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How to choose ftp server

& nbsp; About FTP server selection, some people say that using ordinary PC or DIY can, some people say that you need to use a professional server. In fact, on the server Selection, first of all, we have to understand its characteristics, since the ftp server is a user upload, download the file server, we need to consider some practical questions: How many people will use at the same time?

GROUP-E 1.741 Release Enterprise collaboration software

GROUP-E is an enterprise collaboration software used to integrate group software, project management and "> Enterprise Servers on the same platform." The software is based on the lamp architecture (including Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP). GROUP-E provides project management, Samba integration (file server), management of personal sieve filter Cyrus IMA ...

Pam_mount Module 2.12 Publish pluggable validation modules

Pam_mount is a pluggable validation module that installs volumes when a user logs on and logs on with the same password. It supports any kernel file system, including FUSE,SMB/CIFS, different encryption types, and so on. The purpose of this module is to run in a centralized file server environment in which users want to uninstall when they log on and log off, for example, without a disk station, many users can log in, and statically install from the server to all filesystem, or to list all possible volumes in fstab. Pam_mount mo ...

BarracudaDrive 4.6 Release file sharing software

BarracudaDrive is a file sharing software that features easy storage, access, and online sharing of files. Can be used to create your own online multi-user file storage, run websites and blogs, build albums and videos, access other blocked content, and more. BarracudaDrive can turn your home network into a powerful online file store. For example, it transforms your PC or Mac into a network file server, so you can access your PC or Mac from anywhere, and you can use it remotely to work. You can also give your friends ...

HP again out quality problem server 80% out of trouble nasty bad bank

Reporter recently learned that a bank purchased through the government procurement of HP each file server value of nearly 50 million, at present, these servers to varying degrees of quality problems, the general failure rate of nearly 80%.  In particular, high-end server, the arrival of equipment in half of the equipment hardware failure, some equipment failures more than two times, or even appear unable to repair the phenomenon of the bank information system construction quality and progress of serious impact.  According to the reporter understand, up to 50% of the failure rate regardless of which brand of high-end server equipment are unimaginable. Initial installation, half of the equipment appeared ...

F5 NX launches virtual device for integrated cloud storage platform

F5 NX announces the extension of its Arx file virtualization device product line, including an integrated cloud storage platform and the introduction of the IControl file server APIs.   F5 also previews a virtual device named Arx Virtual Edition (VE), which is expected to be delivered in the next quarter. F5 's Arx Cloud Extender (CE) software extends automatic storage tiering of ARX devices into cloud storage, providing an additional tier of storage and freeing up capacity in existing NAS files. Save in the cloud (public ...)

Mojolicious 2.0 publishes a Perl-based Web programming framework

Mojolicious is a Perl-based Web programming framework. It does not require any external dependencies, the main features are: Support ">restful routing, Plug-ins, perl-ish templates, Session management, signed information, A test framework, a static file server, first-class Unicode support, and so on. It can implement a complete stack of HTTP 1.1 and ...

Configuring and managing NFS File servers

"Task Analysis and Requirements"  establishes directory/nfs/public, implements NFS service sharing, allows all users of network segments to read, and other users do not have access to  to establish directory/nfs/admin, to achieve NFS service sharing, Only users are allowed to read and write, other users do not have access to  Directory/nfs/work, NFS service sharing, Domain users are read-only, and the root user is not mapped to anonymous users  Setup system at run Level 3 、...

BFTPD v3.2 publishes a small FTP daemon running under Linux

BFTPD a small FTP daemon that can run under Linux and is simple to use for PCs. Use the standalone mode to run with the/usr/sbin/bftpd-d command, terminate the service with the KILL command. It can be widely used in Linux, BSD, FreeBSD, Solaris, Dg-ux, and Tru64 platforms. BFTPD theme to become a high-speed, compact and easy to configure the server, we can use its default configuration options, but also can pass ...

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