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Visa service free to open up a new battlefield online travel

At the end of June,, the main business of which was a visa, promised to "refuse to refund the full amount" on the high-profile promises. On July 14, Bai Cheng announced the "global free visa service." Almost the same time, Ctrip announced that " Visa full service fee 0 yuan "activities. In addition, the World Travel Network devoted to free exercise abroad, recently formally announced the cancellation of visa charge d'affaires service fee, for the user to choose their "super free exercise" products to provide free visa agency service ... ... World War I, visa, this travel The cards are being unveiled. Why is it free? Get user information, expand the outbound market share

Send Cloud Enterprise Cloud service platform to solve traditional it delivery mode, help enterprise release productivity

The traditional It delivery model has many problems, whether from the delivery cycle or from planning to experience, there are a lot of difficult to determine the factors, many times because of some subjective or objective reasons cause project lag or miscarriage. Today to recommend the SaaS Pioneer Enterprise called Cloud technology, founder Shipeixin is to see the current enterprise IT delivery pain point, in September 13 began to build the first fully automatic and full self-service enterprise cloud service platform. It can be considered "a platform to subvert the existing enterprise IT delivery model, a community of application experience and software learning, a professional it person ...

Domestic service platform How to build nearly billion dollar revenue? was founded in Boston, USA in 2006, Sheila Mercelo as its founder and CEO, is a domestic service platform to connect with employees and service personnel, and also a platform for employees and service personnel to share experiences and suggestions. At the beginning of 2012, began to expand internationally, successively into the UK and Canada, and then acquired Besser Betreut, Europe's largest online home-economics website. Since its inception a total of four rounds of financing, accumulated more than 100 million U.S. dollars. Investors include new Enterprise ...

Innovative cloud computing service model China million net dozen free card

Cloud computing is in full swing in the domestic rapid Mengjin, from the government to it giant enterprises, from operators to IDC service providers, as if all of a sudden have become cloud computing service providers, to provide users with a variety of cloud services.  In this technology-driven cloud computing "expansion", users are still "foggy", for the cloud service providers, more need is innovative service model. Shortly before the six free services, China's network announced that almost all its applications are transformed into cloud services, while the six industry recognized fee business into free services, including free 5M bandwidth, 2G free space ...

43 Free cloud computing technology services

43 Free cloud computing services, the cloud computing integrated development environment, source code management, problem tracking, cloud database, CMS, payment gateway, code hosting, load testing, monitoring, help and web analytics, 11 areas of free cloud computing technology summarized. Since March, the Xeround team has been brainstorming to present a free cloud computing technology "feast" for application developers-listing 43 cloud computing services that make it easier for programmers to develop applications and, more importantly, free! All they do is release your IT resources ...

Million-worry-free four video capabilities, efficient service to make customers worry-free

Video services in the Internet industry has been a basic service, but also the necessary services for enterprise users. Involved in the industry including mobile games, electric dealers, real estate, online education and so on. It also produced a video service industry, the million as a worry is one of the best, the company to provide video services. Can save costs for the enterprise at the same time, high efficiency to ensure the operation of video business. As a professional video content hosting platform, WAN Vision is not only a perfect Internet video solution, but also provides mobile internet video operation support. From a professional point of view, wan-worry-free video hosting the use of dedicated ...

51offer: An intelligent platform for free study application service

Flies, fleeting, after 95 are ready to study abroad, and after 00 has been in the study application on the road actively prepared. As has been enjoying the internet to bring convenience to the emerging generation, their eyes on the application of studying abroad inevitably hit the thick of the Internet that thinking. Increasingly large market, as well as more and more young user groups to make the traditional handmade workshop-style study intermediary and DIY strategy seems to have become the day of the Yellow flower ", the field of study is calling for a change." 51offer is an intelligent platform that provides free application services. It is for the students to mention ...

Suning's Open platform 3.0 is not a simple imitation, but the electrical business "free Trade Area"

Suning's Open platform 3.0 is not a simple imitation, but the electrical business "free Trade Area"-last night, in Beijing water cubic Suning open Platform Online conference, Suning Tesco executive vice President Li Bin Shizhini. Unlike other electric dealers, the Suningyun business has a huge network of stores and a nationwide logistics system. Its "Free trade Area" to the global merchant Open: As long as meet the investment standards can be freely stationed, at the same time by the platform to provide business operators the necessary low-cost supporting services, such as financial services, warehousing logistics, intermediary and so on;

The electric business "The electricity guarantees the package" The free post-sale Service product range surpasses the line

Notebook computer accidentally broke, not under the warranty can be free repair? If the fridge breaks down, does not refrigeration cause food damage, even food can be compensated? NET Purchase Kitchen Lampblack Electrical appliances can also be installed free of charge? For the actual use of the process often encountered, but not the original after-sales service within the scope of the difficulties, The day cat net buys the platform to provide even surpasses the line store the service: an "Electric insurance package" business, in the consumer network to buy electrical appliances encounter accidental Fall, collision extrusion, dust accumulated heat damp, factory repair errors, etc., can obtain repair, change machine or compensation. Since the end of 2010 ...

Enterprise Architecture in cloud service era using mixed software as service

By reading this article, it architects will learn how to use the EA tag and IBM Rational System Architect to communicate effectively with business users and other stakeholders, including service providers. Good Enterprise Architecture (EA) is the main driver of effective adoption of a service-oriented architecture (SOA), which was proposed a few years ago, and many customers have paid for project failure or half failure due to lack of "due diligence" on EA. The main part of the architecture (between business processes and IT services ...).

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