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The On-the-spot speech record in the new Agriculture Big lecture hall

This article is Mr. Liu Chaoyang in "The young Eagle has about-2014 new agriculture Big Lecture hall" on the scene speech record, interspersed in the scene question link. I really want you. 2013 created nearly 100 million of sales revenue, the contribution of profits to remove the team's 20 million, in the food dates in the category of the first, but also the second to tenth place total. How did this result get? The following is Liu Chaoyang dictation: Thank you for sharing with us today. Let's talk a little bit about how your electrical business is going. Today I mainly say a few aspects: first, our electrical business development process ...

How to improve the brand value and profit of our products?

Into the 2012, as smartphones and tablet computers burst into the market, a "new heroes" and "market Shuffle" the era has come, but we see that the performance of each manufacturer is very different: Samsung in the smart machine and the tablet at the same time, smart machine ride dust, the end of the Nokia 14 mobile phone supremacy, The world's largest handset maker, while HTC, which has been the most glamorous in the past two years, has been shrinking profits and shipments, and has announced that it will develop its own CPU to boost the market. On the other hand, Huawei and ZTE, which cut into the smartphone market with low-end custom products, are realising the value of their profits.

Yanping: China's Internet effective audience has reached 303 million

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest stationmaster buys cloud host technology Hall January 7 News, Dcci Internet Data Center Director Yanping attends the Adworld2009 Interactive marketing annual ceremony to disclose, as of December 31, 2008, the Chinese Internet effective audience's scale reached 303 million. Dcci Internet Data Center Director Yanping (Tencent Science and Technology photo) January 7, 2009 to 8th, Adworld2009 Interactive Marketing annual festival will be in Beijing, China ...

Yinna: The core of integrated electric business platform is efficiency and cost

News and Technology September 13, 2012 (11th session) China Internet Conference held in Beijing International Convention Center today. This session "open, integrity and integration-to meet the new era of mobile interconnection" as the theme, and for the internet, mobile Internet, E-commerce, network marketing, cloud computing, things networking, network security, innovative entrepreneurship, more than 10 subdivision areas for in-depth discussion. Yinna Yinna, vice president of Le Bee Network, believes that the core of the vertical electric quotient platform is more prominent in the characteristics and meet the needs of the finely divided crowd. ...

Buy red sister after divorce the first to say is happy family main male

After marrying Nan: that 10 years, is the most precious ten years of my life, a woman has several ten years? After leaving Nan: A family of five people, rely on me to earn money to support the family. Honor their parents, under the upbringing of a pair of children to buy red sister authentic Henan Beauty, CCTV Spring Festival evening famous sketch actors.  2000 married to singer Nan, March 23, 2009, two people because of emotional discord agreement divorce. More than two years have passed, the news about the purchase of red sister has never broken. But buy red sister everywhere cautious, has been mysterious life in their own small circle. After years of full-time wife, no ...

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