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Why is Flappy Bird so hot?

Currently, the free Mobile apps list in iOS and Google Play App Store is also occupied by a hand tour named Flappy Bird, what kind of game is this? Why can we dominate the free application market? Flappy Bird is a simple and difficult free phone game developed by the independent game developer Nanhadon (Nguyen Ha Dong) in Hanoi, Vietnam. However, it is puzzling that either the developer himself or the Flappy Bird game seems to be overnight ...

Sogou High Speed browser in the Html5test compatibility test to get 443 points

Sogou High Speed Browser recently again, in its latest "3.3 New kernel preview version" of the browser kernel has been a comprehensive upgrade, through the WebKit core of in-depth understanding and optimization, greatly improve the HTML5 compatibility. Software Name: Sogou high-speed browser (new kernel preview version) software version: 3.3 Software size: 26.02MB software Licensing: Free Application Platform: Win9x Win2000 WinXP Win2003 Vista Win7 download address: Http://dl.pconlin ...

What are the potential privacy security risks of face recognition technology?

Face recognition for safe use, skip regardless. Security and privacy, this contradiction is too complicated. Added: After 911 in the United States, the NSA expanded the scope of surveillance, causing wider controversy. The commercial use of face recognition technology also has the same concerns about privacy violations, but this is about progress. From the first day of the Internet, personal browsing records and ' partial privacy ' laid the foundation of the Internet model. No advertising tracking, accurate delivery, internet advertising can not highlight the cost advantage, there is no free application, or even the current Google. How to prevent such records from being abused? I think it can be ...

Flipboard will publish updates: Integrate audio content

Flipboard (Chinese translation: Fei Libo) is a free application that supports the Android and iOS operating systems and integrates content from social media such as Facebook and Sina Weibo to be presented to users in the form of magazines. According to foreign media reports, Social magazine application Flipboard will be released recently, the new application will integrate audio content. Flipboard integrates audio content from National Public Radio (NPR), International Public Radio (PRI) and social audio platform SoundCloud. In addition to this ...

Dolphin Mobile Browser allows you to subscribe to the full experience of reading fun

Like to read? Like to read on the phone? Looking for a handy phone reader? Today, I recommend a mobile browser Dolphin Mobile Browser, this is a real mobile phone browser + Mobile reader + video player.   Next the author introduces the dolphin mobile phone browser lets the person move unceasingly the function! Software Name: Dolphin Browser software version: 7.2.1 software size: 3.11MB software Licensing: Free Application Platform: Android download address:

New Thunder optimizes visual effects

Thunderbolt First experience version of the release yesterday, the new version of the Thunder in the last experience version based on the optimization of visual effects, remove some of the buttons, integrated the "Smart Internet 3.0", and optimized the Thunderbolt 7 exit speed.   This version of the update mainly for the product features more and cluttered problems, the Thunderbolt is from the "very complex" to "minimalist" improvement. Software Name: Thunderbolt 7 software version: official version (non-toxic no plug-ins) software size: 25.01MB software Licensing: Free Application platform: Win9x Win2000 ...

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