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15-Year-old Boy from the Game Master change programming Tatsu people, entrepreneurial play father and son soldiers

-Reporter Yu Yu intern Zhao Yi Wen reporter bo Photography core tips 丨 when their peers spend their parents ' money, in various cram schools "fatigue life and Death", the boys Mian, but use the weekend time, for Dad's mobile internet company "Work", he is a network management, part-time programmers and free user experience. Father Mi Ming, 40 years old, in the mobile internet field has been counted as "before the wave", not trained him, but repeatedly with the help of his son's coup, made by the customer "point praise" products. His son Mian is only 15 years old, but has started his own business, the bedroom 10 small partner is his "...

Thanksgiving Father's Day remember the father of the game

June 20 is the annual Father's Day. Father's Day is a year of special thanks to the father of the festival, which began in early 20th century. The father's day of different countries is set on different days, in China, the third Sunday of June is Father's Day.  In this special weekend, more games to remind players to remember Thanksgiving father love, and we may wish to come together to understand those who affect the world the longer the father of the game. First, the father of business games-Noland Bushnell: Now the online game is not cool as Larre Baire by the industry that is "...

Play-i: A robot that teaches children programming

Kids can use a simple programming language to play interactive games with Play-i's two robots to get a rudimentary knowledge of programming. Article | Michelle Goodman2011 years, Vikas Gupta the first time in his life as a father. He began to think about how old his daughter could start learning computer programming. Through observation and research, Gupta found that if children had an interactive physical toy, they could understand the concept of programming when they were 5〜6 years old. He also found that there are few toys in the U.S. market that teach children programming skills ...

Why did the father of Linux succeed? Just for fun.

Linux Father Torvalds (Linus Torvalds) Do you know the Linux Father Torvalds (Linus Torvalds)? If you're like me, you've seen this vague text in college classes and elsewhere: Linux is a popular operating system, published by Finnish college student Linus in 1991. So the book "Just For Fun" is perfect for you. Just for fun: This is the success of the father of Linux learn the whole book in addition to revealing how Linus actually grow into a great God ...

13-Year-old Programming teenager developer Dream: Preparing Studio

Charle Zheng, a trainee reporter, was just an obscure 13-year-old Shanghai Boy yesterday, and is now being widely discussed on Weibo and posted on the "Youngest http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/11677.html" > iOS developers, "Young jobs" and other labels. Last night, Zheng and his father, interviewed by reporters, said that some of the argument, in fact, their own design is very simple. At present Zheng is preparing to develop more ...

CGDC first guest to confirm Heavenly Father Song is coming to China in Beijing

CGDC first keynote speaker confirmed that the father of Heaven song is coming to China in 2011 the fourth session of the Chinese Game Developers Conference (CGDC) will be held July 28 ~ 30th at Kerry Hotel, Pudong, adjacent to the New International Expo Center. Recently, the organizing committee announced that: one of the four godfather of Korean online games, "Father of Heaven" song was invited to become CGDC's first keynote speaker in Beijing.  It is also the first Korean Godfather-level game producer to make a technical speech in China. Song in the Beijing-song in Beijing is the first generation of South Korean online development staff, because of the production of "Heaven" renowned South Korea, in Korea ...

American Youth entrepreneur: 11 years old learn programming 14 years old make website make money

Source: Pingwest with Andrew about a Sunday before Christmas, a Starbucks in the city of San Francisco. Compared to the first time in public, he left me the impression that this time obviously no shyness and restraint, I was familiar with many, I would like to shake hands, the hand has not reached half he gave a warm big bear hug.   Andrew has a typical North American male-burly figure, but has a doll face to know that he just turned 21 years old, as Airbnb mobile director has 2.5. 11-Year-old began programming, alone development 20 ...

EoE founder: How to Build 2 million users of the developer community, to the online education

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall a 2 million user developer community how to build? EoE founder Shan's answer is from content to users. As a "deviant" geek, Shan comes from Internet resources and programming communities.   He is out of the traditional education system, not to class, but can write China's first Android Tutorial "Android Development Introduction and Combat", did China's first Android training. He is a master of the internet thinking of the learner, he does not use the traditional education system ...

Ten masters of artificial intelligence who have changed the world

In 1948, Allen Turing, the father of computer science, and Claude Shannon, the father of information science, independently developed the basic algorithms still used in today's chess programs.

"Book pick" large data development of the first knowledge of Hadoop

This paper is an excerpt from the book "The Authoritative Guide to Hadoop", published by Tsinghua University Press, which is the author of Tom White, the School of Data Science and engineering, East China Normal University. This book begins with the origins of Hadoop, and integrates theory and practice to introduce Hadoop as an ideal tool for high-performance processing of massive datasets. The book consists of 16 chapters, 3 appendices, covering topics including: Haddoop;mapreduce;hadoop Distributed file system; Hadoop I/O, MapReduce application Open ...

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