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Why can a simple web site become a huge traffic portal?

Why do some names look very cottage, page design is also very simple Web site can become a huge traffic on the internet, become a lot of games and the source of traffic sources of the top-level Web site? Behind the ugly appearance is very close to the user needs of the product operation.   What are the imperceptible changes in the past few years hao123? Li Hongxun (front-end engineer) Whenever someone says Hao123, people around you are surprised to ask, "hao123 still need so many people to develop?" Is it a static page full of links? "At least everyone around me is this ...

The latest internet companies pay, the necessary reference for job-hopping

In today's increasingly homogeneous pay before, the Internet entrepreneurial companies of all kinds of exotic flowers and benefits to become their talent to attract the killer! Instead of complaining about other people's good welfare every day, take the opportunity to turn these into your own welfare! Small make up to all kinds of it people dedicated to the latest Internet company salaries and benefits, want to job-hopping must see! 36KR Salary: Product Manager: Monthly salary 10-15k Test development engineer: Monthly salary 10-15k PHP engineer: Monthly salary 10-15k front-end engineer: Monthly salary 10-15k operation intern: Monthly salary 1-2k fu ...

Interactive design really can't hurt

Interactive designer rant (some things about the Internet) a few days ago saw the "product manager is cannon fodder," The God of the post, feel the occasional do "roaring body" of the mouth hydrology, beneficial to the physical and mental health ~ ~ Saw the "front-end engineer can not afford to", learning verve determined to write down this article chat table mind, bo public reader a music ~ Interactive design can't afford My years forward the Internet Circle!!   Became interactive designer, the name is very windy, there are wood!!!! Ni and I talk about interaction designers simple!!  High Salary!!! ...

Beyond APAC's No.1 Cloud

19.6% IaaS Market Share in Asia Pacific - Gartner IT Service report, 2018

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Apsara Conference 2019

The Rise of Data Intelligence, September 25th - 27th, Hangzhou, China

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Alibaba Cloud Free Trial

Learn and experience the power of Alibaba Cloud with a free trial worth $300-1200 USD

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