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Sky internet phone free calls

The Spring Festival festive jubilation scene may still unresolved, the wonderful Spring Festival Gala dinner and steaming memorable, and when yesterday after the lunar January 15 Lantern Festival, 2012 Dragon Spring Festival really away from us. Still quiet for a while the campus and re-voiced, all the students are seeking a new semester has been ushered in a tight and happy atmosphere of campus life students will gradually complete their respective stages of school . Sky Internet phone away from home, away from their loved ones, in different places to study or even ...

Suning Internet shine, double Ninth festival will push phone free dozen

With the National Day, double Ninth festival coming, the business market promotion has set off a new upsurge. It is reported that at just the end of the 2014 China International information and Communication exhibition Shine on Suning interconnection, will push the telephone free of charge, suning Internet all users in the October 2 morning 09:09~10:09 can enjoy 1 hours free call.   This free strategy is really the internet thinking, to create value for users, subversion of the traditional marketing model. "It's really nice to have a 1-hour free call for people like me who are out there all the year round ...

The advent of the International Blind Day, the use of Internet telephony to build communication bridges

Sadie Network News October 15, at present, people experienced the baptism of traditional festivals, recently ushered in the "International Blind Day", concern about the cause of the friends will be here. The "International Day of the Blind" undoubtedly gives us attention to those who cannot feel the light, which may seem particularly valuable. During this period, the popular love chat toll-free call people to give attention to blind friends, the way there are many love, pushed to the practical application of communication software can still promote communication. International Blind Festival offers love chat free telephone to promote exchange on this, ...

Make phone calls on the Internet for Halloween!

In a few days is the annual Halloween, as a comparison of "bloody" and "horror" of the festival, Halloween is now one of the most traditional western festivals, the minority of the "foreign festival." Halloween's cultural origins may originate from the ancient Celtic people's New Year's festival, but also the time to sacrifice the dead, while avoiding the evil spirit interference, but also with food worship ancestral and good spirit to pray for peace through the winter. Although Halloween is a "Western Ghost festival", the climate of terror is one of the characteristics of the festival, but for more young people, international Halloween is more like some crazy play excuses, use the festival to hold some party activities ...

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