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Hu will be in the entertainment Circle, Golden Eagle Festival or final performance.

2008, a "Winter in a fire" boiling the entire Golden Eagle Festival opening ceremony of the mainland r&b small King Hu, after two years, will return to the Golden Eagle stage on September 20 night. Some time ago, the circle of "Hu will be temporary" news, the original Hu and "old club" Gold wind contract expires, restore the free body he did not choose to renew, in order to go to the famous Berkeley Conservatory of Music concentrate on further study. Seeing the registration of the day from November is getting closer, Hu participate in the show activities are also fewer and less, this Golden Eagle Festival is likely to be his temporary ...

Track the Future of "Lou Love": Leong is expected to regain the film

"Tomb Raider 3" in the Lianglo Shi Leong in "Tomb Raider 3" in the performance of eye-catching Leong (right) had for the film Practice dance tracking "Lou love" future new Express Message Leong in the 26th night of the breakup statement said "by this statement, hope can end the outside world to my endless conjecture, Sando", But apparently it was just wishful thinking and rumors and speculation about her breakup with Richard Li have continued in recent days. Although so far no one knows why Leong and Richard Li broke up, the breakup fee, but the resumption of the free body Leong unexpectedly become a film rob ...

Ji Xianlin's old age feelings: I have less life

I road life there are less-ji Xianlin old age feelings road is too long, time is too long, shadow too much, memories too heavy. I really feel, I can not afford, can not endure, I want to get rid of all this, I also a free body. Article | Ji Xianlin 80 Birthday I never thought I could live to be 80 years old, and now I'm 80 years old, but I don't feel 80 years old. Not paradox! I have no ambition, including my own living age. Neither of my parents lived to be 50 years old; So my original plan was to live to be 50 years old. This is more than ...

Inventory: Leong Richard Li's two-person love review

Leong and Richard Li and the eldest son Li Chang for 2011 years repeated the news of the sudden break up Lianglo online Happiness blog favorite show son (figure) Lianglo admitted into Li Ka-shing expansion of the mansion to welcome grandson (Fig) Leong, the son of the active insist on thrift style Li Ka-shing let him into the mansion Leong Bar to talk about three hours (figure) The prospect of marrying a big club in 2010 and the future of the twins gave birth to the twin boy Richard Li and his father's peer sacrifice mother Leong and Little Super No slide map: Lianglo After the public appearance Sammi sing ...

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