past few years, Bai Yongxiang has been in the title of the spirit of the name of the technology CEO, Handle the day-to-day management of the company after the Zang exit. From the end of 2011 2013, the Charm family opened the Android era, released the MX series of products and FlyMe operating system, expanding the operators, electric dealers and offline ...

Oracle Li Guodong: Middleware is the foundation of cloud computing

&http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/37954.html ">nbsp; Cloud computing in recent years has been a widespread concern of domestic and foreign enterprises, but to truly achieve cloud computing, the key is whether the enterprise IT department can transform existing IT architecture and solution delivery model to meet the current it needs. Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g Media Communication in Oracle Asia Pacific and Japan converged middleware product management.

Cloud computing vendors Development trend: PAAs will become the 2013 king

In all respects, 2012 is a good year for cloud computing. In addition to becoming a favorite in the media's eyes, cloud computing has also harvested a lot of corporate hugs. Despite good results, in terms of market revenue, the cloud computing market is not optimistic, cloud computing provider's performance is very low, because from the relevant data to see orders into less than 1%, but from another point of view, the future of cloud computing potential is quite large. Cloud computing providers and potential suppliers are thinking: How to transform a service into a successful commodity harvest. Fortunately in the cloud ...

Research and Development Weekly: Magic! 1KB JavaScript code written by 3D bees

Research and Development Weekly: Magic! 1KB JavaScript code written by 3D Bee published in 2013-03-29 13:43| Times Read | SOURCE csdn| 0 Reviews | The author Zhang Hong Month Research and Development weekly Javascriptpatrick Wyatt Game development Third party application open platform Open source Polycode Summary: Busy week finally past, leisure time may wish to savor our carefully presented for you this technical feast. Current Issue: Magic! 1KB JavaScript code written by 3 ...

Cloud computing begins an enterprise-level campaign

The Battle of cloud Computing in the enterprise market has begun: new cloud service providers such as AWS have moved the cheese of traditional it giants in the corporate market, and traditional giants have struggled to fight back. With the advent of traditional it giants, PAAs markets have become more cluttered than ever before.   The only definite consensus seems to be one: everyone likes the word "platform/platform," because the word "platform" has unlimited imagination. More and more people are starting to talk and focus on PAAs, including operators, internet giants, traditional it vendors, consulting and integration ...

Telecom four-channel mobile phone Li Shi iphone single promotion invested billion

From Yu Long cool sent n900+, to Motorola released XT800, and then to Philips released D908 two months, China Telecom Mobile Terminal Management Center director Madaujie, has never been so frequent in the end of the product launch of the manufacturer.  Madaujie so hard, because these three phones although the model is different, but there is a common ——— are China Telecom vigorously built "3G Internet four-channel mobile phone" star products. "Four-channel mobile phones" by China Telecom as "the seizure of high-end smart phone initiative," the important weight, more exaggerated that is, four-channel hand ...

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