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Website on-line test first day, the day IP reaches 230 (on)

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall How am I in the website on-line test first day, the day IP achieves 230.   I am very happy to share with you the experience of website construction, although this is my first time to build a website, but also be regarded as an old netizen. But in the process of surfing the internet, often see a lot of small and medium sites to earn traffic and immediate interests, put a lot of window, floating, and so on, for it felt very sorry. Because of this, although can earn to the immediate point of interest, but lost the reader long-term reading the possibility, to know, in the big part ...

The first cloud program in combat

Copyright Notice: Original works, allow reprint, reprint, please be sure to hyperlink form to indicate the original source of the article, author information and this statement. Otherwise, legal liability will be held. First of all, the Templars are delighted to receive the attention and support of the cloud Computing series, which has been in preparation for several months, and finally released the first one today (because the article is too long, it is two pieces, and this is an article). In these months through constant making ...

Review and prospect of large-size Hadoop data application in eight major industries

The development of any new technology will undergo a process from the public to the final universal application. Large data technology as a new data processing technology, after nearly a decade of development, has just begun to be applied in various industries. But from the media and public view, the big data technology always has the mysterious color, appears to have the magical power which digs the wealth and forecasts the future. Widely circulated large data applications include the target supermarket based on the girl's shopping history to determine whether pregnancy, credit card companies based on the user in different time and space shopping behavior to predict the customer's next purchase behavior, and so on. Large Data Technology ...

Ali cloud ODPS vision, technology and difficulties

In January 2014, Aliyun opened up its ODPS service to open beta. In April 2014, all contestants of the Alibaba big data contest will commission and test the algorithm on the ODPS platform. In the same month, ODPS will also open more advanced functions into the open beta. InfoQ Chinese Station recently conducted an interview with Xu Changliang, the technical leader of the ODPS platform, and exchanged such topics as the vision, technology implementation and implementation difficulties of ODPS. InfoQ: Let's talk about the current situation of ODPS. What can this product do? Xu Changliang: ODPS is officially in 2011 ...

NET Loan Day Eye Tin Wei win: Create a Peer-to-peer "condom" won the grand investment

NET Loan Day Eye CEO Tin Wei wins, the entrepreneur. August 2010 joined the Baidu video front-end technology team, in April 2012 in the early 360 to join the establishment of the Internet financial sector. At first, Tin Wei won the idea of starting a business on the basis of personal interest investment net loan. In October 2013, he and the old (net loans the first founder of the day) together to make a net loan third party information community and data platform-net loan day eye. In the same year, the angel investment of Grand Capital. Tin Wei Win Introduction, the Net loan day to do information integration, investment tools and large data mining, in order to better serve P2 ...

Reasonable allocation of MySQL cache to improve cache hit rate

It is well known that the system reads data from memory hundreds of times times faster than it does from the hard disk. So now most of the application system, will maximize the use of caching (in memory, a storage area) to improve the system's operational efficiency. MySQL database is no exception.   Here, the author will combine their own work experience, with you to explore the MySQL database Cache management skills: How to properly configure the MySQL database cache, improve cache hit rate.   When will the application get the data from the cache? Database read from server ...

A non-grassroots webmaster's 10-year life Road

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall Everybody Good, in Admin5 saw so many grassroots webmaster articles, quite let people moved, I also write to write my own bar, and we exchange, do not know what name, as if the grassroots is my only feature, because relative to everyone's not easy,   It seems that my road seems to be much easier, but I have been to find their own more or less trouble just, so called the 10 years of non-grassroots webmaster! The following are my real experience, so it should be a little interesting, this is my first time ...

Alipay supports the technical realization of the peak of database request for double eleven 42 million times / sec

After more than eight years of practice, from Taobao's collection business to today to support all of Alipay's core business, and in the annual "Double Eleven Singles Day" continue to create a world record for the transaction database peak processing capacity.

"Book pick" large data development of the first knowledge of Hadoop

This paper is an excerpt from the book "The Authoritative Guide to Hadoop", published by Tsinghua University Press, which is the author of Tom White, the School of Data Science and engineering, East China Normal University. This book begins with the origins of Hadoop, and integrates theory and practice to introduce Hadoop as an ideal tool for high-performance processing of massive datasets. The book consists of 16 chapters, 3 appendices, covering topics including: Haddoop;mapreduce;hadoop Distributed file system; Hadoop I/O, MapReduce application Open ...

Where do you start to develop cloud computing applications?

2009 years of Cloud computing still continues its heat in the 2008, and it is not difficult to predict that the application running on the cloud (hereinafter referred to as cloud applications) is bound to be more and more, and that there will surely be a growing number of developers who have to consider or participate in the development of cloud applications. The essence of cloud computing is access to applications and services over the Internet, which are often not run on their own servers but are provided by third parties. For cloud developers, in cloud computing mode, while deploying applications without concern for infrastructure issues, it also brings new problems, such as opening ...

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