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Grab a fresh experience: Fedora 16 has fallen into the "cloud" river

Fedora 16 officially released on the evening of November 8, 2011, the development code-named "Verne" Linux operating system Fedora 16 officially released. Fedora is a community version of the operating system, since the release has a high popularity.   Distrowatch.com ranked top three in the famous website. For Linux Community version Development code, different operating systems have different positioning. Ubuntu has been named after a rare animal name: Bobcat, Unicorn, and so on, full of visible ub ...

Fedora Linux set up Kickstart installation server

Fedora Linux allows you to install the operating system via the http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/18415.html > network connection using the Kickstart server. Faster than using CDs and can be automated. The process is fairly simple: Connect a new server (client) to a preloaded installation file server (installation service side) to the same network. Boot on the client with a dedicated boot CD. Choose the preferred installation method (FT ...).

Construction of Docker Cluster management based on Kubernetes

Before the formal introduction, it is necessary to first understand the kubernetes of several core concepts and their assumed functions. The following is the kubernetes architectural design diagram: 1. Pods in the kubernetes system, the smallest particle of dispatch is not a simple container, but an abstraction into a pod,pod is a minimal deployment unit that can be created, destroyed, dispatched, and managed.   such as a container or a group of containers. 2. Replication controllers ...

(R)? Ex 0.12.1 publishing Server Administration Tools

(R)? Ex http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/37104.html ">0.12.1 this version resolves an error in a special character template module. (R)? Ex is a tool that allows you to manage from one central point to all servers, and it works through complete configuration management and software deployment processes. CentOS 6rpm--import Http://rex.linux-fi ...

Quad-Core ARM processor takes you into the new era

ARM's processors are used primarily for smartphones, but with the services provided by Boston companies, developers can put existing x86 applications on ARM servers and then run cloud services to test them through programs. Boston also collaborated with software company Ellexus to help developers migrate their code to arm servers and Boston The company's four-core ARM processor, which is provided by the cloud, to test porting code. This makes the enterprise no longer need to buy arm server for code testing ...

(R)? Ex 0.11.1 publishing Server Administration Tools

(R)? Ex 0.11.1 this version fixes the Netstat output and adds some modules. (R)? Ex is a tool that allows you to manage from one central point to all servers, and it works through complete configuration management and software deployment processes. CentOS 6rpm--import http://rex.linux-files.org/RPM-GPG-KEY-REXIFY-REPO.CENTOS6cat >/etc/yum.re ...

(R)? Ex 0.14.0 publishing Server Administration Tools

(R)? Ex 0.14.0 this release adds FreeBSD and http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/13835.html >ubuntu lts support. Extended API to allow parameters to be passed to Rex::task->run (). (R)? Ex is a tool that allows you to manage from one central point to all servers, and it works through complete configuration management and software deployment processes. ...

MongoDB Core Contributors: No no no, you don't understand!

Recently MongoDB in hack news is frequently shot. Many people even claim to hate Mongodb,david Mytton on his blog to expose MongoDB many existing problems. But those who hate have a lot in common, as a comeback: Russell Smith brings a summary of years of work experience. Russell Smith has worked as an OPS and a large website scaling advisor and has helped Guardian, Experian and many other companies, MongoDB Lond ...

13 best Open source Linux operating system

Operating System (English: keyboard-based system, abbreviation OS) is the computer program that manages and controls the computer hardware and software resources, is the most basic system software that runs directly on "bare metal", any other software must operate with the support of the operating system. There are certainly a few friends who love open source operating system, if you like to try new things, there are some good choices.  Here are 13 of the best open source Linux operating systems we've sorted out. Kubuntu Big ...

Revolt against single architecture AMD data center X86 and Arm Bridge

Not long ago, the voice of AMD and arm in the industry quickly spread, and October 29, 2012, Beijing, AMD company office in a more fully prepared conference call, will this cooperation to the clean.   AMD announces that it will design a variety of 64-bit ARM processors for cloud servers, data server markets, and provide an operational support platform for different workloads by consolidating X86, arm, and APU processors. Although the schema changes or renders a mixed trend, the new processors that were listed in 2014 still retain their original names —...

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