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Can end food unspoken rules: Food safety law faces seven Tests

There used to be a "joke": "The Chinese are chemically literate through food ——— know paraffin wax from rice; knew the dichlorvos from the ham, knew Sudan red from the chili sauce, knew formalin from the hotpot, knew the copper sulfate from the fungus, and knew the melamine from the milk powder ..." in the last ten years,  This one after another once unknown name because of the frequent food safety incidents have been become street know Lane, food safety has become the most concern of the public and the most concerned about the issue, legislation urgently. To this end, a wide range of public opinion, within three years a few drafts, repeatedly modified and ...

The kindergarten eats the difference to be exposed repeatedly: The teacher uses the child food to buy Erguotou

Kindergartens are often exposed to bad food. Although the cost of kindergarten has climbed, but in recent years the report on the poor eating in kindergartens abound, only in the past 2011 years has occurred many times.  May 2011, Zhuhai Xiangzhou Creative Arts Rong Thai Chinese and English kindergarten was exposed to the daily average of children's food is less than 1 yuan, an egg, an apple to be divided into four or one divided into six, respectively, 4, 6 children to eat. July 2011, Nanjing Wang Kindergarten by netizens with pictures exposed: "Cucurbita fried meat", saw a few bamboo shoots with green peppers, "eight porridge" is noon leftovers and leftovers cooked in ...

Bean and fruit food, kitchen recipes and other recipes application evaluation

There have been a lot of applications for recipes, and small part of the main to introduce you are the following four recipes: Bean food, kitchen recipes, food jay and good beans recipes, I hope that these recipes can be used to help everyone, I believe as long as you carefully learn these recipes in the recipe, after the production method,   You and your family and friends will have a big meal. Whether for the basic do not cook your day will suddenly want to cook their own kitchen to do a good job to reward themselves and their families, but suddenly found that the impossible, and especially for the vast number of male compatriots may be difficult ...

McKinsey: Internet three or four-line urban rural popularization rate is low, the demand for food online shopping has increased dramatically

Although the internet is low in three or four-line cities and rural areas, the majority of consumers in these areas are active online shoppers, as do urban consumers, and they enjoy online shopping, according to a new 2015 China Digital Consumer survey published by McKinsey, a global management consultancy. The McKinsey survey interviewed more than 6,000 Chinese internet users, covering a total of about 630 million users in one to four cities in China and the vast majority of rural areas, with in-depth investigation and excavation of their numbers and wishes. This is called "China Digital Consumer Survey Report: on the choice and change increasingly strong ...

Food and beverage industry: rising valuation of Boom recovery

Note: Each statistic form is behind the article. Today's investment based online analyst ( on the domestic more than 70 brokerage Institute of more than 1800 analysts of earnings forecast data statistics, this week, the comprehensive profit forecast (2009) to increase the number of 30 stocks in the front, the industry distribution is relatively concentrated, including the industrial and real estate industry 4 companies were selected , food production and processing industry has 3 companies selected. This period we choose food production and processing industry for comment. ...

Bean Network Boutique App recommendation 149th: Healthy food on the tip of the tongue

Look cool every day, the day fresh It information all hold live, mobile internet play cool playing fashion in broad bean! Welcome to subscribe to broad bean network. [Product Information] asus Transformer flat TF300 CM9 ROM release after I unlocked my transformer flat TF300 and root, I waited patiently for the CyanogenMod team to release the TF300 ROM. In their successively released TF101 (original transformer) and TF201 (Transform ...

The father of zombies hates the idea of stealing food.

He has a pair of smiling squint eyes, is a round head of the young man, girlfriend will write Gothic music, he is most like to play his single-handedly planned "Plant vs Zombies" knocking money cans and collecting point card links.  Yes, George Fan is the master plan of "Plant vs. Zombies". Plant vs. Zombie father George Fan "Plant vs. Zombies" 2009, when the global computer users are busy in Facebook (or happy net, QQ space) in the small garden to grow vegetables and steal food, a spoof garden farmer's computer desktop game turned out-"Plants vs Zombies ..."

Analysis of four modes of fresh electricity quotient

Although fresh electricity business is difficult to operate, it is regarded as a blue ocean in the field of domestic electricity business. This newspaper reporter Xiaofang the U.S. fresh electricity business relay foods for no time to stroll the market and want to eat fresh food people is an excellent choice.   They can buy them online the night before and they will be sent to their hands the next day-a business model known as "fresh electricity dealers". For most people, "fresh electricity quotient" is a strange word. In fact, as early as three years ago this kind of industry has already appeared, but has not gained enough influence. In the ...

Looking back on the northern wilderness: the road of modernization transformation of a red economic landmark

Hu Angang Ye Jianguo What is "Northern wilderness"? In the northern part of China, it is one of the three big black land regions in the world, which is called "the wilderness Area" because of its cold and barren.  In particular, the Sanjiang plain, has been hunting and fishing for a living Manchu, Hezhe, until the founding of New China, still sparsely populated, swamp spread. Famous writer Nie once wrote: "The Northern Wilderness, the days of gray, the vast expanse, a Sanga withered Weitang." What flies in the air, mosquitoes fly New, what water crawl, Four corners of snakes, Hashi, Meat leech. The mountain overlord Bear and the Tiger, the original hero Jackal and the wolf ... One...

Giant fighting for food, mobile payment line to receive a single war imminent

Wen/Huang Internet giants have expanded their tentacles beyond the one or two-line cities, including rural areas, where they will become the "second battleground" for mobile payments. The next 3-5 years, including medical, travel, finance, life consumption, virtual games to move to this vast market. Micro-letter, Alipay side of the car sent over the side of the red envelope began to discount, in order to occupy the market extravagantly. Seeing their own turf increasingly eroded, the sitting of the UnionPay began to lower the value of participation in the "bombing" activities. Commercial competition has never been like the payment field, so exciting and expectant, a lot of reader in addition to the joy of talking about also enjoy the "benefits ...

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