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Snail Mobile announces 42 virtual operators ranked first in user size

February 13 News, snail Mobile 13th announced that by the end of January 2015, card-free users total scale of nearly million, in 42 virtual operators ranked first.   On the eve of the Spring Festival, snail Mobile will be placed in CCTV ads free of cards. Snail mobile launch of the 170th section card-free series in last May officially put the number, has launched 199 free card, 30 card-free products. 2015, the snail mobile program focused on creating a "card-free" brand, hoping to become a mobile zone, global Qualcomm, Shenzhou, 4G "and" brand, and Unicom's "Wo" series after another well-known ...

"Runner" was stopped by the base operator

Text / Chen Min The first two batches of 19 privately-run enterprises that received virtual operator licenses have just stepped into the door of the telecommunications industry and are ready to flex their muscles. One of the "runners" was stopped by the basic operators. They just like the naughty boys just entering the workplace, just about to show their ingenuity, was shouted by the teacher: you still practice basic skills now! The only "fantastic bird" in the fictitious carrier's buddies was the snail move that was officially released within a day and was temporarily stopped. After something happened, someone applauded, someone shook his head. Snail exactly what rules violation? ...

Snail Mobile launched the "free" card

Snail Mobile launched the "free" card (Tencent technology with map) Tencent technology Guo Xiaofeng May 24 reported that the virtual carrier snail mobile 170 release number was "halt" issue, snail mobile to Tencent made a statement saying that in a friendly During the period of experience users can initiate a full refund without reason. On the 21st day of the release date, the official announcement of China Mobile's China Unicom and the snail's mobile card suspended the number. There were about 7,000 subscribers who failed to issue cards and tens of thousands of subscribers had not yet had time to participate in the selection process. In response, the snail moved to apologize to the user. In addition, the snail moves suggest ...

Not wartime vile juvenile "war rivers and lakes"

Rekindle your dreams of rivers and lakes, today! 2013 card giant "war rivers and lakes" double version of the beta today fully opened. As the exclusive agent of touch technology card new work, "Warring for the Yangtze River" aesthetic realistic style of the game oriental martial arts themes intuitive presentation. Innovative "no draw" setting, allowing players to experience the fun of free boarding. The first three rows of matrix battle, adding strategic elements for automated combat. Two major innovation experience: Free card strategy warfare "Warring States Lake" with its original "Knight Recruitment" and "three rows of Matrix Battle" completely subvert the traditional card games ...

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