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Android Developer Ecology: Difficult to develop users are unwilling to pay

The Android platform has finally created its first million wealth story, sadly the protagonist is still the aesthetic fatigue of the "Angry Bird" (Angry Birds). At the end of October 2010, Rovio, the Finnish company that developed the game, expanded to Android with a hugely successful Apple iOS platform (including the iphone, ipod Touch, IPad), which earned 1 million dollars in the first month. It's been two years since the first Android phone was released. The first month of iOS on the million-dollar application is not ...

IOS 7 vs Android 4.3 detail evaluation-Learn from each other, which is your dish?

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > The debate about Apple IOS and Google Android has never stopped, and they represent not only the world's two most advanced and popular mobile platforms, At the same time, Apple and Google's two technology giants taste, style of different performance ... So, when the IOS 7 is officially launched, it will be with Google's latest androi ...

Quick and easy and powerful Android Chrome beta

In the preamble to the many Android phone users, the Android version of the Google Chrome Mobile browser has finally been released, although it is still a beta version but it can give us a good experience. It took me almost a whole day to have a more comprehensive trial experience, and now Chrome for Android has become my default browser on transformer Prime and Galaxy Nexus. Before introducing the Android version of Chrome, we ...

Android Market Focus, cottage application instant Change Genuine

The rich application of Android phone brings more choices and demands to users, but it also causes the application of chaos and straggly. Recently, Cheetahmobile released the first half of the 2014 security report, the report shows that in the third-party application market, about 9% of the Android application is malicious, the number is 2013 2.5 times times, 2012 20 multiple. In the face of the cohabitation of Android application market, how can users have a pair of eyes to identify the pros and cons of the application? Take precautions! Android Market teaches you to recognize "cottage applications ...

Draw a C-based Android-based navigation fragmentation solution on the screen

This is an exciting essay by Greg Nudelman, an Android expert who put forward the idea of ​​"C-Gesture" navigation instead of existing Android navigation in the text, and did not mean offering two designs A detailed explanation of the key code. "C gesture" is the author's solution to solve the Android navigation fragmentation program. Emphasize that "invoking contextual navigation from any area of ​​the screen at any time, when needed, is a functional model that works with any touchscreen device." That is, "Hidden Swiss Army knuckles ..."

Do Android apps need to quit manually?

More than once, more than one person asked the question. I answered: no need. But keep it in the record. Let's start by understanding the system's internal mechanisms for application management. For the Android system, it includes processes and services. "Process" has a running, also has just left in the background cache. A "service" is an interface-free, long-running application feature that is not easily terminated. We know that Android can be done quickly via the homepage key (home) or by using the return key (←) gradually ...

Jifeng Li Peng: the popularization and development trend of China's Android games

Organized by the Qing Branch group z-club106 period-"mobile games" this afternoon in Beijing 3W Coffee, Jifeng senior vice President Li Peng attended the salon, and delivered keynote speeches.   The following is a transcript of the speech: Good afternoon, I am Li Peng of jifeng nets, I mainly according to some of our company's models to share my experience and data, if there are deficiencies, we can add a moment. First of all, the current Chinese Android holdings around 80 million, iOS is 30 million left ...

iPhone4.0 Android to 2.2

One day mobile phone manufacturers to launch the latest Android smartphone. CFP for Tunan reporter Fangnan when based on the operating system of increasingly fierce market competition, the original long-term occupation of the runner-up position of Microsoft began a little bit of a fuss. Not long ago, Apple officially launched iPhoneOS4.0, and said it will be officially launched in June. Last week, the high-profile Google Android2.2 system was also officially announced, received a lot of praise.  At the same time, a new generation of iphone, based on the Android2.2 model is also a look forward to the appearance. The opposite view ...

UC Yu: Focus on user needs looking for entrepreneurial opportunities in the post-app era

At the end of last year, talk to some media friends about the trend of China's internet in the 2013, I made two judgments: first, China's internet into the era of separatism, this year the Internet will be more integrated efforts may be greater; Back to the middle of the year, the 1th is clear: the first half of the exposure of several investment mergers and acquisitions, including a lot of money.   It can be said that the alliances of the situation has begun, the show is still behind. Over the past two years, the decline of the PC Internet and the growth of the mobile internet have outpaced the expectations of many people. ...

Mobile apps will lead Chinese companies to victory

In the Kangzhi mobile "New World", Chinese entrepreneurs and developers are trying to play a game with international Masters.   Some of them will be given the opportunity to become a great enterprise in the new World of mobile interconnection, thus accomplishing the task of enterprise's rise. Although the industry's expected judgments vary, whether the successful developers of the old World in transition or the black horses born in the New world, it is almost unanimous that in the pan-software sector, mobile application development is the only one that Chinese practitioners can walk ...

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