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Bear children play games too fascinated, false alarm dial 110 false alarms

In the new year, children are the happiest. Relatives, children and children often have fun. But in this year's Spring Festival junior of horses in a small community, but because of a child's game, alarmed the police uncle Door. February 22 Noon 12:24, horse Police station received 110 alarm, said the horses and so-and-so community home has a child to call the police, in the phone has been crying and then hung up the phone, the police repeatedly call back but always busy, unable to contact the alarm person, understand the details. When the horse police Station police continue to contact the police on duty phone, but also dial not ...

CMB clarifies 70 percent discount rate

CMB cancels 70 percent discount rate?  It's fake! China Merchants Bank general manager of the personal Banking department through the morning News of the rumor: The housing policy has not changed, previously rumored to be media misreading yesterday, about "China merchants banks take the lead to cancel the first set of mortgage 70 percent interest rate concessions" rumors, which let the end of this already fragile mortgage market immediately "fried pot On this rumor, the morning news reporter yesterday to call the Bank Headquarters personal Banking Department general manager Liu Jianjun, the results confirmed that this is a false alarm. Liu Jianjun through the morning newspaper "rumor", said the bank's mortgage interest rate policy has not changed, the first set of mortgage rates can still hit 70 percent. He especially stressed that not long ago closed ...

April Fool's Day police again nervous, 110 mo take to joke

Yesterday is April Fool's Day, 110 policemen again some nervous. In previous April Fools ' Day, some people not only are joking with friends, even call 110 false police to take the police "to poke fun", occupy the Rescue in distress "lifeline". Reporter from the city Public Security Service headquarters to understand that the recent 110 daily average of the city to reach 25,000 alarm, of which nearly 60% marked as nuisance, wrong dozen or silent, including false alarm. Police remind the public, malicious harassment 110 is illegal, public security organs will seriously deal with the false alarm and other acts, the Constitution of the crime will also be prosecuted for criminal responsibility. Mixed with daughter-in-law ...

Dicky self-exposure to advanced gastric cancer? Rumor has it that Weibo accounts have been stolen

"Dicky" self-exposure of advanced gastric cancer (1/8) related news dicky love wife exposure pregnant move mansion Ann Fetal Qian: I'm not pregnant. Since 3 o'clock in the morning today (18th), Hong Kong artist Dicky has published two consecutive messages in his microblog, saying that he has advanced gastric cancer, "a person to the hospital in the afternoon to get a report", so that the friends and fans shocked, Have sent blessings.  However, this incident has been confirmed as "Oolong", Dicky himself has also come forward to the rumor that micro-blog password stolen, "Late gastric cancer" message is not their own release. Burst the Material blog original text: A, this period of time heart very tired, really ...

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