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How to set up the firewall in win10

I believe many users just installed the official version of windows 10 must have found a lot of delightful improvements, but may not be very familiar with, especially on how to properly set the firewall in win10, has reached the perfect level. Here to explain in detail. First, all you have to do is to press the shortcut key Win + X, then click on "Control Panel" in the shortcut menu that appears. Next, click the red circle as shown. Next, click on the red circle of the options, and then you can enter the settings. Below, click on the left list of features, is the red circle shows ...

How to set up different software proxy server

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest owners buy Cloud host technology Hall believe that for the education Network and 169 of the network users, proxy server is again familiar. Having a good agent not only can access most of the resources on the Internet, but also can sometimes improve the speed of the network, save us a lot of money. So what is a proxy server, what is the benefit of it, how do we use it? Here we will explain: first, what is a proxy server? Agent server (proxy server), from whose name ...

Some security issues with SQL Server

Currently on the NT Server intrusion, there are many ways, such as the use of IIS vulnerabilities, but you do not know that there is no, in fact, with the NT Server associated with the SQL database server example is a very proportional means. Herbless intrusion of some sites, such as legoland.co.uk site is through the intrusion of SQL Server to gain control of the system and destroyed. So the protection of SQL Server is essential, here I have some loopholes for you to refer to. ---------------...

"Daily economic News" for you to uncover the interest chain behind the spam message

Absrtact: Mobile phones have become a necessity for most people. At present, China's mobile phone users have exceeded 1.1 billion, on average, every 10 people have 8 mobile phones. At the same time, spam message also flooded, all kinds of advertising, fraud information seriously affect our lives. These junk short phones have become a necessity for most people. At present, China's mobile phone users have exceeded 1.1 billion, on average, every 10 people have 8 mobile phones. At the same time, spam message also flooded, all kinds of advertising, fraud information seriously affect our lives. Where does this junk text message come from? Who is to be supervised? Today is "World telecom ...

Send Cloud Enterprise Cloud service platform to solve traditional it delivery mode, help enterprise release productivity

The traditional It delivery model has many problems, whether from the delivery cycle or from planning to experience, there are a lot of difficult to determine the factors, many times because of some subjective or objective reasons cause project lag or miscarriage. Today to recommend the SaaS Pioneer Enterprise called Cloud technology, founder Shipeixin is to see the current enterprise IT delivery pain point, in September 13 began to build the first fully automatic and full self-service enterprise cloud service platform. It can be considered "a platform to subvert the existing enterprise IT delivery model, a community of application experience and software learning, a professional it person ...

Venus Chen three-year growth of 20% fear into empty: The profit model is ambiguous

August 25, Venus Chen announced the Half-year report, the first half of the net profit loss of 14.54 million yuan, loss of 0.2 yuan per share, become the IPO this year losses Wang.  June 23 on the market, 11 trading days after the announcement of the annual loss notice, in the "Company A listing, performance on the face" phenomenon of frequent growth of the gem, the star Chen became another one of the "face-changing stars" questioned by public opinion.  is the seasonal rule or performance decline in the sky, in the executive group Silence, the company's response to the vague background, "the second share loss Wang" star-chen development path fog heavy. Newspaper reporter Sun Yongjie ...

Attack threats drive cloud security standards

Jim Revis, managing director of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), said that as more companies began to choose to use outsourcing to manage data and applications, this approach could get the attention of hackers, starting to attack the cloud's backend infrastructure and platform-service (PaaS) systems. "I think people are going to see a very serious accident and things are going to be very interesting because they could lead to a discussion of who is in need of liability for breach of contract," the executive said. Revis is in Singapore to attend an international organization for standardization on cloud safety standards ...

7 Web site security Small knowledge sharing

Intermediary trading http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/6858.html ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host Technology Hall 2010, China has 35,000 websites tampered with (more countless sites are not filed), The site administrator layer fortification, helpless, hundred secret always have a sparse.   However, according to the Cask theory, no matter which link appears the short board, to the website all is the latent risk. The Art of War: "The enemy, the Hundred wars ...

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