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The Electric merchant Navy brushes the comment to be fined 500,000 yuan

Abstract: The electric dealer fictitious trade, false mark volume, false comment as well as the disorderly yell clearance price, bids to sell, intends to impose the highest penalty which the illegal income 10 times times fine; no illegal income, the maximum fine is 500,000 yuan. The State Administration of Industry and commerce yesterday on the "infringement of consumer rights and Interests act to punish electric dealers fictitious transactions, virtual standard turnover, false comments and disorderly yell" Clearance price "," Sale price ", proposed to be 10 times times the illegal income penalty, the maximum fine of 500,000 yuan. The State Administration of Industry and commerce yesterday on the "Consumer Rights infringement measures (draft)" Public levy ...

Tired Feel not love! How does the chest device of the revelation be a quick? "Small basin Woo, please avoid"

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > has come to an end of the "Joy Show", the various game manufacturers are familiar with the eye of economics, with waves of girls, completely attracted the attention of the otaku. Otaku are proud of the people who have the chest device of the girls, but also do not forget the beauty of the true and false comments, or even this exhibition secretly by some people malicious called "Silicone Expo", that said ...

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