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15 Most popular Python open source framework

We've sorted out 15 of the most popular Python open source frameworks from GitHub, including event I/O, OLAP, web development, high-performance network communications, testing, reptiles, and more. 1. Django:python Web application Development Framework Django should be the most famous Python framework, and Gae and even erlang have frameworks that are affected by it. Django is the direction of walking all-inclusive, it is the most famous is its fully automated management background: Just to use ORM, simple ...

2014 15 "Freshly baked" PHP framework

1, yaf yaf full name verb Another framework, is a C language written PHP framework.   YAF is a php "> Development framework" that is provided in PHP extensions, faster and lighter than the general PHP framework. 2, nette Framework nette Framewo ...

Spark: A framework for cluster computing on a workgroup

Translation: Esri Lucas The first paper on the Spark framework published by Matei, from the University of California, AMP Lab, is limited to my English proficiency, so there must be a lot of mistakes in translation, please find the wrong direct contact with me, thanks. (in parentheses, the italic part is my own interpretation) Summary: MapReduce and its various variants, conducted on a commercial cluster on a large scale ...

To be stronger and more excellent Pathfinder 15 anniversary of the Innovation Strategy analysis

Pathfinder Management Team 15-year launch photo January 11, 2014, to "Yong-built, explore the dream" as the theme of the Pathfinder 15 anniversary celebrations in Beijing, nine Huashan Zhuang Grand held. Pathfinder founder Chairman Mr. Sheng, Pathfinder Brand spokesperson Mr. Feng, brand dealers, suppliers, investors, media guests and other cooperation agencies and Pathfinder management team and staff representatives and more than 1200 people attended the event, has aroused a high degree of concern from all sectors of society. This event contains "Thanksgiving, responsibility, cooperation, innovation" four sections, not only awarded the gold medal employees, gold customers ...

Deforaos ASM 0.2.1 Release assembler and disassembly framework

Deforaos ASM is a modular assembler and disassembly framework that supports multiple architectures (including IA-32,AMD64,SPARC and arm), bytecode (such as Java and /4381.html ">dalvik", and file formats (such as ELF,PE and Dex). Deforaos defines Deforaos primarily as implementing a microkernel based operating system. Lord ...

Java Open Source Log framework Competition

Http:// "> Application system, the log is an indispensable important part of all the application of error information should be able to find in the log file,   Some application system log may be very small, some large application system log is quite large, while the log file must be user-friendly and search, to have a high performance, otherwise it will affect the performance of the application system. Because the log usually involves I.

Openxava v4.1.1 publishes the Java EE Business Application framework

Openxava is a simple framework for using XML and Java to develop j2ee "> Business applications." Openxava does not use the common MVC architecture, which is a JPA application engine that enables you to persist the Run-time entity objects into a database by JDK5.0 annotations or XML to describe the mapping relationship of the object-relational table. Use Openxava ...

15 kinds of technologies that change the way developers work

In the past, assembly code written by developers was lightweight and fast. If you are lucky, they can hire someone to help you finish typing the code if you have a good budget. If you're in a bad mood, you can only do complex input work on your own. Now, developers work with team members on different continents, who use languages ​​in different character sets, and worse, some team members may use different versions of the compiler. Some code is new, some libraries are created from many years ago, the source code has been ...

15 questions will give you a new understanding of SEO

Absrtact: The following 15 questions, to do the network marketing Seoer is essential, will let you have a brand-new understanding to the SEO. 1, a successful SEO activities in the most important factor is what a successful SEO activities contain a lot of elements: content, keywords below the 15 questions, to do network marketing Seoer is critical, will let you have a new understanding of SEO. 1, a successful SEO activities in the most important factor is what a successful SEO activities contain many elements: content, keywords, titles 、...

15 Flow Lifting method Every webmaster is going to do it

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technical Hall How does the website flow? Not every webmaster can do tens of thousands of days, but we know, do anything is a way to do a station before, ask yourself, the following 15 points can be done? If you can, then the site traffic is just the natural thing. 1 keyword research before doing anything, use the keyword tool to do an extensive survey to see which keywords/words apply to your site. What is the key word your direct competitor uses?

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