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Revelation: Emoji expression of the past and present life

Absrtact: Monday, the Unicode Standard 7.0 Edition officially released, added about 250 emoji expression, they will replace more words, enter our life, let the news become more interesting. But wait, who the hell decides these emoticons? Emoji's expression was released in Monday, the Unicode Standard version 7.0 officially released, add about 250 emoji expression, they will replace more words, enter our life, let the news become more interesting. But wait, who the hell decides these emoticons? Emoji ...

Line selling sticker expression for typhoon affected areas in the Philippines to raise 500,000 dollars

The Philippines is a super typhoon "swallow" hardest hit, after the disaster, line through the sale into the Philippines to pray for the Philippines to bless the stickers, for the disaster area to raise 552000 of dollars (has been excluding Apple and Google two major platforms fees). The package, "praying for the Philippines", includes 8 stickers, priced at $1, which is expected to end at the end of the year, as it is officially on sale since November 15. The expression sticker has been one of the main profit models of line, only the expression of the paper, Lin ...

PHP to determine whether the IP is legitimate regular expression code

PHP Tutorial To determine if IP is legitimate regular expression code function matchip ($q) {Preg_match ((25[0-5)) | ( 2[0-4]D) | (1DD) | ([1-9]d) |d) (. ( (25[0-5]) | (2[0-4]d) | (1DD) | ([1-9]d) |d)) {3}/', $q, $matches); return $matches [0]; $ipaddress = ' 201 ...

JS validation of the regular regular expression of the email address URL address

Web effects verify the regular regular expression of the e-mail address URL address * * @parameter string str String * @return Boolean/function Checkmail (str) {return Str.match (/^ (w+.) *w+@ (w+.) +[a-za-z]+$/); &n ...

Large data analysis company develops "expression operation" technology

Have you ever thought that your happy, angry, sad expression, through the facial expression analysis, may be categorized, summed up, and then become the business analysis of your purchase requirements basis. In fact, as early as 1997, an MIT scholar put forward a technical term called emotional computing. Extended to the present, is the concept of large data. Generally speaking, people's expression can speak, before you open your mouth, your emotional response, whether it is happy, angry, sad, can be captured through the face recognition system, and then the expression of these people to classify, the specific context of the scene to correspond, ...

In the eyes of the outside world, Twitter is both a social networking site and a tool for self-expression.

In the eyes of the outside world, Twitter is both a social networking site and a tool for self-expression, and it is a news agency, and more likely to think of it as a force for global political change. But for Twitter itself, it seems to want to position itself as the audience's guide, and become the best companion for users to talk about television and live broadcasts. Outside the TV screen, the screen on the mobile device is turning traditional one-way viewing behavior into a two-way interaction, and TV networks are beginning to realise that Twitter is difficult for the TV industry ...

JS Regular expression inserts data code at the specified location

JS Regular expression inserts data code at the specified location <! DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 transitional//en" "Http:// "> <html xmlns=" Http://ww ...

PHP matches URL Regular expression code

PHP Tutorials Match URL Regular expression code//This is a PHP regular expression that gets all the links in the article content $str = ""; $reg = "<a[ss]*?" (href) s*=s* (? =["']) ((["]) (? <href>[^ "']*) 2) | (? <src>[^s>]+)) [ss]*?> "...

Lucas latest Meng Zhao exposure winking to get a ghost horse expression emperor

Lucas Expression Ghost Horse (1/14) Recently, Lucas a group of the latest photo exposure, the picture of Lucas Big Show Ghost horse expression, winking very funny cute, netizens chorus praise its "ghost horse expression Emperor." [Page] Nicholas Tse (middle) with his big son Lucas travel to Singapore (2/14) [page] Holding Lucas to show his father, he wore a hat with a son's name (3/14) [page] wearing Lucas cap of the Ting Feng, Holding the big son Lucas in Singapore global film ...

JS get content in the picture address regular expression

JS get content in the picture address regular expression <! DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 transitional//en" "Http:// "> <html xmlns=" http://www ...

PHP Regular expression get title keyword and content code

Collection in the current CMS are often used to Oh, let's take a look at the PHP regular expression of title, keyword, content code OH.   Gets the title $inarr = Array ();   Preg_match ("/<title> (. *) </title>/isu", $body, $inarr); if (Isse ...

"C9" Shaman Warrior Armor Show cute expression showing women style

Recently, the "Nineth Continent" (C9) released a screenshot of some new Shaman warriors. From the screenshot we can see that shaman's sister wearing a new armor suit, the movements of the expression of laughter, crimson face and the eyes of the Meng to make life out of infinite affection.  The game mainland agent for Tencent. NHN recently released an official statement saying it would bring two new FPS game modes to the Nineth Continental game PK System---"Death Race" and "rally". The introduction of two new game models into the essence of action games, but also can see that manufacturers are trying to bring more exciting and diversified gaming experience.

Chinese facial Expression report-your expression betrayed your heart? Have you been shot again?

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "articlebody" > Chinese face more and more similar expressions, rare is surprised, joy, more is inflexible, callous, everyone's dream is to have a car have a room with tickets, if you do not have the material, Then you have no value. No one thought there was anything wrong, because someone always told them: this is the bloody reality ... Chinese facial Expression Report

PHP kanji alphanumeric underscore regular expression

^ s * | s * $ Comment: Can be used to delete the first line of the first line of the whitespace characters (including spaces, tabs, page breaks, etc. ), A very useful expression $ action = trim ($ _ get ['action']); if ($ action == "sub") {$ str = $ _post ['dir']; & ...

Regular Expression function library: ereg_replace

Ereg_replace (PHP3, PHP4) ereg_replace---& ">nbsp; Formal expression substitution Syntax: String ereg_replace (string pattern, string replacement, String Strin ...)

Regular Expression function library: Ereg

Ereg (PHP3, PHP4) ereg---& ">nbsp; Formal expression comparison syntax: Int ereg (string pattern, string string [, array regs]) Description: Search string for normal representation of pattern. If ...

Email regular expression and URL regular expression

email regular expressions and url regular expressions Here are two regular and very useful email regular expressions and URL regular expression validation, regular expressions on email can get all the email addresses in the content, and url The same is true of the address, url can be extracted from the contents of all http URL to extract oh. * / $ str_arr = array ("", "my_m ...

Yantan, founder and CEO of Mo Mo, released a microblog announcement early this morning.

Yantan, founder and CEO of Mobile social applications, announced early this morning that the number of registered users has been over 80 million people.   In addition, with the expression of the store, transport games, such as the addition of functions, the MO has been officially out of the loss, towards profitability.   Mo in August 2011 on the line, according to the data published by Yantan, the current number of registered users of the more than 80 billion people, the monthly active degree of 35 million people, the daily average of 500 million messages (including group News). At the same time, there are 1.4 million groups in the street, daily average group message 150 million, daily messages up to 8 million, ...

Three JS replace the specified character or string function

Three JS replace the specified character or string function mainly to give a different example to explain how to replace the string ah, text replacement (first occurrence of characters) text replacement (all) text replacement (substitution character) Three kinds of situation oh. Text substitution (permutation character) pattern pattern = pattern.compile ("Regular expression"); Matcher Matcher = Pattern.matcher ("Regular ...")

Php verify cell phone number and phone number is regular

Php tutorial to verify the phone number and phone number is about to talk about the regular use of php to verify the user input phone number is consistent with China Telecom phone number rules, whether the phone number for China Mobile or China Unicom's mobile phone number. * / function funcphone ($ str) // phone number regular expression try {return (preg_match ("/ ^ (((d {3})) | (d {3} -))? ) | 0d {2,3} -)? ...

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